5 Ways To Present An Affiliate Offer & The 1 Trick To Getting Clicks & Making Money As An Affiliate!

Getting visitors to click on your affiilate links is tricky… But the best super affiliates know this #1 trick to getting clicks when they present their offers in this way.

First of all, have you seen the full ‘How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing’ course? It is a free live class I held here on YouTube that you can watch here:

That free affiliate marketing course will teach you the bigger picture behind what makes for a successful affiliate marketing business.

This video goes deeper into the dirt looking at the specific tactics of how to present an affiliate link. There are only five ways that you can present affiliate links… Through a paid advertisement, through a social media post, through a piece of content like a presell page, review, advertorial or blog post, through a bridge page or in an email.

You can mix and match these if you’d like… For example, if you give a free item away in exchange for the opt in, you can present the affiliate offer in the bridge page and then you can also present offers via email.

Just be sure you are not accidentally promoting an affiliate marketing scam:

If the concept of an affiliate marketing funnel is new to you, or you need help setting up your own affiliate marketing funnel… Watch these two videos, below:

What is an affiliate marketing funnel:

How to create an affiliate marketing funnel in under 30 minutes:

In that second video I physically show you, step-by-step, how to set up an affiliate marketing funnel including creating a bridge page video!

Another example how you can mix and match these five techniques for presenting affiliate marketing offers… You can promote an advertorial from a social media post… If you have a Facebook retargeting pixel on that page, when they leave you can present a Facebook ad that links them to your opt in page in your affiliate funnel, ultimately driving them back to the bridge page and then on your list for your email offers.

I share this longer series of interactions with a visitor to get them to the affiliate product because I want you to understand that successful affiliate marketers maximize the number of opportunities they have to present affiliate offers to their audience!

This is why I’m so big on growing an email list and email marketing!

With an email list of interested subscribers, you can give value and present affiliate offers for years to come… And it eliminates the need for you to “make a sale” today because you know that if you offer enough value and continue to promote unique and helpful products… Eventually you will make plenty of sales!

for all of my courses and tutorials on email marketing, watch this playlist here:

Then, you learn about the number one trick to actually getting people to take action on your affiliate links when you present them. The trick here is storytelling!

There is an old saying in sales: “Facts tell, stories sell!”

When Melanie and I invested in learning how to tell stories the way that Hollywood professionals do… Our business exploded! Our messages were received better, people could envision themselves getting the desired result they want, and ultimately more people started taking action because we told better stories.

We also learned the secret behind the Hollywood story framework… Just about every Hollywood blockbuster ever made has followed this same exact framework and if you’d like to learn it from the best in the industries, check out this course:

Once you know the framework to storytelling, you must practice the art of telling stories… But, you already understand you need to be making daily content anyways. So this allows you to just begin mixing in stories to the content you’re already creating! Do a 90 day challenge and get as many stories out as you can, and you will be a pro level storyteller in no time!

This really is the big trick to affiliate marketing success.



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