4 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing Success in 2020

Affiliate Marketing is easy. You choose a profitable affiliate product
to promote,you sign up for the affiliate programand grab your affiliate tracking URL,then you start affiliate promotionso that you can start earning the affiliate commission. But there are certainly some affiliate marketing
tools that make affiliate marketing easy. In this video, you’ll learn about the best
affiliate marketing tools. Hey digital learners, I’m Rahul from LearnDigitalwithRahul. comand I have authored a whole book about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. In case you are new here, make sure you subscribe to this channeland check out the description belowto download a free copy of my ebook
Affiliate Sales Mastery,which by the way, I’m giving away for free. In this video, you’ll learn about some of
the must-have tools for affiliate marketing. In fact, if you are serious about affiliate
marketing, then you must watch this videountil the end because having some of the best
affiliate marketing tools can definitely helpyou achieve great success at Affiliate Marketing. Alright!Now without further delay, let get started!The first tool that you need for Affiliate
Marketing is a Domain name. Most affiliate marketing beginners would start without
a website or domain name. They usually copy and paste affiliate
links everywhere for affiliate promotion. The problem with that is affiliate links look
ugly and unless you have your own domain nameor a website, people don’t take you seriously. Most people would consider you as a spammer
and no one will buy from you. So you’ll find it really tough to get affiliate
sales. If you are serious about your business, then you
must have your own websiteor at least your own domain name. That way you can share your domain URL rather
than direct affiliate tracking URLs. Alright!This brings me to affiliate marketing tool
number 2 which is:Having some kind of URL Shortener or affiliate link cloaking plugin. In case you don’t know, what affiliate link
cloaking plugin basically does is:It shortens any ugly looking long affiliate tracking URLs into short URLwhich is easy to remember and looks clean as well. For example,I have this long-form ugly looking affiliate
linkand I can simply turn this into a pretty looking URL like thiswhich looks clean as
well as easy to memorise. I use the Pretty Links WordPress plugin to
make pretty linksdirectly from WordPress dashboard. However, if you don’t have a WordPress site,
you may use a URL shortener like Switchywhich I use for advanced features like Facebook
pixel retargeting, based on clicks. Use whatever you like but don’t ever post
long-form ugly looking affiliate links. The third affiliate marketing tool for affiliate
marketing success is:Having an email marketing software or some kind of autoresponder. You might already be knowing that email marketing
is the best way to sell affiliate productsand earn a huge affiliate commission. If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing,
you need to have an email marketing softwareso that you may start building your email
list. Because any kind of traffic or audience is
not your ownuntil or unless you take them to your email list. Once you turn your traffic or online audience
into your email subscribers,the magic starts happening. Then, you can follow up with them, make an
offer in their inbox,and sell affiliate product whenever you wish. If you do any form of online business,you need to start building your email list from the first day. And for that, you’ll need
an email marketing tool. If you are a complete beginner and want to
learn more aboutbuilding your email list from scratch,then you should check out the email marketing
webinar link in the video description below. Last but not least, 4th must-have affiliate
marketing tool for affiliate marketing success is:Having a lead capture page or sales funnel. One of the biggest mistake affiliate marketing
beginners make is:they send traffic directly to affiliate product linkswhich is good as
they want more affiliate sales. But you know what?A large percentage of people who visit your
affiliate link will not buy on the first visit. That’s why you need a lead capture page
or a sales funnelso that you can capture their contact details and sell them later. Also, having a sales funnel can help you increase
your affiliate conversions. I use ClickFunnels which is a drag and drop
software for creating high converting sales funnels. Check out the description below for the link
to get a free trial. By the way, that’s my affiliate link and
if you decide to buy using my link,you’ll get bonuses worth thousands of dollars. So these are the top 4 affiliate marketing
tools for affiliate marketing success. If you want to learn more about affiliate
marketing, I have created a whole playliston my YouTube channel. Click the card above for more tutorials related
to affiliate marketing. I hope you found this video helpful. If yes, please hit that like button and share
it with your friends. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask
in the comments below. Thanks for watching!I’m Rahul signing off and I’ll see you
in the next one. Until then stay motivated, stay creative,
and feel proud to be a #DigitalLearner.


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