3 Variables For a Successful Cold Email Campaign

– If you’ve been watching
this channel for a while,you know that I love cold email,sending emails to people wherethey’re not on your email list,but you have a good pitch for them. In today’s video I want to
talk about the three variablesfor a successful cold email campaign. Over the last two years at Experiment 27,we’ve sent millions of cold emails,and I used to think that there
were hundreds of variableswhen a cold email campaign didn’t work. It could be the clients website,it could be the domain name,it could be millions of other things,but through cold email coachingand building up our system,
I’ve got it down to threevariables that I’m gonna
share with you today. You get these three things right,and your cold emails are
going to deliver every time,you’re gonna get clients,
you’re gonna get projects,everything you’ve ever
wanted from a cold email. So here we go, do you want to
know what the variables are?We’re doing like a Dora
the Explorer thing. The first variable is niche,
now you might have heardabout niche marketing before,making sure you’re in a
very specific industry,but how does that relate
to digital agencies?I talk to agency owners all the time,let’s say you run a design agency,and the typical answer when somebody askswhat niche they’re in, is we doall sort of projects for everybody. Which is great, and I’m not talking aboutniching down permanently,
with this I’m talking about,finding an industry that you wantto sell for in this moment. A good example of this, is
one of our clients right nowis a video production client,
and they are killing itwhen it comes to wineries,
and the reason whythey’re killing it with wineriesis they had this client a while backthat wanted drone shots, and
wanted this complex video,so they filmed it for a winery. Does that mean this client
only works with wineries?No, but for this cold email campaignwe’re only pitching to wineries,and that’s what’s generated
more clients for them. So picking the niche is what
industry you want to work in,the easiest way to find that,is to look at your case
studies and go outwards. Do you have a big case
study in higher education?If so you should pitch colleges. do you have one in consumer
packaged goods, CPG?If so pitch clients like that. If you have no case studies
you need to work for freeuntil you get a case study,
and I’ll link you to that videodown below, how to get
work with no case study. Once you have the niche down,it’s time to move on to the title. So for instance, let’s say
wineries again is the example,the title is the job title of the personthat’s going to buy
whatever we’re selling. If we’re selling video production,and it’s a small winery,
usually that’s gonna bethe founder, but let’s
say you’re targeting a CPGcompany like Frito-Lay, the
person that’s gonna buy a videomight be the director of marketing,might be the head of
social, whatever that is,it’s picking that title and going for it. The easiest way to find that
title is to look on LinkedInfor the type of people,
at the type of companythat you think would buy. So if you’re selling a
marketing type service,search marketing and Frito-Lay,and look at the titles that come up,until you can find a good one. And finding a title isn’t
the end all, be all as well. We have a bunch of meetings bookedwith these entertainment companiesfor a different social
media client of ours. They sell social media
services for huge companies,and within each one of
those there might besix different titles that
could buy social media,and we sell to all six. So just like the niche
you’re not locked into whatever the title is. And the final piece is the offer. The offer is something specific
that you’re pitching them,that will solve their problems,that they could buy from you today. Now I know what you’re
thinkin’, we’re an agency,we sell everything to everyone,let the client order,
and then we’ll give themwhatever we want, well you
are making the biggest mistakethat I’ve seen agencies make
when it comes to cold email. During the cold email process
you need to be selling themsomething that they can buy right away. For Experiment 27, when we cold emailto get clients for our own company,we sell a marketing review,
which is a month longdeep dive where we look
at all of their analytics,and all of the experiments they
might have tried in the pastwhen it comes to marketing and we optimizethose over the course of a month,and they can buy that for a set price. If you’re a products company,
it might be a two daydeep dive with their company,if you are a branding company maybe it isa brand brainstorming meeting,
or a research documentthat you can sell. If you keep it around 10
or $15,000 that’s ideal,although I have seen
initial purchases for more. The idea here is sell something
they know they can buy,that they have a set price on,
and then once they buy thatyou can worry about turning
them into a corner stone clientand growing the account from there. That’s somethin’ we’ve done a few timeswith agencies where let’s
say the project startsat 15, 20 grand, and then
we’re able to get themon retainer and then they turn into,actually one of them just
turned into a $1,000,000a year client. So I would not worry if
I were you about startingvery small, as long as they’re the brandyou want to work with, and
it’s the type of personthat you want to work with. And with the offer, the
other thing to keep in mind,is you want to be extremely specific. So you could approach another university,and say hey, we just redesigned
the intranet for YaleUniversity, and we would love to show youwhat we did for them and
see if we could do similarfor your intranet. That’s how specific you want to get,and that’s where you can be if you followthese three variables. From there it’s testing all three,similar to the cold
email optimization thingthat we talked about, which
we’ll link down to thatin the description as well,how to test a cold email campaign. But on top of testing
subject lines for open rate,you’re also going to be
testing, is this right niche?Is this the right title within this niche?And does this offer
resonate with the customers?And the way to test that
is response rate usually,but it’s also softer, it’s
the type of responses. So for instance if we’re
sending to an industryand a title, and we’re getting
a lot of not interesteds,but they’re not interesteds that say like,hey we don’t have a
need for this right now,or we already have a team
that does this internally,then we know the offer’s just not right,and those type of people open
emails, and respond to emails. But if we send to an industry,and there’s no responses at all,then we know that that
industry is probablynot a good fit for cold email,and it’s worth moving on to the next one. If you want the exact scripts
we use to qualify clientson our calls, that’s down
in the description below. If you liked the video, and
want to support the channel,I would love if you would
share this with a friendyou think would get value,
and if you want somebodyto do this for your agency,
let’s say you tried cold email,and you failed at it,
or you just want moreenterprise clients, check
out experiment27. com,we’d be happy to help, this is literallywhat we do all day. I’m Alex Berman, thanks for watching.


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