– How to start email marketing. Today we’re gonna talk
about the seven stepsthat you need, it’s just seven quick stepson how to start email marketingand building your email list. Roberto I have social mediaI built up this audience,why do I need to do email marketing?Why do I need a list?That’s for old people. No, no, no, no, you can’t necessarily relyon those pesky algorithms,you don’t have direct
access to your audience,you don’t own the relationship with themuntil you have an email list. So we’re gonna go throughthe seven steps you needso you can get startedand so that you will thank me later. Let’s get into it. Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blakehelping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here, welcome. My name’s Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur,
a public speaker,I’m a YouTube certified marketer,and today we’re not
gonna talk about YouTube. We’re gonna talk about a different typeof subscriber base,we’re gonna talk about howto get email subscribersand how to start doing email marketing. Seven steps, let’s go. The first thing you need to dowhen it comes to email marketingis you need to pick an
email marketing platform. There are two I’m gonna recommendthat I’m very familiar with. I’ve used about maybe five differentemail marketing platforms in the past. I’m gonna recommend you use ConvertKit,that’s what I’ve actually moved over toand what I’ve set up. I’ve very happy with it. I moved from Mailchimp,which is free if you
wanna get started there. Let’s say you might be somebodywho’s on a very tight budgetor you’re just focused reallyon reaching your social
media audience onlyand it’s not a lot of peopleyou intend to sign up,then I would use Mailchimp. But if you want long term to do the bestwith your email marketing,I’m gonna recommend ConvertKitand I switched over to it completelyfor not only my news letter nowbut also for my business stuff. So I’m gonna recommend those two options. Links of course will be
in the description below. And yes, those are affiliate linksthat does help support the channel. Big fan of transparency. So you have your email marketing platform. I’m gonna do some tutorialson how to set those kind of things upand how to use them. Those’ll be dedicated tutorialshere on the channel. But they have a lot of great resourcesfor both Mailchimp and ConvertKitand they’re actually really easyto use and figure out,so I’m gonna probably link downto some knowledge based articlesfor you guys in the
description down below,check that out. The next thing you’re gonna needis to set up your own website. Now hopefully you’ve
been watchin’ my videosabout why you can’t rely
on social media alone,you need your own websiteand your own domain name. If you don’t like to code,I’m gonna link you down to Wix. You can use whatever you want. You can use Wix, Squarespace,we also have a discount
for this community,it’s not a sponsored thing,but we have a huge discountfrom our friends at Bluehost,so you can go to that link down below,or you can go to robertoblake. com/bluehostand get a massive discount. Now having your own website
and your domain nameis gonna be important
for a couple of reasons. One, you’re gonna want to havethat professional website
name and email addressfor doing business anyway,it’s gonna really help you. But also when it comes to these emails,you’re gonna be able to set upwho you want the email replies to go to,so you could set upa very specific email address for that,so that your regular
email address and inboxisn’t flooded with a lot of repliesor the auto replies and
things of that nature. You also can set up
where this is coming fromso that they know that
it’s you specifically,and so they feel comfortable with that. You’re gonna wanna ask your subscribersto add your email to their white listor to their contacts so
you don’t go to spam. I think that’s very important. But let’s move on to number three here. Number three is gonna be you setting upyour main email list. Now the reason I like
ConvertKit a lot betterthan Mailchimp was with Mail chimp I hadmultiple lists and I might end up having,once you’re in the paid tier,being charged for somebody beingon more than one list. With ConvertKit one email is one emailand then you can go into
segments and categoriesof who you wanna send your emails to,so that’s more accurate. From a business stand pointthis is really helpful for mebecause I can tag and segment peoplein my email list based onwhat products they bought,or how they signed up,or what the freebie or
gift that they wanted was,so that I kind of know how to target them. And then I can do advanced automations. And the advanced automations
were the big reasonfor me to move over to ConvertKitand why I like it better,in addition to not being double chargedfor individual email signups’cause you get charged based onhow big your list is. So that was very appealing to meand with creating your main email list,for a lot of you this is gonna be tiedto whatever your main gift or freebie is. For me it’s just a community newsletter. So in fact actually if you goto robertoblake. com/newsletter,you get my free gift,it’s my free ebook
about personal branding,and by the way, I’m planning an updateto that ebook, kind of a version two,so if you do sign up don’t be surprisedif later you’re getting version twoinstead of the current one. I’m gonna get that to
everybody on the listeven if they got the old ebook,they’ll get the new one
once that’s released. So again link’s down in
the description for that,sign up to the community newsletter. But the main list that you haveis a great place to start. And then that leads us to number four,step number four in this process. For step number fouryou need that first welcome email,that first welcome email
that they automaticallyget when they sign up. Now for me that’s gonna deliveryou guys your free ebook. If you have a gmail
account it’s probably gonnago to the Promotions tab,so I need to probably let peopleon the landing page know that. But they get that free gift,they free download and
in my case it’s an ebook. For some people it might be a checklist. For some people it might bea video download or an audio file. It’s just whatever you want. So you need to set up
that first initial emailand you’ll wanna give
people kind of instructionsand tell them what they can expectfrom being signed up on your email list,how often are you gonna notify them,what they’re getting into,or you might wanna offer themsome additional free resources,or downloads or what have you. You can also make this an email sequencewhere after that initial first emailin a couple of days maybe they geta couple of more emails,maybe it’s a roundup of your best stuff. In the case of YouTubers it might beyour most popular videos ora video that you’re really tryingto get traction onor it might be some other
offers that you have,or some merchandise or discounts,whatever you want. A lotta people actually use this for theirmerchandise and to do
coupons for their audience. That’s another incentive for peopleto join your list. I’ll get into more on
how to grow your listfrom zero to 10,000 in another video. Make sure you’re letting me knowin the comments sectionif that’s something you’re interested in. I’d also love to know
in the comment sectionif you do have an email list,how big is it, are you growing,do you want to try to get more peoplesubscribed to your email list,’cause I can give you some videos on that. So in step number five
you actually will needto make the freebie for your audience. This is something in email marketingthat we call a lead magnet. Lead magnets are very important. They are how you capture people’s emailsand how you entice them. I’m gonna do a whole dedicated videoabout making your first lead magnetand then different types of lead magnetsthat you can make a
free ebook or checklistis usually the way to go. Some people use an info graphic. And like I said for some peopleit’s a free audio fileor it could be access to a recorded videothat you have unlisted,some people do that as far as a trainingor a webinar replay. You can do whatever you likeas your free giveaway offer. You just need to make
sure you develop thatupfront to help you grow your list. So for step number six
what you’re gonna wannado is you’re gonna wanna buildthe opt in forms for your email list,so that people can sign up and register. Usually on these opt in
forms all you’ll needto get is their first name,maybe you want their last name,and their email address. Some people make it a
little bit more elaboratethan that just depending onwhat they’re trying to door the reason for the opt in. For your main list try to keep itas simple and easy as possibleto capture people’s
emails and to make themfeel comfortable with you. There are several typesof opt in forms you can do. A lot of people on their websitewill embed a popup or an exit. I do this with a lot of
my sales landing pages. I use that in combination with Kajabiand that’s the platform that I usefor selling digital productslike the YouTube starter kit,online courses like theFormula for Awesome Videos,or my One on One Coaching. So if you’re in that kind of thingthen you might have different marketinglanding pages that you’re puttingthese opt in forms onor that might come in the formof popups on the website,
really just depends. But you’re gonna wanna create these. They’re really easy to doespecially in ConvertKit. You could also use another
tool called Leadpagesthat does it very well. Would highly recommend that. Again links for all of the resourcesare gonna be in the
description down below. I’m also gonna link to a few booksthat I think can help
you with online marketingand so those’ll be extra resources,while I put together
more tutorials for you. And finally step number seven. Step number seven is you
need to make and plancontent for your audience,just like you wouldwith any other content platform,whether it was YouTube,
your blog, your podcast. You need to know what you’re gonna updateyour audience with,so I would recommend that you havea content strategy for
your email marketing. Are you going to be giving themblog post like content?Is it going to be a roundupof your other content from around the web?What are you actually gonna do?Is it gonna be something that feelsa little bit more personal or involved?I’ve been involving what I dowith the newsletter that I’ve been doingfor this community,which I’ve rebrandedas the Awesome Creator Newsletter,and I really am proud of the directionthat this has been goingwith being able to give peoplemore tips and more advice,but also a roundup of
some of my best contentfrom around the web,
whether it be podcasts,it’s a great way to feature podcaststhat I’ve been a guest onand give more exposure to those interviewsand to help those creators,especially since there’rea lot of smaller channels
or smaller new podcaststhat I do interviews for all the time,so that’s been really
great to just get thema little bit more reach and traction. I’ve also been able to givethe audience discounts and couponsthat are exclusive to
the email marketing sideof things with the newsletter community. So it’s a way to say thank you to peoplewho are your most loyal
people in your audience. And also it’s where I update peopleabout what’s coming next,am I doing a speaking
engagement somewhere,am I doing a workshop or an event,do I have a new product that’s coming out?And it’s also the place
where I get feedback. My VIPs are the people who openthe emails the most often,and I segment that list. And then I reach out to themwhen I wanna beta test a product,I offer them deeper discounts,and I also reach out to themto help me test things. So that’s just a thought of howyou can use your email
list and your newsletterto also improve your contentand your relationship with your audience. So there you go, your seven stepsto email marketing and getting started. A lot of you have requested
a video like this. I wanna help you get your feet wetinto email marketing. Like I said I highly recommendthat you check out ConvertKitand the other tools that I’ve mentionedin the description down below. They’re there to help you. You can use any resources you want. These methods do not rely onyou using a specific platform,use what you’re comfortable with. But also if you do
choose to use these toolsI might be able to answer
more of your questionsor make specific tutorials
based on my experienceQuestion of the day. What is your biggest frustrationwith social media and its limitations?And I’m really curious about this oneand why I’m gonna be advocating websites,and email marketing, and
traditional marketing,and gorilla marketing, text messaging,print advertising, like print,yeah I have a video
coming out about print,it’s not dead, it’s just evolving. It might be undead, we’ll see. Anyway so answer the question of the dayin the comment section. I’m really looking forward
to hearing from you. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. As always you guys,thanks so very much for watchingand don’t forget,go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care.


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