42 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

highmark mbakin this video we’re gonna go ahead and
set up the form on the reservations pageand you can see the page here that i
have wealth and anduh. . . you’re going to need to go ahead
and create a page in this site justsimply by right-clicking appear and
sleeping new fileand apply in the right hand side bar
template to that pageand you should come to something roughly
it looks like this and i deleted some ofthe taxes on here and this open space is
going to be where i’m going to go aheadandplaced beforesort of go ahead now andgoing to come to youand let’s take a look and you can see
hereuh. . . actually needed tab that over just
a little bitit’s thisemptyparagraph technique that’s why i want to
go aheadand place the form saunders collectively
thatand just leave a large open space in
here for me toocopy and paste the form intonumber go ahead and go back into my
frameworkso it looks like thatand instead of the main frame work
folder you’re going to see the formsfolderamber go ahead and grab the code and the
appointment forright hereand if i double click on that open that
up we’ll see if i go into designed toyouroughly the fields that are going to be
herewe’re gonna haveand naming email field phone fieldas well as drop downs for the uh. . . dateoutfielder edge of the time inand then a message field thereand then finally a submit buttonso what we need to do is we need to go
to code view for this formand we need to go ahead and selectand what we want to do is we want a
slick everything here from line thirtythreethe opening form tagall the way downto one hundred natethe closing for trafficand the easiest way to do that is just a
click thefirstlinescroll down hold the shift key down on
your keyboardand click on the last night and will
highlight all of that information fromtherenominee go ahead and copy thatgo ahead selected that form copy the
codeand now i’m gonna go to reservations and
again this is the line that i want thatfor the whoopi robinso i’m just gonna go in the highlighted
and paste thatintoplaceand we should now seeperform on our pagelet’s go ahead and stay backand going to design view and we’ll go
ahead and you look at this is widelyright nowand will see the way this looksthat exactly format the way we are what
it’ll look right nowbut that’s simply a matter of copying
the cssc over so that it workssome would go ahead and come back into
my appointment that each tml pageand you’re going to see appear in the
related fileswe have forums dot c_ acessand this file is actually located here
in the cssc folderand it’s right therethat you can get to it very easily just
byclicking on the related filesand we want to do is we want a copy all
of this kindsamadhi go-ahead behayelit all of the
styles that are in hereand retained from the for or else fileall the way down to the clear styleand that emily go ahead and copy thatgo back into my reservationsand they go into my styles dot c_f_s_and i’m really going to come to you and
scroll downand you’re going to find after the
containersand the navigationyou’ll see the form section hereand what we want to do is we want to
delete everythingin hereall the default styles we want to go
ahead and deleteso i’m just gonna go ahead and highlight
those in two weeks themand then i’m gonna pay stuffthe uh. . . csl styles andfrom the frameworkand say thatand let’s go ahead check out our form
nancy outlooksuh. . . to go back into my source code
going to design viewand now your form should look a little
bit morelike whatwe saw in the exampleyou’ll see the dropped out there for the
day of the monthas well as the time to time doesn’t have
a drop in the vicinity that andand the messageand if they wanted to go ahead modify
any of these labels we could very easilyso i gotta go ahead and go out of why do
you hearin name email in phoneare fineplease enter the now reservation dateamoco and just click rate in the air
intake in thoughandand time is fine and messageamid actually going to go ahead and
change that from messageuh. . . specialinstructionshouston go ahead make that whatever you
want to beand will go ahead and say that and get a
look at the satellite viewclose at properties payalnew member you can orbiting close the
properties paneldespite double clicking on that ten out
thereand will see the wayform is going to lookand as always we always want to go aheadand preview thatin some browsers to see how it’s going
to lookso let’s go ahead and previews and
chrome and see how it looksand there we go there’s our formand you’ll see the drop down so the way
they weresalsa submit button we have to come back
and revisit that just secondand let’s try one of the crowd was tryin
internet explorer hereand beginif any of your security settings you may
get this message down hereor there may be a yellow strip up here
at the topasking you for permission to showthe block content that space which is
javascript that’s on the stageso it’s a allowand there is my forearmwith my workingdrop down list thereand you could try and also in firefox
operasafariuh. . . but it’s going to it looks just
great herewhen you submitbeforeat action is performedand whatever file is specifiedin the action property for the formthat’s going to be in file that actually
runsand if we go ahead and come back in here
to code view and scrollto the point where we can see the top of
the formyou’re gonna see right herewe have methodpostwe don’t have it action i’m sorry we do
have action right therein your seats is enter processors script
right thereyou need some sort of the scriptthat will actually convert the contents
of this formintuit email see you can actually
receivednowthere are lots of different form to
email scripts that are out there havewon the banquet my frameworksome whether those require that you use
their particular the scriptso if the script that i gave you does it
work be sure to check with your webhosting c what exactly their
requirements are that require you touh. . . use their script or possibly have uh. . . they need to enable form to make emailuh. . . on your serverbut either way you already know you need
to put in the path to a form processingscriptingon the go ahead here animate framework
right nowand you’re gonna see there’s a p_h_p_
folder right hereand there’s mail forthey go ahead right click on that and
copyand that’s the file that i need that’s
the mail form processing scrappedand emily go ahead and go back intomy projectthere’s my p_h_p_ folder i’m simply got
a right click at itand pastethat in thereand i actually already have that in
there some that say yes to all therethat mail form it needs to be in the ph
peopleyou didn’t need to go ahead and come
back here to the first line in your formhighlightsthis value right there including the
quotation markstype of quotation mark in the again that
brings up during weaversbrowse commandi’ll hit enterand in my select file dialog boxyou want to make sure the jury in your
local root folder hairand there it is a p_h_p_ folderlet’s go ahead and double click on that
panel select that and click okand you’ll see the path that form has
been placedin therethis is a p_h_p_ scriptandthe vast majority of web servers that
people useare going to belytic servers that are going to have
p_h_p_running on them so the script will workprovided your web host allowsform to email scripts to rodif you are on a windows server you’re
going to need to findthey windows they asked here is p dot
net scriptto process your uh. . . emailand again your web host may have one
already for younormally go ahead and meet you one more
thing here on the go ahead and doubleclick to open this mail form dot ph piaand if you’re in design you you’re not
going to see anything at allwe need to be in code you for thisand you’re going to see if there’s a few
differentoptions that you need to set herethe first option that you need to enter
and usury email address for the emailaddress that you want beforeto be sent toso he’ll go ahead modify thatyour website here you need to put in the
full u r l for your websiteso if your website is uh. . . h_t_t_p_
colon for a site for slashdebby debby debby dot content restaurant
that infoyou would go ahead and enterthat in their including the h_t_t_p_when somebody successfully submits
beforeit’s going to take them to a faith you
pageand if you want to ensure that it againyou can go ahead enter that value in
right hereand get back in the any page it all can
be aconfirmation window thank you our page
could be the home page your websitebut you need to go ahead and answer some
sort of the pagefor the person to be taken to when uh. . .
uh. . . they actually uh. . . finishof submitting the formso how do i go ahead and coming here to
filesand again in my video project file hereum. . . to create a new fileand i’m a card thank youdot htmli’m going to go in opened them upand right now it’s blanksome of them modifytemplatesapply template to pageanimus like the temple but i want to useand i’m just gonna go ahead and sayfaqs hereand then you could but whatever other
information youwanted into this falland they go ahead and say thatclose itand againright here that’s where you need to go
ahead and putthe u r l two the thank you pageand since the thank you page in this
caseis in the same directoryasthe reservations pageall i need to do his type inthe name of thepage right there thank you dot htmlsummer go ahead and say thatand that’s all you need to doto set upyour reservation formand again if when you click summit hereif you’ve gone through this is that all
the settings crackyou should get itemail uh. . . shortlywith the content secure entered intothe um. . . forif you don’t get any email go back and
check and make sure you’ve seteverything up correctly that you’vecopied and pasted everything over
everything’s in the proper locationuh. . . if things don’t work there’s
probably a problem somewhere on theservergiuliani nikon picture web host and talk
to them aboutum what they allow as far as forms on
their serverthey may need to enable formed in the
email or they may have a specific scriptif you need to includeon your page in order for that to workthat’s all you have to do to set up the
reservations pageonuh. . . your sample sizei’ll see you next to him


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