What a buzz. This is going to be a goody today because
it kind of fits in the theme that we’ve hadon my channel recently, which is how I can
help you get some cash flow now. . . now, becauseI know that it’s a little challenging when
we’re all at home but lucky for you, I putmy thinking cap on, I’ve been doing my research
and I’ve come up with a ton of creative waysto create cash flow and some income in your
life and your business. I’m really excited to dive into this. If you are to give this video a like some
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cash flow ideas. The first thing that you’re going to want
to do is take an audit of what you have andwhat you need. This time is giving us so much perspective
on what do we actually need in our home?And there’s a bunch of crap that I don’t need
in my house. The first thing that I’m kind of thinking
about doing is selling my stuff. And we’ve, I mean, my fiance and I have been
doing this for years. We’re pretty minimal, and so we like to ensure
that we are giving away or donating or sellingour things when we don’t need them. Are there things in your house that you really
just aren’t using anymore and you’re probablynever going to use again?Like that old workout bike in your basement
or those snowboards and skis. Maybe you want to upgrade next year so to
create some cash flow you can sell them now. Maybe you have a TV that you don’t use or
a computer that you don’t use. Take an audit of your house, just walk around
and really take note of anything that youcould sell, that’s immediately going to make
you feel more abundant because you realizethat there’s things that you don’t need that
you could be selling for cash. That’s the first thing. The next thing is to sell your skills. I recently made a video on how to start your
work from a home job today and step-by-stepwalk you through how to create an online education
business. Whatever it is that you do or good at, you
can turn that into an online course or youcan sell it digitally or virtually. That’s a really big trend right now you want
to check out that video if you can. But I also know that some of you sell physical
products. So my soon to be sister-in-law inspired this
idea and you can actually check out this littleclip right here. She has an amazing skill for baking and she
was selling her baked goods. And unfortunately due to everything that’s
going on, she wasn’t able to do that anymoreso she got creative. And you can see that they were dropping off
baked goods to their friends and their family. And of course she wasn’t charging for this
at this time, but this is something that sheabsolutely could be charging for because so
many people are in need of some snacks intheir house and some good home-cooked food
and meals. There are a lot of bums out there that will
thank you a lot for making meals for themand they will pay for them. Because you have to think about the fact that
we are still having to go grocery shopping,we’re still having to buy food. If you can take that off, that’s filling a
need and that’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s one thing. And then the biggest thing is to go back to
your past clients or anybody that you’ve workedwith in the past and ask them how you can
help. And if you’ve never had a business before,
ask your family and friends, is there anythingthat you need help with right now?Because I definitely would love to help you
guys in any way I can and honestly I am inneed of cash flow. So if there’s anything I can do that I could
trade for some cash, that’d be great. And that’s just being humble and honest and
humility is a key right now to ensuring thatyou can have some cash flow in your bank. You don’t need all the things, you don’t need
your ego attached to a bunch of things andyou don’t need to be so egotistical that you
can’t ask for help or tell people that you’rein need of some extra cash. Because people will pay you if there’s a big
enough need. That’s one thing. So ask, ask your clients if you had a physical
location before, is there a way that you couldhelp them now?I know I’ve mentioned my trainer is doing
online classes and yes, people are payingfor online virtual classes, fitness classes
because people still need to work out. People are paying for things, they’re just
mainly paying for things online. Think about how you can get creative and how
you deliver what you do online or get creativeand how you deliver it in person like my soon
to be sister-in-law did. And some creative ideas that I’ve seen that
have been so inspiring to me are things likepainting classes that people are doing via
Zoom and they’re dropping off the little kitsat people’s houses, just leaving them out
in front of their front door. There’s also things like cooking classes. You can do that via Zoom and again, you can
even package up exactly what people need,do the grocery shopping for them, deliver
them at their door. There’s so many things that you can do to
be creative right now. And with so many people home with kids, things
like home decor sets or craft supplies orcrafting kits or even photo booth supplies
are things that people are buying. If you go on Etsy there’s a ton of things
that are flying like hotcakes right now, areselling like hotcakes because parents are
in need and just people in general are inneed. I actually just heard from a friend of mine
that their lingerie store is booming at themoment. So you want to just think about what people
are doing at home and how you can help. And the next thing that I’ve seen that I absolutely
love is if you’re a photographer or a contentcreator, this is a strange time and some people
are going to want to capture and rememberthis because it’s a little bit bizarre and
everybody’s together. People keep talking about how excited they
are because they’re with their family or they’rewith their loved ones, so capture those memories
for them. And you can do that from a distance. People are doing things like stoop photography
where families will just sit on the frontsteps of their stoop and have their photos
taken or have a little video taken. If you’re a content creator, you can absolutely
still find ways to monetize what you do rightnow. The next thing you can do, so we’ve soldier
stuff, soldier skills, and now you’re goingto sell your sweat equity. What do I mean by that?This is the time to position yourself as an
expert and an influencer because you can investin yourself and you can put yourself out there. You’ve got the time to do it. One prime example of this, and keep in mind
this is going to pass, so the more that youcan show up right now, the more people are
going to want to come to you after this isall over and hire you for different things. I’ve said this before and I said it in this
video about how to start your work from homejob today or work from home business today,
repetition equals revenue. The more you repeat what you do and talk about
what you do, the more people are going toknow what they can actually pay you for. D-Nice, who is incredible and I’m obsessed
with Club Quarantine if you haven’t done iton Saturday nights, he does these Instagram
lives where he DJs. And he was a well known DJ before, had like
a couple 100,000 followers, but overnightwhen he did the first Club Quarantine, just
doing a live DJ show from his house on Instagramlive, he grew by millions of followers, millions. And he’s continued to do what any did it just
to show up and share his skillset with theworld. Can you imagine the opportunities that are
going to come his way?After this he had Oprah and Michelle Obama
at his very first Club Quarantine live DJsession. People now know who he is because he showed
up and that’s going to pay off in dividendsafter this is all over. How can you show up and position yourself
as an expert?Whether that’s putting on free classes right
now or showcasing your skillset online throughsocial media, that is building your sweat
equity and it’s going to pay off. And if you want to find a skill set that you
should invest in to create profitable skills,make sure you do watch this video on The High
Paying Work From Home Jobs that I recommend. They do take some time to build up your skillset
so use this time to do so. The next thing is to create cash flow. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “If
I could do that I wouldn’t be watching this. “But I mean it, it’s just like time. Do you know the amount of time that we waste
on social media or doing things we reallydon’t need to be doing just because we’re
trying to avoid doing the thing we need todo?It’s a lot. When you take a time audit you realize just
how much time you actually have availablebut you’re not using. Same thing with money. I can guarantee you that you have an opportunity
to create more cash flow you’re just not surehow to do it. I had The Budgetnista on my podcast recently
and she’s an acclaimed financial expert, she’samazing at what she does. And she talked about the fact that right now
is not the time to be paying off debt entirely. Just be making your minimum payments because
you don’t want your cash flow going towardsdebt. You want to keep cash liquid so you can actually
use it during this time and then you can goback to making bigger payments after this
is over. But for right now, don’t pay your debt in
full at the moment because that’s going tofree up some cash. Also, are there expenses that you’re paying
for that you just don’t need to?Again, it’s auditing the things you’re paying
for that you don’t need. Look at your past credit card statements and
realize that you’ve got so many subscriptionsthat you’ve signed up for, or apps that you’ve
signed up for that you just don’t need rightnow. And that’s going to free up 10, 20, 50, 100,
several hundred dollars for you on a monthlybasis to create more cash flow. If you watched this video on how to build
financial freedom, I broke down the conceptof runway. And runway is understanding what are your
bare minimum costs on a monthly basis to justbe comfortable and to be able to live. And that’s all you need to be putting aside
right now and ideally you have three to sixmonths put aside. In order to do that you need to free up that
cash flow and that does mean cutting out anyunnecessary expenses and anything that’s not
bringing you a return. When I say invest in profitable skills and
invest into yourself, that’s something that’sgoing to pay off in the long run. But that random email subscription that you
signed up for that you never use is not goingto pay off for you. Anything that’s not going to have a return
on your investment, cut it. The next idea to create some cash flow is
being an affiliate, and this is somethingthat I’ve talked about a lot and especially
I talked about it recently in this video onhigh cash flow, passive income ideas. And being an affiliate is a great way to create
cash flow without having to build somethingyourself. Is there a product or a service that you can
actually sell on behalf of somebody else rightnow and take a cut from it?One really creative idea that I actually heard
from The Budgetnista on my podcast was aboutthis woman who’s a hairdresser and she’s actually
selling wigs to other hairdressers to helpthem style them, et cetera. Then when those hairdressers sell them they’re
getting a cut of those wigs. That’s a really creative way to help women
right now, or men, who are having issues withtheir hair. My roots are going to be down to here by the
end of this, I can’t even. . . That’s a great way, that’s thinking outside
the box for a service and a need that peoplehave right now that they really want to still
look good but their hair might be a hot messexpress like mine is going to be shortly. The next thing is a flash sale. I’m not usually a huge proponent of doing
flash sales cause I think it can devalue yourproduct or service, but during these times
it makes sense. One, because you’re helping other people by
giving them access to your program or servicethat actually is really valuable, and two,
it creates an influx of cash for you. Think about Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday
sales, kind of the same thing right now. Do a big discount so you can get people in
the door and to create some cash flow insideof your business. And then the next thing is buy one, donate
one offers. There are a lot of people in need right now,
health care workers, underprivileged familiesthat really could use some help. Businesses that are creating offers where
it’s you buy one of these and I’m going togive X amount to this person in need or I’m
going to give this same thing to this personin need, that encourages people to buy from
you as opposed to anybody else. Think about a charitable aspect as well that
you can use to donate your products and servicesto other people while still bringing in cash
flow to keep your business afloat. If this was helpful for you I’m so excited
to hear your creative ideas, so put them inthe comments below. Put some comments of what you’re going to
do right now or maybe something that you knowyou can already sell, whether that’s your
things or your knowledge in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be
notified every single time I post a new video,and up next you should definitely check out
these videos on, The High Paying Work FromHome Jobs, and How to Start Your Work From
Home Business right now. Thank you so much for watching as always,
and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye.


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