4 Solid Ways To Make Money From Home – Start Working For Yourself Now

Hey there. How’s it going? Jeff Lerner
here and in this video we’re going toshow you four ways to start making money
from home. If you’re like most peoplethese days, you are probably looking
online for the best and newestopportunities. One thing we know is the
digital space is growing rapidly,especially right now because it is
recession-proof and easy to work fromhome. Before we get started, go ahead
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the internet. Okay, so let’s get intothe video. The internet is the great equalizer. In
business, specifically it has leveledthe playing field and anyone can start a
moneymaking online business, at leastanyone with a computer. But here’s the
thing, virtually no technical experienceis needed. Today there are plenty of
tools you can use to build an onlinebusiness that makes the technical work
so much easier than it was in the past. And you can also live anywhere you want.
You can set your own schedule and workas little or as much as you want
depending on how fast or how big youwant your business to grow. No business
or marketing experience is neededeither. It is truly a democratic world
we live in now for entrepreneurship, solet’sget straight into it. The first thing
you can do is drop shipping. Now thebasic idea behind an online drop
shipping business is that as a smallbusiness owner, you’re not going to have
to maintain inventory, you’re not goingto handle the fulfillment or the
customer service and this eliminates thefinancial cost and the risk of having to
have a warehouse full of products thatmay or may not sell and the hassle of
having to deal with the shipping and thelogistics to send the orders out all
over the country or the world. In fact,you don’t have to manufacture or store
any products at all. The only thing youhave to focus on in a drop shipping
business is marketing and advertising tofind the customers and make the sales.
Once the sale is made, the rest ishandled by other people and your only
cost is the expense of marketing andadvertising to acquire a new customer.
Then once that’s done, you’ll work witha company that specializes in drop
shipping. So here’s how this works. Youlist products for sale on your website
or on a third party platform like Amazonor with Shopify. And then when one of
your customers makes a purchase, youpurchase the product from the third
party company, which is the dropshipper. It’s usually the manufacturer
or maybe a wholesaler for a lower pricethan what you sold it for. And this
process is as simpleas forwarding the order from your
customer, which is a process that can beautomated and therefore you have no risk
here because you’re not buying anyinventory before you’ve already sold it.
The sale is already been made and you’vealready locked in your profit. And so
then your drop shipper will physicallysend the product to the customer easy
enough, right? It is, and the good newsis that you can learn the marketing
skills really easily. The next way tobuild a business online is called
affiliate marketing and affiliatemarketing is one of my near and dear
passions. In fact, when I was completelybroke all the way back in 2008 I went
from having a huge debt of almost$500,000 to being able to pay off all
that debt and get started on the road togenerating a lot of income within just
an 18 month period. And affiliatemarketing is somewhat similar to drop
shipping, but it has some keydifferences. So with this online model,
you don’t have to maintain an inventoryof your own products just like with drop
shipping and you don’t have to worryabout shipping products to customers.
Also just like drop shipping. Basicallyyou just pick a profitable niche for
your online business and then you findan affiliate partner who has products
available in that niche. And some of themost popular affiliate sites are sites
like clickbank. com amazon. com which I’msure you’ve heard of, but youmight not realize that every one of
their products, just about you can alsoresell as an affiliate and you can also
check out CJ affiliate by conversant,which used to be called a commission
junction. Between these sites. Theyoffer just about any digital information
products like an ebook, audio files,video files, courses, you name it, or
physical products. Virtually anythingyou can think of and many big name
companies, companies like Walmart, homeDepot, target best buy, they run their
affiliate programs through these thirdparty affiliate sites so you can really
become an affiliate for almost anything. In fact, most people don’t realize that
over 80% of the brands online haveaffiliate programs and with affiliate
marketing you can offer these productsfor sale, for example, on your blog or
even on your own eCommerce website, andeach product has a unique link that
tracks back to your account with youraffiliate partner. And that way when a
prospect clicks on the link, they’retaken to your partner’s shopping cart to
check out. Then when they buy thatpurchase is recorded and you receive a
commission. It’s basically like gettingpaid for referrals and the commission
amounts vary depending on the affiliatepartner, but it’s generally anywhere
from 5% to 25% or with digital products,sometimes as much as 50% or more. And as
you can see with this model, there’svery little risk on your part and
virtually no investment required either. Just like withdrop shipping, your only costs will be
the marketing and the advertising todrive traffic and generate the sale. Now
the key difference between this and dropshipping is that this business model is
even more hands off. All you have to dois provide link for the customer to
click on and the merchant handleseverything else. Billing, order
fulfillment, customer service, customersupport, backend upsells, down sells
everything. You don’t have to doanything but provide the link. You just
handle the marketing to get theprospects and you can use social media,
you can use email marketing, you can useblogging, you can make videos even right
here on YouTube, whatever method youchoose, but then once somebody clicks
the affiliate link, it’s completely outof your hands. And the third online
business is blogging. And this is agreat one. Obviously if you like to
write or you have a specific expertiseor passion for a subject and you’re
ready to use that to start making money. So with a service like blogger or the
free installation of something likeWordPress, you can set up your blog
completely free. You can create your ownwebsite and get your own hosting.
Hosting is very inexpensive andgenerally that’s the route that I
recommend. Frankly, a lot of freeblogging sites have restrictions and you
don’t have total control over what youcan say or do, including how you can
make money or what types of advertisingyoucan offer or or do for yourself. Now,
you may think that blogging is all aboutwriting and certainly it can be if
that’s what you want to do. But writtenblog posts are just the start. You can
post photos, you can post videos, youcan post links to other sites. You can
even repost what they call curationcuration, where you curate other
articles, news items, current events,anything you want to even just repost
counts. Basically anything is fair gameas long as it relates to your niche. The
key is that you want to post as muchoriginal content as possible that is
useful to your target audience and youwant to post on a regular basis. That is
the best way to get ranked in the searchengines where you get free traffic and
also to get your audience to be comingback for more and to consistently take
action when they do. What sort ofcontent should you provide? Well,
anything that is engaging to yourprospect, so that means how to topics.
Top 10 lists, commentary on trendsinside your niche, tips and tricks,
articles like shortcuts and hacks. Basically, you just need to provide
useful content and there’s no shortageof ideas for your blog and with a blog.
You make money in a variety of ways. Sohave you ever been to a website and seen
an ad on it? Well, chances are it was anad being run through definitelythrough a display advertising network
and probably the Google advertisingnetwork. These are called pay per click
ads that appear on your blog or on otherpeople’s blogs and every time somebody
clicks on one of those ads, which shouldtheoretically be about a subject related
to your niche, you’re going to make afew cents or more and it’s just a small
amount each time, but it adds up andthis is completely automated, totally
hands-free income. You just have to geta code from Google, place it on your
website and the ads will automaticallyappear on your blog and they’ll even
automatically be relevant to whateveryour blog is about. Google only shows
ads that are relevant to your blog, soit’s a great experience for your
visitors. They’re not, if they’re comingto read about fashion, they’re not being
shown ads about hunting and fishing andthis way it maximizes the number of
clicks you get, which means more income. You can also work with blog ad networks
that go beyond Google. These are siteslike blog ads and actually run banner
ads on your blog and these are similarto the Google ads or what’s called
Google AdSense. You just place the codeonce on your website and when your
visitors click on the ads, you get paidand in addition to the banner ads, you
can also even run video ads on yourwebsite. Now, in many cases you can make
more money with blog ad networks,but they tend to only work with blogs
that are getting tens of thousands ofvisitors a month as opposed to Google
ads where you can start right awayregardless of how much traffic you get.
Okay. Now let’s talk about affiliatemarketing. On your blog, you already
know about affiliate marketing where youinclude links to products that you’re
promoting as an affiliate and then everytime somebody buys the product you get a
commission. But with a blog you canintegrate advertising with content which
makes it more likely to get the sale. For example, you could do a product
review which is really useful content,but then underneath the review you
include a link to buy the product withan affiliate link. Here are a few
successful blogging tips to make surepeople can find your blog and that they
will keep coming back when they do. Nowthis is key to building a following and
making your blog into a profitableventure. First, you need to provide
useful content in an engaging way. Second, you have to post content on a
regular basis and third, you have to begenuine. It’s really important with
blogging that it feels like an actualinteresting real life person is creating
the content and the fourth onlinebusiness model is online video. Now have
you watched a YouTube video lately?Trick question. Obviously, of course you
have. This is one of the world’s mostpopular websites with more than 1
billion users watchinghundreds of millions of hours of video,
hundreds of millions of hours everysingle day, and it is not all cats doing
funny things and skateboard tricks andice bucket challenges. You can leverage
YouTubes reach, frankly just as I haveto make money online talking about
almost anything and no, you’re nottrying to create a viral video, although
certainly if it does go viral and getseen by millions of people, that’s not
so bad. But instead what you’re reallyfocused on is following a proven
strategy for maximizing views ofmultiple videos on a regular basis. And
you do this by creating useful content,something engaging that people want to
watch and it works across many, manydifferent niches. It could be a how to
video, kind of like a lot of miner or atalking head video, which is what you
call this, but anything on a topic ofinterest for the people in your niche.
It is like impossible to run out ofideas for YouTube channels and YouTube
content. Truly the sky’s the limit andthe way you make money with that is with
ad revenue among other things. Now yourfirst step is to create a YouTube
account and start uploading videos. Thenyou want to enable monetization on the
YouTube settings inside your channel,and basically this gives Google the
green light, and by the way, Google ownsYouTube. If you don’t know that this
gives Google the green light to startincluding short AdSense videos within
your videos. Theyhave them sometimes at the beginning,
sometimes in the middle and sometimes atthe end. And if you watch a lot of
YouTube videos, you’ve probably seenthose. You might’ve even seen one of
those right here on this video. And whenviewers click on those ads, you get
paid. And another opportunity to makemoney with a YouTube channel is through
paid sponsorships. Once you build alarge enough following, then companies
will actually pay you to promote ormention their products and services in
your videos. Here are some tips tocreate professional looking videos. Now
you can use your smartphone or just asimple video camera, but make sure the
lighting is good so that everything inyour video is clear and easy to see.
Secondly, make sure the audio is clear. You don’t want the air conditioning
running in the background. You don’twant construction noise. 51% of video is
a good audio. It’s kind of an importantthing to remember. People will tolerate
kind of bad video quality. They won’ttolerate that audio quality. Trust me,
I’ve learned this the hard way. Next youwant to use simple editing software like
I movie to put titles at the beginningof the video and to edit out any flubs
or excessive clearing of the throat orif you sneeze, usually when you’re just
getting started on video, there’s goingto be some mistakes and it is worth it
to go back and cut those out andabove all, just remember your videos can
be really, really simple. Take it fromme. They don’t have to be slick. Just
provide useful content and be engagingand interesting and by the way, it does
help to try to be funny, which Istruggle with, but I really do try and
to extend the reach of your videos, youcan actually repost them on your
Facebook business page. I do this. Everysingle one of my YouTube videos also
gets posted on Facebook. You can alsopost them on Twitter, put them on your
blog, put them on any other socialchannels. Just let people know you’re in
the video business now and on all thoseother social channels. Be inviting
people to come subscribe to your YouTubechannel. Now let’s talk about putting it
all together. The trick with any onlinebusiness is to make sure that first of
all, you’re in a profitable nichemarket. So before you start making
videos, before you start blogging,before you start doing any of this work,
make sure you’ve picked a niche wherethere’s actually products that sell and
there’s, there’s people that shop andthere’s money to be made. So keep an eye
on trends. Check out the bestsellerlists on sites like Amazon and consider
what people are talking about on socialmedia on one thing to keep in mind is
you don’t have to restrict yourself tojust one of these e-commerce
opportunities. A lot of themactually work together. So start with
something, pick one and start and justget it going. And then add new revenue
streams as you’re able, that’ll growyour income and ensure that you have
something to fall back on in case onebusiness starts going South. As I
mentioned at the start of the video, Ihave a company called Entre where we are
passionate about helping you create aprofitable online business. We have a
community called Entre Nation oflikeminded people who are also working
on these skills, affiliate marketing,drop shipping, blogging, video creation,
and really everything you can think ofonline. We have six, seven and eight
figure earners in our community thatalso function as mentors and can offer
you support along the way. If you’reinterested in becoming a part of Entre
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