5 Things I Hate About Affiliate Marketing

Hey Miles here, milesbecker. com. In this video you’re going to learn the
five things that I hate about affiliatemarketing. Now I’ve been affiliate marketing since
2003 and I currently earn hundreds ofthousands of dollars per
year as an affiliate. So I’ve got some love
for affiliate marketing,but it sure isn’t without its challenges. And you’re going to learn the five
biggest challenges here in this video. And in the end you’re going to learn the
right way to do affiliate marketing soyou can kind of overcome and bypass and
side skirt a lot of these challenges youwon’t have to experience. Let me just deal with them because
I’ve already been through it. So number one is getting stiffed on
payouts. Now you as an affiliate marketer,by definition don’t have
all that much control. When you’re working with an affiliate
vendor through an affiliate network,you do have a third
party in between, right?So if you’re on ClickBank or you’re
using something on share a sale,you have that kind of third party
company in between you and the vendor. But what’s been going on recently is a
lot of companies are running in houseprograms,whether they are on Infusionsoft or
SamCart or Thrivecart or whatever it mightbe. Even some word press based
ones on MemberMouse and
these individuals are withinfull control and they can
choose not to pay you. If they so deem they can disappear,
they can fall off the face of the earth. I have one vendor who has withheld $8,000
in payments from me and I’ll be honestwith you, that sucks. I sent $16,000 worth of sales and I didn’t
get my $8,000 in commission jokes onme. Lesson learned, and this
is one of the challenges,big challenges of kind of relinquishing
control of being an affiliate marketerand again,stay to the end and give me a thumbs
up if you like this content because I’mgoing to teach you how to bypass
these kinds of challenges at the end. Number two is vendors
changing your links on you. This is such a big problem. It’s crazy. It even happens all the way up
to the Amazon affiliate program. We’ve had literally, I’ve built posts
that talk about specific setups. One of them was my video, my
travel vlog gear setup, um,and I had all of the different items
that I use to build my travel videomarketing rig. And Amazon
changed all of the links. I think what actually happened is the
product sold out from the Amazon listingpage and the next vendor
created a new listing page. So my legs just stopped showing up,which means people are finding my content
on Google, they’re reading through,they’re clicking on my links to take my
recommendation and they found nothing. And this is not limited to Amazon,that’s just the one that
stands out in my mind. This has happened on a
bunch of different networks. It’s happened on some individual
programs and yet again,you’re not in control and oftentimes
they won’t let you know that they made achange to their URL structure. Maybe even they changed the actual
affiliate management tool, right?They went from a,from kind of a built in to SamCart one
and they added on like an iDevAffiliateor something like that and
it changed all the links. And they forgot to update
you affiliates. It happens. And that’s just number two. Number three
is they stopped supporting products. Now this one really irks me because I
look at especially any sort of affiliateproduct or any sort of product that
has a monthly or annual recurring bill. I kind of look at that recurring
bill as a contract, right?So when I buy something
and the company says, Hey,it costs $100 or $200
a year to keep updated,I think that’s them saying that they’re
going to actually update the product. And what happens is sometimes
they abandon their products,they make their millions,
they go on to do other things. They want to be cool kid digital
nomads. I don’t know what that is. There’s some that I’m extremely frustrated
right now that I may be going publicwith soon. Um, but they’ve
literally abandoned their projects. And here’s what happened. So
when they launched years ago,it was a great product. It was
one of the best on the markets. So I not only used it, I taught how to
use it, I integrated it into my business. And I recommended others did as well.
Now they really aren’t updating it. They’re not holding,they being the vendor aren’t
upholding their end of the bargain,which means it kind of looks poorly on
me because I now have all this evergreencontent that I built and now that it’s
going to this tool that’s getting alittle bit sluggish and it’s not really
upholding its original promise like itwants did, looks bad on me and
it’s outside of my control. So that was number three. Number four is scammy course
creators selling dead methods. This is the the cesspool of affiliate
marketing and there’s kind of a like an Scurve, if you will,a growth curve or a bell curve with how
all affiliate marketing methods work. Okay?So what happens is a couple of crafty
and creative affiliate marketers learn amethod or two, they learn a
way to build a type of website,whether it’s an Amazon review site or
they learn a way to leverage YouTubevideos to drive affiliate sales. And
they really utilize that to its fullest. They run it as fast and as, as
quick and as hot as they can. And then that method starts to work
less and less over time because it getssaturated, right? They’re
essentially kind of, um,diluting their own source. But then that’s when they’ll
go create a course on it. And these are the 400 and
997 and sometimes they’re
even thousands of dollarsfor these affiliate marketing courses
that are selling these outdated kind ofmethodologies. So this
causes two big time problems. Number one is it brings people into
the ecosystem with kind of misalignedexpectations. And that’s just a problem for the
entire industry of affiliate marketers. Number two is for those other marketers
who figured out the game and who wereworking this strategy
successfully, all of a sudden,thousands and thousands of new
individuals come in as competitions. Copycats start to show up and
essentially they blow up the spot. It’s the proverbial beach town in Mexico
that no one knew about until all theInstagrammers and the
bloggers blew up the spot. That does happen to us in the world of
affiliate marketing and there’s verylittle we can do as this other than kind
of continuing to stay on the leadingedge of our game, right?You don’t want to be buying the old
methods that the gurus are now selling youbecause trust me, if those methods were
still working as good as they once did,as as their testimonials say they were
a, they wouldn’t be teaching them. They would be actively leveraging
those methodologies themselves. So that’s number four. Number five is the,the culture of individuals
who give it a half attempt,who dabble in the world of affiliate
marketing and they go on to say,this stuff doesn’t work, or
affiliate marketing is a scam,and that’s completely untrue, right?I’ve built a very successful
career leveraging affiliate
marketing as one of themonetization channels that I use. It’s
just harder than most people realize. It just takes a lot more work
than most people realize. It absolutely does work
when we get the game right,which brings me to the right
way to do affiliate marketing. When you’re focusing all of your energy
on growing an audience of people andhelping that audience of people
really to accomplish their goals,to create the life they want
to solve their problems. You’ve got the captive attention of this
audience and you get them onto an emaillist that you personally own. This is the right way to do affiliate
marketing because what happens is whensomeone changes out your links or
when a vendor stops paying you,or when your relationship with a specific
affiliate vendor, uh, goes downhill,which at some point will
happen in your career,you’re in control of the flow and you
then have the ability to simply replacethem with a another alternative with one
who’s actively developing the productthat they are actively standing behind
it or delivering on that originalpromise. Right?So the goal is for you as the affiliate
marketer to add value to be a,an in between, right?Between the person searching on Google
or YouTube and the product itself. Then your job is not
just to link them to it,but your job is to actually meet
that individual where they are. You’re there to help them answer that
question of what they’re searching for. You’re there to build a relationship
with them, a longterm relationship,and really truly help them get on
the path to solving their problems,answering their questions and achieving
their goals. When you do this,you become their trusted advisor and
ultimately you may start by sellingaffiliate products and then
you can replace the products
with your own products. I started by making a lot
of Facebook ad videos. I built an audience of people
interested in Facebook advertising. I have affiliate relationships with
some Facebook advertisers right now andguess what?I’m starting to lay the foundation to
build my own Facebook advertising course. This is going to increase my margins. It’s going to increase the
value of my positioning. It’s going to increase my profits overall. The value I got as an affiliate marketer
was the ability to monetize the processof growing my audience and now I can
replace that vendor with my own products. And this is truly the real powerful
way to grow a super successful longtermbusiness. As an affiliate
marketer, as I said before,I got a love for affiliate marketing.
It has revolutionized my life,but it isn’t without its own challenges. And so often the fake gurus and the
people on Instagram touting the passiveincome lifestyle only tell you the
good sides and there is a dark side toaffiliate marketing. Be aware of that
and remember, add value, grow the list,own that relationship because
that ultimately is the value. You can then replace the offers,you can replace the vendors and you can
even create your own offers and reallymaximize your ROI that way. Thank you
very much for this, for your time. If you enjoyed this video,give me a thumbs up if you have
questions about affiliate marketing,click below and leave me a
comment with your question. Also,I’ve got a free training on how to
do affiliate marketing the right way. I’ll have that pop up on the end
screen, so keep watching that. If you want a free hour long training
where I go deep into the game and thewhite way to do it, thank
you again for your time. I look forward to seeing you on the
next video until we meet again. Be well.


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