5 Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money From Home for Ladies

so ladies are you looking for options to
be able to make money from home so youcan stay at home do what you want or
work from home? hey my name is Chris fromchrisnjigha. com and in this very
exciting episode mission with you fiveaffiliate programs to make money from
home for the ladies that work perfectlyfree for you and you’re gonna love itso hey if you haven’t already definitely
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alright so what are we talking abouttalking about five affiliate programs
that to make money from home that reallywork to leads especially for the women
so stay at home moms are you wanting to beable to stay at home maybe make some
extra cash why are you going workfull-time eventually transition them to
the to what stay at home full-time ormaybe just you just got the kid you just
need something right now hey here’s thefive affiliate programs you can get
started with right now that you’re gonnaabsolutely love that really coincide
with I feel like well a lot of womenalready do according to the women I’m
talking to alright so let’s get rightdown into it alright so start off with
number five uLTA Beauty alright so ifyou’re not familiar with uLTA Beauty I’m
pretty sure you alright so uLTA Beautyis actually one is actually a retailer
store for like all things that is beautyright I mean you’re looking about
everything that’s makeupalright liners lipstick facial face
stuff eyeliners nails nail polishskincare moisturizers treatments hair
condition your treatments tools andbrushes a cheese for your skin and your
hair and accessories fragrances bathroombody and all kinds of stuff matter of
fact they have like well over eightyfive hundred stores across the country
and they are probably the biggestaccording to them the biggest beauty and
all things beauty retailer all-in-oneshopping type thing alright so you’re
gonna be right you can see they got allkinds of stuff here all kinds of things
for the women that I just cook the kindof fit around what you already do you
especially if you had to make up andlooking nice
hey you might as well get paid for didyou know you
get paid for it too that’s right youcome down right here in the site you see
where it says affiliate and you hit onthat and they’ll take you to their
affiliates page right and the real coolthing about their program is that it’s
free to join right I believe you do haveto get accepted but it’s free to join
and so they’re also in addition to getallow you to get earn Commission’s on
some of the products that they have andyou that you can promote and get paid on
you also get like free shipping offersyou get free gifts with some purchases
buy one get one free type stuff onlinecoupons and other affiliate offers that
are just special for just affiliates sothat’s pretty cool one of the things
about it is that they’re cookie is therethey do have like I said I believe it’s
a five-day that’s three-day like cookieand the other thing too is that you get
about 2 to 5 percent so it’s not a wholelot
this is quarter in a big big vignettewhich is an online affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing network but thenwhen they when they talk about it but
it’s pretty good money you can makeespecially if you’re into beauty and
that’s something that you like to dodefinitely want to check out uLTA Beauty
all right number four affiliate programand make money with their work really
well for the women is Nikeall right so believe it or not Nike is a
hue of obviously you know Nike ourinternational brand and it’s all things
apparel sports apparel you know shoes onright kicks you know jackets even in the
winter gear um you know pants andsportswear jerseys all the stuff all the
stuff you need when you’re talking abouttraining and and you know they’re really
big with the women to I mean you knowone of the things that you noticed like
for example Serena Williams she’s hugehuge huge huge marketer of their brand
women are just a big thing especiallystarted noticing the fact that women are
wearing you know it’s that that’s thatgear that kind of like wet workout gear
that women away so it’s pretty coolappreciate you know what I’m talking
about you probably we’re like kicks andyou know workout gear just to go
shopping right so it’s pretty cool stuffdid you know that you
they have an affiliate program with d2right oh yeah they got sports balls
tools and plus sizes that’s awesomeso all for all women of all sizes so do
have an affiliate program actually whatI found out was that the affiliate
program is international and it’s notopen to Americans right now to the US
but you can get through it through aloop side by getting going through
vidlink so viglink is actually the otheraffiliate network I was talking about
where they basically are middleman foraffiliate programs they bring people
affiliates like yourself and then joinyou up with affiliate programs that have
offered their products and services thatthey want to promote and it is a match
made in heaven so there’s a great wayfor you get access to the Nike affiliate
program you’re cooking length is aboutseven days they’re paying about about
seven percent commission rates and youcan get started just by signing up with
vaguely which is free and then applyingfor the Nike affiliate program and that
right there is to lead to start becomingpromoting stuff that you already where
you already love to do and man so greatway to make some extra money with
affiliate programs if you’re a womanalright so number three the third
affiliate program to make money with itworks really well whether the ladies is
Starbucks man let me tell you right Iknow that with my women my ladies love
Starbucks all right I think I I think Iwork with like a ton of different nurses
and they can’t get started without a cupof coffee in their day right so
everybody knows Starbucks Starbucks is amassive brand well known for their
coffees their different lattes and bocasand things like that and what’s been
really awesome is that they’ve createdthe kind of culture around Starbucks
around drinking coffee and believe it ornot coffee is a huge huge thing right
get methere’s millions it’s a billion-dollar
industry in terms of all the resourcesthe coffee pots and coffees themselves
and it different mocha and the beans andRoasters it’s a huge thing why not get
paid for it right so believe it or notthey do have an affiliate program now
the other thing to think about Starbucksis they used to have
an affiliate program accidentally usedto have it and they kind of shut it down
so if you were already in it as part oftheir partners I think they had it
somewhere around hereI like their partners and coffee
partners or current partners right youcould you could be you could make some
Delius sales just by promoting Starbuckswhich you already drink but I don’t
believe it’s available anymore so analternative I found for you is this it’s
called try k-cups comm so essentiallythey’re an online retailer retailer for
coffee so they promote a lot of the cakecups right a lot of Starbucks brands
cake cups as you can see right here sothere’s really good programs so that you
can earn really good decent Commission’swith they got a 14 day cookie with their
program so people get cookie to you atleast 14 days and you can earn up to 13
percent Commission’s on sales thatpeople that you refer to so however you
decide to do this you can do this viaYouTube promoting your link there or be
a blog for social media really runningtraffic whatever way you want to do it
you can do this from home and makepretty good sized Commission’s just
promoting the your favorite cup of joealright so that was number three my
number two affiliate program gonna makesome extra money for the women I can
work really well for stay-at-home momsalright just people just women or just
people in general want to make someextra money is net-a-porter alright so
net-a-porteris for all my women who just love to do
shopping or hey just love to shop fromthe window or shop in this case from
home so that a porter is an onlineretailing site then promotes a lot of
high-end designer clothing right soyou’re talking about high-end designers
like Anna Mason and de Google throughGreece Illinois and and let the weak
writer right so you know a big time whenI can’t even pronounce them right so
these are high-end designers right we’retalking about thousands of dollars so
you can easily promote all these type ofbrands and somebody’s you know per berry
right Gucci your favorite product you’refamiliar with these brands
but they promote clothing they have theyhave shoes all kinds of shoes small type
of the big-name designers bags andpurses right accessories and things of
that nature jewelry lingerie even it’s abeauty items so that were really are a
pretty robust offer of sort of productsand services and thanks that they really
just fit the woman who just likes toshop who just likes to be nice and just
wants to be in the in fashion that’s nota porter so it was nicely they also do
have an affiliate program right so heymight as well get paid doing the stuff
that you like to do if you like the shotright you might as well get paid for it
so the other for the program click downright here you can get more information
on it and actually apply to it and andthat’s it you actually do have to apply
so you have to do get accepted all rightthey I’m not sure how long the cookie
link is but you do get 6% onCommission’s on the sales that you made
and so think about it if we’re talkingabout thousands of dollars in a purse
right like a Gucci you’re really fancypurses $5,000 right six percent we’ll
see ten percent of five thousand is 501percent would be fifty so six percent
would be five times 6 that’s $300 $300from one sale of a $5 that’s not bad
that’s not bad so hey you’re intofashion that’s something you like you
like to shop the net-a-porter could bean affiliate program that you might want
to consider alright to make some extramoney all right
and then now for my number one numberone affiliate program to make some extra
money with their works really well forwomen stay-at-home moms and for the
ladies is Victoria Secret yeah that’sright you didn’t know that did you
yep Tori Secret has an affiliate programright so area you’re so you’re probably
familiar with Victoria’s Secreta brand is well known for promoting some
of the really nice clothing the basesultry type clothing that makes women
feel even more like a womanso bras you got panties you got lingerie
your sports gear too as well like yoursports bras and things
like that and it’s leggings and thingsgot sleepwear I got beauty so they they
have fragrance and body lotions and faceand face type stuff also got your
accessories could can’t can’t forgetyour handbags and cosmetic bags and
things like that so they got a wholebunch of different stuff here they’re
always promoting my wife is a big fan ofthis stuff too you know it’s great I
pretty familiar with them because I buya lot of Victoria’s Secret for my wife
during gift during the gift times andthey’re high-quality materials that’s
the one thing I do know very highquality so you you’re definitely paying
you’re getting what you pay forso what’s even more awesome as if you’re
a big Victoria’s Secret Fed is thatguess what they have an affiliate
program now the only way to get accessto it that I’m aware of is once again
big link right so big link is actuallypretty cool because they have access to
a bunch of these affiliate programs soonce you get sign up for free be part of
it linked you can instantly sign up tobecome part of Victoria’s Secrets
affiliate program so they have a two-daycookie window for their program which
isn’t very long but you got to thinkabout Amazon this Amazon is only 24
hours anyway so and so then you getcommission rates is not the shit but
according to them you’re looking atabout a hundred and ninety nine percent
which is kind of kind of pretty cool sothat’s why I came up to be number one
because I feel like most women have oneI have something that’s Victoria’s
Secret in their closet you can instantlystart promoting it however way you want
to either be a lifestyle channel or viaa Travel Channel or be a mom’s channel
there’s all kinds of different nichesyou can use to start promoting different
stuff like this make a one hundredninety nine percent Commission’s on
stuff that you already love to do anywayto make some extra money for my women
all right and so that is it that’s it myfriends hope you enjoyed it right there
that right there is my top 5 list ofaffiliate programs make money make extra
money well for the ladies so that’s it Ihope you enjoyed it we did hey
definitely give them video on likealright definite subscribe to the
channel and hey question today is heyother field programs and brands and
things that you you know and love rightnow that you could probably take
advantage of hey let’s have thatdiscussion in the comment section below
alright and oh by the way before youleave just for coming by I appreciate
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