5 Proven Ways To Start A Copywriting Career With No Portfolio (And No Experience)

– Five ways to start copywritingand make a portfolio with zero experience. When you are just getting started,when you are a beginner copywriter,you’re going out there to the marketplaceand you’re trying to get gigs,you’re trying to get clients,one of the most common
questions you will get is”Do you have samples of your work”that you can share with me?””Do you have a portfolio?”Now, if you’re brand
new, you may be sayingthat, “Well, I don’t have a portfolio,”I’m brand new, and I’m
just getting started. “And what you’ll hear from your prospectsare, “Well, then we
can’t really trust you,”we can’t really hire you. “Well how the hell am I
going to do a portfoliowhen I’m brand new?So I cannot get any gigs because
I don’t have a portfolio,but I cannot build a portfoliobecause I’m not getting any gigs. I understand your frustrations. The question is, are you going
to let not having materials,not having a portfolio
stop you from pursuinga professional, lucrative
career in copywriting?Comment below. Today, I’m going to share with youfive ways you could get
started in copywriting. Get your foot in the door. For some, you may have to
accept one, or two, or threeno-pay or low-pay gigs
just to get started. I’m not asking you to do that forever,what I’m asking you to do is
to get two or three samples. That’s all you need. You need to get your feet wet,you need to get your foot in the door,get in the game so you can
start getting paid right now,and that’s how you do it. Way number one, volunteer to writefor non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations, they’re
always looking for writersto write their newsletters,
their press releases,their fundraising campaigns and emails. I’m talking about your local
Parent Teacher Association,I’m talking about animal shelters,I’m talking about environmental groups. All you need to do is send them an email,and say, “Hey, you know what?”I am a copywriter, I’m looking
to gain some experience. “You could connect with them on LinkedIn. Yes, on LinkedIn. You just need to approach them. Now, one of these three things will happenafter you write for them. Number one, it shows your future clientsthat you are a nice personbecause within the samples of your work,they can see you write for a non-profit. Chances are, you’re a nice person. I hope that you are, right?You’re a good person. Number two, that if you actually
do very, very good work,they might actually turn into
a client, a paying client. They like your work so much,they will hire you for other projects. Number three, there’s a possibilitythat they might give you a recommendation,a referral or an endorsement. However, don’t expect an
endorsement or a referral. It’s nice if you get it, but
that’s not why you’re doing it. You’re doing it to build your portfolio. Does that make sense?Way number two, if you belong to a churchor any religions, any
religious organizations,you could also approach thembecause they’re always looking for writersto share the message. Especially when you approach
them as one of the believers,it’s very easy for them to say
yes and give you some gigs,give you some opportunities to practice. Way number three,
approach business owners. Now, that’s what I did in
the beginning of my career. I would approach local business owners,chamber of commerce, just talking to themand say, “Hey, do you need
any kind of brochures?”Maybe your direct mails, maybe your ads?”Anything that I could write?”Now, of course now social media. “Your landing page, your email, right?”Anything that they might need help with. All I’m asking the business owner isif they like my work, they
would give me an endorsementand the right to showcase this workto other future prospects. That’s it, and most of
the time they will say yesbecause first of all,
they would save money,and second of all, they’re
always looking for marketing,materials, and literatures
for their businesses anyway. It’s very easy, and once
I’ve done a few of those,boom, I’ve got a portfolio. Way number four, take an online course. I teach a seven week certification programthat helps people to become
a high-income copywriter. How to develop a high-income
skill that allows themto earn thousands, if not
tens of thousands of dollars,with nothing more than
the power of the keyboardor pen, and combine that
with their skillsets. If you want a proven
path to six figure incomeas a copywriter, I will put a
link in the description below. Every single week during that seven weeks,they will join us virtuallyfrom the comfort of their own home. And every single week, we will
give them assignments to do. So by the end of seven weeks,
you will have a portfolioof different examples of
the work that you’ve done. Emails, landing pages, and
ads that you can presentto your potential clients. And that’s why my students
are able to get clientsin as little as seven
weeks based on the strengthof the portfolio that they
built during that seven weeks,just doing the assignments. – Yeah, it’s happened!Finally I got my first boom. Not even finished the program,
we just finished class sixtwo days ago and I had my first boom. Wow, that’s just an amazing feeling. To generate $1,000 with a cash netand I feel like, wow, that’s amazing. Just spend 20 minutes of my timeto make $1,000, and as a
result, she paid me $100,10% in commission, that
makes me feel so happy. Now I feel that I believe in myself. – Finally and officially,
I got my first boom!And it’s $100, I am so
happy and I finally got it,and I earned it with my soul,
I was working hard for it. But I wouldn’t do it without
the help of the team,Desmond and Tina and everyone,
and my friends in HIC,and the whole HIC family cause
your posts inspire me daily. – Way number five, you actually rewriteother people’s copy. So you go through different landing pages,you go through different
funnels and different emails,and you would take their copy
and you actually rewrite it,and that becomes your portfolio. Now, don’t lie, you’re not
saying that these peopleare your clients, you’re
not saying these businessesare your clients, you’re
simply saying to themthese are samples of your
work, what you could do. Now they could see, they
could get a glimpse of,okay, this is what you could do. These are your skillsets, this
is how good your writing is. It’s a very simple thing to do. Now, you don’t need 20, 30 samplesof your work in your portfolio. All you need is two or three. A confused mind, a confused
prospect, always says no. As time goes on and now
you have more samplesin your portfolio, what you want to dois you want to send them exactly
what they are looking for. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say they want to hire
you to write emails for them. What do you do?You send them two or three email examplesthat you’ve done in the past. They’re looking to hire you
to write some landing pages. You show them two or three
landing pages examples. You don’t want to show them emailswhen they’re asking for landing pages. So as you get gigs, you
might have a lot more samplesin your portfolio that you could show,but you don’t show them all, you got it?Let me give you one more bonus tip. Do you want an extra bonus tip?When you are talking to a prospect,don’t focus on your background,don’t focus on your
experience or lack thereof. At the end of the day, the
prospect is not interestedin your writing per se. What they’re interested in
is what needs to be done,and what can your writing
do for their businesses. That’s it, so focus on them. So when you are talking
to them on the phone,and I recommend you talk
to them on the phone,after the initial conversation,
after initial emailor social media exchange,
you get them on the phone,you ask them good questions. You discover their needs. You discover exactly and preciselywhat kind of outcome they’re looking for. And then you position
your top-rating serviceas the solution to get them there. And I’ve made so many videos on YouTubeon sales and closing, you could easily goto my playlist and watch those. So make sure you sharpen your
closing skills on the phonebefore you talk to the prospects. If you want to stop writing the hard way,head over to InstantScripts. comor click on the link
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