7 ways to sell online courses that ACTUALLY work

Summary of the 7 ways to sell online courses with time stamps:

1. Email Course (2:40)

Example: Meera Kothand–

What you need:

👉Email automation software (I recommend Convertkit —
👉 5 to 7 educational emails (written in advance)
👉3 to 5 sales emails
👉Deadline Funnel (countdown timer + expiring offers) —

2. Challenges (16:21)

Example: Zach Spuckler (teaches how to run 5-Day Challenges)

What you need:

👉5 video lessons with action items delivered via email
👉Email software (I recommend Convertkit —
👉A place to host videos:
✅Facebook (live)
✅Teachable (pre-recorded) —
✅Leadpages (pre-recorded) —
👉Deadline Funnel for expiring pages/timers–

3. Webinars (26:38)

Examples: Amy Porterfield (live) and David Siteman Garland (pre-recorded or evergreen)

📖Expert Secrets book —

What you need:

👉Slides (keynote, powerpoint, Canva)
👉Screen recording software (Screen-cast-O-matic)
👉Email automation software (ConvertKit —
👉Webinar software:
✅Demio (live webinars) —
✅WebinarJam (pre-recorded webinars) —
👉Deadline Funnel —

4. Multi-Part Video Series (39:36)

📖Recommended Book: “Launch” —

The goal of this strategy is to use stories, information and “open loops” to get people ready to buy your online course.

Example: Nick Stephenson — teaches self-published authors how to sell their books in his course “Your First 10k Readers”. You can go through his video series here —

What you need:

👉3 to 4 video “lessons”
👉Email automation software (ConvertKit —
👉3-5 sales emails
👉A place to host your video lessons (Leadpages —
👉Deadline Funnel —

5. Mini Course (48:28)

What you need:

👉30 to 60 minutes of video lessons
👉A place to host your mini course:
✅Teachable —
✅Leadpages —
👉Email automation software (Convertkit —

6. Free Consultation or Coaching Call (51:14)

What you need:

👉Downloadable PDF (create in Canva for free)
👉Email automation software (ConvertKit —
👉Landing page software (Leadpages —
👉Welcome video prompting people to schedule their free call.
👉Call scheduling software (Calendly)
👉Place to host course and take payments (Teachable —

7. Amazon Book Funnel (54:29)

What you need:

👉a self-published book uploaded to KDP
👉a bonus lead magnet (audiobook, template, video series, webinar, etc)
👉Landing page software (Leadpages —
👉Email automation software (ConvertKit —
👉Email nurture and sales sequence (7-10 emails)
👉Deadline Funnel — (optional)
👉Amazon Ads — optional

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