7 Ways to Make Money with Sketchup

Ηey, what is up nation?In this session
we’re going to be going over 1 2 3 4 5 67 ways that you can be using Sketchup to
make moneyThe first way is to get a job in architecture. That’s a traditional job
so you would go to school or learn howto draft, and then find your way into an
architecture firm or an interior designfirm, where you can use your skills and
Sketchup. So basically in thisparticular scenario Sketchup is
secondary then it might help you find ajob or get a job in that field if that’s
what you want to do, but nonetheless it’sa perfectly viable way to get a job
using architectureNumber 2 is to essentially become a consultant for architecture and interior design firmsmaking Sketchup models. So a lot of
smaller architecture and interior designfirms don’t want to spend the time to do
their own 3D models. I can take time andthey want somebody who’s really quick at
doing that if they ever need to developa 3D rendering or something like that.
They might do everything by hand. So finding those firms it’s a really great
way to get essentially a niche marketand you get to use Sketchup and really
hone your skills and you can make money that way3
Now we’re going to start to get into ways to make money in Sketchupthey’re a little less traditional. So 3 is marketing your services on freelancewebsites like Upwork and Fiverr. So you
would go on there, you’d create afreelancer account and then you’d start
to sell your services. There are a lot ofpeople who have drawings or they do
their own drawings and they want itrefined, or they want to see it in 3D so
that’s a really great way to findclients all over the world who are
looking for architectural or design services. Number 4 is to design objects
that you can then sell on 3d modelwebsites, so there are a bunch of gaming
websites,I’ll list them in the comments below. I’ve never
done this before but I know it’s prettylucrative and a lot of people do it, like
for games you can put 3D assets on thereand people like them then they pay you
for them. Obviously it’s tough togain a lot of attraction to that but if
you’re looking for a little bit ofpassive income and you just like
modeling Sketch up it might be a great option for you. Number 5 is to do 3D
renderings of your models. If you have arealistic photo rendering plug-in or
even if you don’t, there’s a wide rangeof people who are looking for different
images for different reasons. Obviously,it’s a slow revenue grower, you’re not
gonna make a million dollars overnightprobably, but you know if you’ve already
modeled something and you just want tohit render and then sell that image –
you’ve really not a big problem. Number 6 is really similar to five, where we
were talking about selling yourimages on stock photo websites. 6 can
be great if you use animations. You can charge a whole lot more for animations,
it’s kind of like a bunch of pictures. And there’s, it’s pretty niche at this
point, so there’s a lot of people lookingfor different kinds of animations, and
Sketchup has that built into it, so youcan do really simple animations or if
you have a rendering software that canrender a higher quality image you can do
that as well. And like I said before, this is another
passive income stream. You’re probablynot going to be a millionaire overnight,
but, you know, to make a few hundred bucksprobably isn’t a month, isn’t that
unreasonable. Number 7 is essentially what I do. I teach people about Sketchup
and I love that aspect of what I do,I love teaching and I don’t make a ton of
money from what I do on here the amountthat I make through through YouTube is
pretty minimal, but I love it. I loveteaching you guys things and sharing
what I know. Because a lot of what I knowI kind of take for granted, I think that
“oh, yeah, everybody knows this”, but itturns out no. That’s not true.
And I think that’s part of a thing ifyou if you decide to start teaching
Sketchup that you need to get over isjust realize that there are
people that don’t know as much as youand your if you’re just a step ahead of
somebody you can really help them, so youcan teach people through YouTube videos
like I do, you can teach them throughcourses, online courses or physical
courses at a school, or something likethat, you can teach them through,
I said, courses online like places likeUdemy will let you host a course, so you
can make videos like I do and host acourse on Udemy. You can also do like a
tutoring, in person for someone. So thoseare great ways if you like teaching that
you might want to get into that andthat’s the last way that I think that
you can make money using Sketchup. So hopefully this helped, if you like this
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