😃 AdWords Script for Negative Keyword List Conflicts 😃

– If you’ve been running AdWords accountsfor any period of time,and are using negative keyword lists,you know that sometimes
it’s difficult to knowif your negative keyword list conflictswith your actual keywordsthat you’re running on the account. You may accidentally have added somethingthat conflicts, and then
you’re restricting trafficor throttling traffic
that you actually wanted. Now, if you’re just adding negativesto the account or ad group level,typically, AdWords will notify
you that there’s a conflict,but we actually don’t really
do that very often at ParaCore. We use negative lists because we findthat they’re easier to manage, control,apply to multiple accounts,and it just kind of creates
a centralized locationfor doing negatives. So, one way to get around that,instead of just hoping that
things are gonna work out okay,is to use an AdWords script,and the AdWords script
that we use is called,sorry, I’m gonna move
my recording here a bit,Negative Keyword Conflicts. This is the single accounts version. I’m gonna link to this in
the description of the video. AdWords actually has a number
of scripts that you can usethat are super helpful. But I’m actually gonna clickon the Manage Your Account version,because that’s what we use,and if you’re an agency,you probably have
multiple accounts running. Now, the way an AdWords
script works is thatyou basically can snag these scripts,especially if they’re already done. There’s some source code here. This looks like, this is development code,and you have labels and
emails and things like that,and I’ll show you that in just a second. And then, you basically
copy this entire thing here,you copy the entire section in gray,and then you paste it
into your AdWords accountso that you can run the script. So, for example, we only runa couple different
scripts here at ParaCore,and these are the main ones. Now, there might be
different scripts runningon an individual account,
checking for different things,but these are some of the
global ones that we run. Now, so here’s the
negative keyword conflicts,the master version. So, if you want to add this script,you would basically copy the entire thing. Not gonna do it right this second. And then, you would hit New. And sometimes, this takes a second,so we’re just going to have
a sip of our coffee hereand wait for the script screen to load. However, one way you will need to dois authenticate your account
with the AdWords main account,so script changes on user
behalf must be authorized,so you might need to do
some sort of authorization. But essentially, what you end up doing is,you take all of this gray, you copy it,and then you just paste it right here,and you do Close, and it’s pretty easy. Now, before you do close,
you’re actually going to want toput in some information,
some various sentences. So, I’m gonna show you ours. Or, excuse me, you do, yeah, you close,because you’ve already set it. So, for ours,we have a number of
different things that we do. So, when the negative script runs,it actually creates a
spreadsheet, and it says,”Hey, we found some conflicts. “Sends you an email notifying
you of the conflicts,and then lists them all
out in the spreadsheet. And if you have 50 or
100 AdWords accounts,it lists the account, the campaign,the ad group, the
keyword and the negative,and how they conflict, so you can fix itreally quickly and easily. That’s all done in a Google sheet. So, you need to identify one Google sheetthat’s gonna be the holderof these errors and this information,which is pretty easy to do. You just create one and paste the link in. And then, when that Google sheetis added to your account, thenAdWords is gonna update it and
it’s gonna send you an email. So, here’s ours. You can see there’s a
Google sheet right there,and this, so, you paste your
Google spreadsheet right here,and then you do the recipient email. We have this sema@paracore. com email. That is a distribution list, so basically,every account manager at
ParaCore gets that email. And then, the account label that we useis just Negative_Checker. So, if we bring on an account,or we start an account,
whatever the case may be,and we add that account label,the next time that this script runs,it runs every single day,every account that has that
label associated with itis then going to check the keywordsversus the negative list,which is what we use
basically exclusively,like I was telling you,and then send an email to, in this case,all of our account
managers, letting them know,”Hey, there have been
issues with this account”or not this account. “And it’s awesome, because it
updates you on a regular basis,and you just know if you added something. Literally, within a day,
if you added somethingyou shouldn’t have added, you’re
gonna be notified about it. We have also used this when
we’re auditing accounts. So, if the client approves it,and they’re open to us doing
certain audit techniques,then we will actually just
apply that label to an account. You’re gonna hit the Run
button right here, run it,and then it’ll also notify us
if there are any conflicts. So, this script is pretty amazing. It really protects you,
as an AdWords agencyor as an account manager, from
making any major mistakes. It’ll notify you right away
if you have any issues. So, definitely check it out. As usual, if you enjoy the
video or find it valuable,please like and subscribe. If you have any comments or questions,please leave those below,
and thanks for watching.


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