7 Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

– Seven email subject
lines that really work. One of the lessons that I’ve learnedfrom my cooperating
mentor, Alan, years ago. He said,”Do you know Dan what is
the purpose of an envelope?”And I said,”Well, I don’t know. What is
the purpose of an envelope?I guess to put the stamps on itand get it to somebody in
a direct mail context. “And he said, “No, the
purpose of an envelopeis to get people to open up the letterand see the content inside. “You see after so many years
nothing has changed that muchwhen it comes to your subject line. What is the purpose of the
subject line in your email?Yes. That’s correct. It’s to get your readers or subscribersto open up your email. That’s it. Nothing more that. You might say we know a thing
or two about email marketingand subject lines. Over the years we have
built a massive email listwith millions and millions of people. Not spam lists but over the yearsby offering something worth of value,could be a Pdf, could be a downloadable,could be a webinar. That people have put up their handand say hey I want more informationand they give us the
permission to email them. Now if you are on my email
list then you will knowthat the frequency of the
emails that we send dependson what you request for. In some cases we might
send you a few emails. So, in some cases we might
send out a daily email. So what I’m about to share with you comesfrom testing and experience. Experience that we gainedfrom sending out billions of emails. One of the most common mistakes
that I see people make;copywriters, marketers,
entrepreneurs make,is they try to make the
sale in the subject line. They talk about the offer
right in the subject line. Then it comes across as
very preachy, very salesyand people delete that email. They never get to see your message. Always remember that the subject lineis not designed to make the sale. The only purpose of the subject lineis to get them to open the email. The email itself is not to
designed to make the sale. The purpose of an email is to
get them to click on the linkthat takes them to the offer. That take them to the next step. That takes them to book a call with you. Whatever your call to action might bedon’t try to make the sale in a email. I’m going to teach you
seven email subject linesthat really work. And I’m also going to
explain why they work. I’m also going to give you
different examples and variationsso you can apply that
for your own businessor for your clients. Subject line template number
one: “How to Survive ___””How to Survive ___”The idea behind this subject lineis you possibly might have a solutionthat could relieve the
pain, the discomfortthat your prospect is going throughor the possibility of going
through in the future. Understand as human beings, very often,we do things to avoid pain
then to gain pleasure. Just like when your sitting on a chair. Well, when do you shift?When do you move?It’s when you get a little
uncomfortable, right?Then you are like, I need
to make some adjustments,like, my back is not comfortable. That’s exactly it. So if your subject line
promises to minimizeor even better, eliminate,
the pain or discomfortthat your prospect is experiencing,chances are they will open up your emails. Let me give you some examples. “How to Survive the Financial Crisis””How to Survive Bankruptcy””How to Survive a Heart Attack””How to Survive Menopause””How to Survive Divorce”You see how that works?You see how that gets people curious?Hmmm. . . There is some pain there, right?Then they will open up your email. Now there are variations
of this subject could be:”How to Overcome. . . “”How to Deal with. . . “”How to get Past. . . “All these are variationsof this particular subject line templateSubject line template number two:”The Biggest Mistake ___ Make”The idea behind this subject lineis it focuses more on the negative. Things that your prospect,
your subscribers,have to avoid in order to
get the results, the outcome,that they desire. Now think about this very carefully. “The Biggest Mistakes ___ Make”Now what makes this
subject line so powerfulis you’re not talking about a mistake. So if you think about the
subject line, if you use:”A Mistake ___ Make” Is not as powerful. But you talk about the biggest mistakes,like the most severe ones,
the most dangerous ones. Well, I don’t want to make any mistakes. No one likes to a mistake. You don’t like to make a mistake. I don’t like to make a mistake. Forget about the biggest mistake. Now what is the biggest mistake?Right there, you the attention. Now they will open up your emails. So, let me give you an example. “The Biggest Mistake Husbands Make””The Biggest Mistake Wives Make””The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make””The Biggest Mistake Car Buyers Make””The Biggest Mistake
First Home Buyers Make””The Biggest Mistake Investors Make”You get the idea?Subject line template number three:”The Real Secret to ___ “So, come a little bit closer. Little bit closer. Little bit closer. Let tell you a secret. You see, human beings,
we are nosy as hell. We want to know, like, what is the secret?And very often when we’re
not getting a certain result. We want to know, there must be
something that we don’t know. Some little known facts,
some, some resources,something that we don’t know
that if we know that thingthat we will get the results that we want. Now, although, in
marketing the word secretsare kind of a little
bit overly used, right?A lot people use, or this
secret, or that secret,like, you can see it in marketingon Facebook and on YouTube all the time. Like, Oh, I’ve got these secretsto getting whatever results,
lose weight, make money,whatever it might be, right?But this subject line plays on that. So, you are saying that,”Yeah, there are a lot
of different secrets. They’re a dime a dozen. “But the real secret to ___. That is way more powerful.
Way more Powerful. Let me give you some examples:”The Real Secret to Crowdfunding””The Real Secret to Wedding Planning””The Real Secret to Teeth Whitening””The Real Secret to Fat Burning”It’s almost a positive versionof “The Biggest Mistakes ___ Make”. It’s just a different spin. “The Real Secret”So, Let’s continue with the real secretto writing subject line that converts. Subject line template number four:”The Fastest to Way ___”If given a choice, if you could choose,do you want something fastor do want something slow?Calm and below. We live in a world of
instant gratification. We want something, we want something now. We don’t want to wait. We are now conditioned to be impatient. So, when you make a
promise of something like”The Fastest Way to ___”Okay, people pay attention
because this is a promisethat this would get me to the
outcome that I want faster. “The Fastest to Start Your Own Business””The Fastest Way to Make
Your First $1000 Online””The Fastest Way to Lose Five Pounds””The Fastest Way to Cut
Your Insurance Costs by 10%”You see? Instant result. So, what makes this subject line effectiveis your making a very specific promise. Now, here’s how you could screw that up. Now what you don’t want to do is,you don’t want to make outrageous claimsthat the prospects don’t
believe that is achievable. So, in order to make
this subject line workis you have to make a
promise that is believableand credible as well. Don’t be making crazy promisesbecause then you lose credibility. Then your prospects, your readers
won’t open up your emails. Let me give you an example. Don’t say,”The Fastest Way to Make
a Million Bucks Overnight”That’s just like Hype. There like, ah, this is BS, right?Then they won’t open up your email. So, what you want to do
is actually under promisein your subject line. Although, your offer, your
product, your service,could do this much. But in your subject lineyou actually promise this much, right?Let’s say your program,
your selling weight loss,you could actually help
people lose ten lbs,or 15-20 pounds in 30 to 60 days,whatever the promise might be. Say five pounds. Say three pounds, right?Under Promise. And as your prospectsand readers reading that email
automatically their thinking,”You know what? I think I
can do better than that. I think I can lose more than,
than more than five pounds. I can do ten pounds. “Great. Because if it’s their
ideas its more believablefor them. Does that make sense?Subject line template number five:”Here’s a Shortcut for ___”So, between fast and
slow, we all want fast. We want it now. Between easy and hard, we want easy. It’s the same idea. So this subject line focuses
on how you could providea quick easy solution to your
readers and your subscribers. “Here is a Shortcut for ___”Can you see how many ways
you could use this simple,yet powerful, subject in all
your email communication?Now, let me give you one more tip. When you use a subject line like this. “Here is a Shortcut for ___”If your offer, the offer that
you’re making in the emailwhen they click on your page. If that offer is somethingthat could provide instant
gratification for the prospects. You will get more sales. Example: It could be a software offer. It could be something
that is instant download,that they don’t have to wait. Something they could get
and access right now. You will get more salesbecause in the email
here’s a shortcut for. . . Now you are giving them
an instant solutionthat they could purchase. Easy to say yes. Subject line template number six:”How I ___”You see chances are when your
subscribers subscribe to youremail list they value your perspective. They value your insights. They value your experience. So when you use a subject line like this. “How I ___”It tells them, Oh, you’re
going to share somethingthat’s personal. You’re going to share something
that you have done in the past. You’re share something
that you have experiencedin the past. Maybe even challenges and obstaclesthat you’ve overcome, right?It gets a little bit more personal. It’s story telling and
those are great waysto captivate your audience attention. Let me give you some examples. “How I Grew My YouTube
Channel to 1000K Subscribers””How I Launched My First
E-commerce Business””How I Found My Soulmate Online””How I Permanently Eliminate Headache”When you are writing an
email with this subject linethe key here is to be very vulnerable. To share the good, the bad, the ugly,because this is the moment,
this is that type of emailwhere you get personal with your readers. Where you, kind of, pour your heart outand you share with them,”Hey, I know what you’re going through. I’ve gone through the same thing. “That’s how you make that connectionand that’s how your reader
could relate to you. Subject line template number seven:”About Your ___ “I love this one. This one generates a lot of curiosity. “About Your ___ “So when your readers read
subject line like that,what is going through their minds are,”What’s wrong with my ___ ?Is there something wrong
with my ___ ?” Right?”Do you know something that I don’t know?Do you have advice for me on ___ ?'”Very Powerful. Let me give you some examples. “About Your Diet””About Your Website””About Your Business””About Your Spouse . . . “Can you see how effective that would be?Right? It’s a cliffhanger
that people want to click onto know more. What about my blank?Another variation of this
subject line template is:”I Have a Question About Your ___ “Right?”I Have a Question About Your Funnel””I Have a Question About your Channel””I Have a Question About Your Home”Do you see how that works?It’s simple, isn’t it?Curiosity is one of the most powerful waysto get people to open up your emails. All these seven proven subject
lines plus an additionaltwo-hundred and thirteen
subject line templates. You can simply fill-in the blanksand immediately use in your emailor in all your marketing. They are at:www. instantscripts. cominstantscripts. com is the
ultimate shortcut softwarethat automates the process of
writing great copy for you. So click the link below
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