3 Legit Ways To Make Money From Home in 2020

we all know what’s going on in the world
right now the stock market is down theeconomy is down it’s just not a fun time
overall but I’m not here to talk aboutall of that today because I’m sure
you’ve heard it enough instead I’m goingto be talking about how you can make the
most out of staying inside because thechances are you might be stuck in your
house for a little while being confinedto your own home can be tough especially
from a financial standpoint it may wellmean that you are closing the door on
any income and that is not what we wantso in this video I’m going to be showing
you three ways that you can make anincome online without leaving your house
and I know you are probably thinkingwho’s this little kid telling me how to
make money and yes I know I’m only 18but I’ve been doing this whole online
income thing for over two and a halfyears now and have been blessed enough
to be able to earn a full-time incomestrictly online so hopefully in this
video I can help some of you watching todo the same now these aren’t things that
you’re going to walk into on day one andcome out with an extra $500 in your
pocket because these are all realhustles that require work but if you are
sitting at home bored out of your brainthere’s nothing better to do than start
chipping away at an online income sourcewhich could also bring you some passive
income when all of this craziness inlife is back to normal to preface this
video I’m a Shopify drop shipper andI’ve been drop shipping for a few years
building and working with quirky storesin this timeframe so my mind is
definitely oriented to e-commercehowever if you are not into dropshipping
I’ve got a few other ways for you tomake that online bread as well and I
just want to say that I have personallydone everything that I’m about to talk
about and have been successful in makingongoing profits with each this is not
made-up I’m not pulling this from somescam article these are real working
methods that I have personally beenusing for years I talked a little bit
about these strategies in this video soif you’ve already seen that some of
these might be familiar to you but likeI said before if you are stuck at home
with nothing better to do this ishands-down the best time to start
learning about all of this so withoutwasting any more time let’s get into itthe first way and most effective in my
opinion is to start a drop shippingstore now I know you may have heard the
drop shipping isn’t really possibleright now and while it’s definitely
harder there is no better time to learnthe craft of Shopify drop shipping and
have methods in place ready to executewhen the shipping times are back to
normal if you aren’t aware of dropshipping you basically build an online
store run ads on your store to getcustomers and when someone comes to your
store and buys a product from you youplace an order for the exact same
product directly from a manufacturer andthey ship the product from their
warehouse to the customer meaning youdon’t have to touch the product or even
see it you will raise the price of theproduct on your website greater than
what the manufacturer charges you whichis where your profit comes from I’m now
going to run through how you can startdrop shipping with a super low budget in
order to maximize profit in thebeginning I’m going to go through this
as quickly as possible find a productwhich is currently doing well in the
market through looking for ads on yourFacebook and Instagram newsfeed look for
ads with the most likes comments andviews and make sure the ad is still
getting engagement on a daily basis thenhead over to the Facebook ad library and
search the name of the Facebook page youjust saw advertising that product within
this you can see all the types of adsthat this page is running and you want
to make sure that they are running a lotof ads for this certain product if you
see a ton of ads for it that’s a greenlight for the next step now go over to
Aliexpress and find the product you canjust search the keywords of what it is
now open a Shopify store with the 90 dayfree trial which they are currently
offering that’s an insane deal by theway definitely take advantage of that
and begin building it out you want toput the store in the eyes of a consumer
and make it look as professional aspossible have a good logo great images
and of course a great productdescription once you are happy with the
store design and you’ve tested to makesure your checkout works you can then
begin running ads you can launch five adsets or with different interests related
to that product and you can do it atwhatever budget you want if the product
is already doing well in the market thelikelihood of it selling for a profit is
super high and this is by far myfavorite way of making money online
watch some tutorials and soak up as muchinfo as you can before starting and if
you have a question about drop shippingfeel free to send me a DM on Instagram
and econ Baxter I reply to every singlemessage that I get like
said just before drop shipping andShopify it was definitely my golden
goose in terms of making money onlineand it has grown ever since then I know
people who are still drop shippingthroughout this global crisis but the
general idea is that no one is currentlyscaling their ads and is just running
low level advertising campaigns in orderto minimize future issues if the
shipping times get even worseI have personally scaled down my stores
at this time in order to minimize therisk of getting refunds or charge marks
due to the bad shipping times but as Isaid I know people who are still running
heaps of ads and they are doing justfine if drop shipping is something that
you’re interested in but you’ve neverreally taken the dive into it I
definitely recommend giving it a gowhile you’re stuck at home for me at
least drop shipping was the perfectgateway into making money online and it
gave me so many skills on marketingstore design everything like that which
I’ve taken into pretty much every otheronline business that I’ve started so if
you were thinking about taking the leapdefinitely do it while you have some
spare time on your handsnow if drop shipping isn’t for you this
next method is my second favorite way ofearning an income from home and before
my Shopify stores took off this isexactly what I did to make money this is
freelance work particularly websitedesign now don’t click away I’m not
talking about coding or anythingdifficult like that by myself know
nothing about coding I’m just talkingabout building different websites within
Shopify if you remember me saying beforethat because of drop shipping I was able
to take numerous skills into differentonline businesses website creation was
hands down the best skill that I tookaway from it through only a few hours of
tutorials and a lot of trial and error Iwas able to learn how to build
professional websites on Shopify in apretty quick amount of time I then took
this skill to the freelance model whereI approached businesses who advertised
to me on Facebook and sent them amessage saying I could breathe out their
website to maximize their online revenueand funnily enough businesses love
hearing thatyou can charge anywhere from 350 dollars
all the way up to thousands of dollarsto build a website and it really isn’t
that hardthe idea of freelancing seems pretty
tough in theory but Shopify websitebuilding in particular really isn’t and
there is a massive demand for itespecially right now where some
businesses are being forced to move 100percent online in times like these
businesses are gonna need to make suretheir site is as good as it can be
because this is where they’re going tomake all of their money what I would do
with no experience is watch tutorials onYouTube about how to build professional
Shopify websites and then build some ofyour own to gain some experience you
want to have a portfolio which you canshow other businesses when you approach
them but this portfolio can just befilled with your own websites after you
have a collection of these you can starthitting up businesses who are
advertising to you on Facebook andInstagram and attempt to close the deal
the best way to do this in my opinion isto schedule a Skype call between you and
the business owner as you are much morelikely to close the deal over the phone
versus just texting if you can close onedeal per week for $500 that’s a
significant amount of money and therearen’t no expenses in this which also
means the zero riskokay you don’t want the dropship you
don’t want to build websites but youstill want to make some money online the
next best thing in my opinion is tostart a blog or YouTube channel now I’m
not just talking about a personalitychannel where you vlog and all of that
I’m actually also talking about acompilation type channel where you can
legally reuse content in your videos andmake money from YouTube ads if it were
me I would start an actual personalityYouTube channel because chances are you
have a hobby that you can talk about onand on without getting bored and that
topic can be the basis of your YouTubechannel building an audience on a
channel like that versus building anaudience on a compilation type channel
is much more valuable because having apersonal brand and having people who
know who you are can be super beneficialin the long run YouTube can also pay
pretty well if you start raking in adecent amount of views every video you
upload and the ad revenue that you canearn definitely translates to a nice
add-on in your bank account for me Istarted the channel that you’re watching
right now not for the money but becauseI genuinely enjoy editing filming and
that whole YouTube process I’ve beenediting videos for years and combining
that with the success that I found ane-commerce meant that starting this type
of channel was the perfect option as itstands right now I make hardly anything
from my youtube channel but because I’vebeen able to earn a full-time income in
other ways I find for the opportunity tohelp you all out in video form is super
fulfilling and I genuinely do love it Ilove seeing your DMS comments everything
like that so for me the time that Ispend making these videos is well worth
it even though a smaller channel likemine doesn’t earn a huge amount a
channel which is structured in a morefar away like a meme compilation channel
for example can break in insane amountsof views and the ad money which is
returned from that is extremely hefty aswell if you make a video like this and
get 10 million views YouTube pagecreators an average of three dollars per
1000 views meaning that this video withten million views likely earned around
30,000 US dollars in ad revenue which isnice and videos like these pop up all
the time you have probably clicked onone in your recommended tab before and
behind that channel is just someone likeURI who is now collecting the bag by
editing these simple compilation videosand the best part you don’t need to
leave your house you can do this fromliterally anywhere and with a
compilation type channel you don’t evenneed to do any filming you can just
compile a bunch of clips using any basicediting software if I were to go this
route here’s what I would do go onGoogle train
and say what is trending at the momentthen look for content based around this
topic on Instagram Facebook tic tocthings like that and then I would
download this content with permissionfrom the creator and compile all of this
into one compilation video ifskateboarding for example was on a
massive uptrend and everyone wanted tosee skateboarding videos I could make a
video entitled top 10 best skateboardingfails of 2020 and like I said compiled a
bunch of clips which I could find fromsocial media that type of top 10 viral
content can really rake in the views andalong with that comes ad revenues of
course there are a million other ways tomake money online – and I have only just
scratched the surface but like I said Iwanted to talk about things that I had
personally done to earn an income andhopefully give you guys enough info to
go out and do the same for yourself ifanything that I’ve talked about has
interested you further I recommend doingyour own research because obviously
there’s a lot more that goes into eachof these businesses and they will take
time to learn and master but if you putin the work and put in the hours these
can make you an absolute killing I alsojust wanted to say that make sure you
are all staying safe during this globalcrisis and use the time that you may
have stuck at home to chip away at anonline site hustle and of course let me
know how you go as always if you haveany questions at all feel free to DM me
on instagram at econ Baxter or so youdrop a comment down below I respond to
the comments and the DMSfor now though that’s all from me but
I’ll see you guys in the next one peacehello got a fake gurus here
congratulations you made it to the endof the video before you go though Baxter
was wondering if you could like thevideo and subscribe to this channel
don’t forget to turn notifications onnow time to go ride in my rented
Lamborghini bye


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