Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How To Make A Profitable Website (Step by Step 2019)

hey guys in today’s video you’re going
to learn how to create a website onlinestep by step but more specifically an
affiliate marketing website that willactually make you money now if you’ve
ever wanted to learn how to do affiliatemarketing that is the first step to
actually diving in and I’m going to showyou how to do it inside my computer in a
second so at the end of the severacshort video you will know exactly how to
make your own website online and thiswill apply to you even if you’re not
making an affiliate marketing or websiteI will take you through step by step and
prove to you that it’s really easy tomake a website in this very short video
so let’s jump into my computer right nowand I’ll show you exactly how to get
started and create your own profitableonline website alright guys in this how
to create a website tutorial we’re gonnago through step by step and I’m gonna
show you how to install WordPress andget it started now the thing is you can
use this for any type of website youwant to create we’re gonna be talking
about in a-flat marketing website inthis tutorial the first step is to go
and find hosting and get a domain namethe hosting that I recommend is Bluehost
com you get a free domain and you getone click WordPress install which I’m
going to show you how to do that andthis is for two dollars and 95 per month
so you really can’t go wrong with thisdeal so I’ll show you how to actually
sign this up and take you through theprocess then we’ll get into the other
steps and show you exactly how to createyour own WordPress website on line so
the first step guys is actually gonnasign it to Bluehost
or whatever hosting platform you want touse if you do click the link in the
description you’ll get a discount andyou will come to a page like this for
friends of Franklin Hatchett and you’llget a free domain and one-click install
like I mentioned before so I’m gonnaclick get started now and take you
through the steps what they’re gonna dois first ask what plan we would like to
start on all you need to do is start onthe basic plan you don’t need the plus
or the choice plus because you canupgrade whenever you like if you are
starting all you need is the basics soclick on the basic the next step guys is
to choose your domain name that willreally be up to you in this case it
doesn’t really matter we can chooseanything but this is the name of your
website so I go our Franks onlinereviews because in this example we’re
talking about an affiliate marketingwebsite where we would review
products and I’m gonna go to next or ifyou already have a domain you can add
that if you like now on this page guysis a few things I want to point out
before you actually sign up that arereally critical okay step number one is
choose your hosting plan but what I dowant to mention is that there’s a few
options that are automatically textfirst of all take off code guard and
site lock security you don’t need thatbecause there’s free security plugins
that you could use and domain privacyprotection that’s up to you
it’s an extra ninety-nine cents permonth what that means is if someone goes
and checks a website and the domaininformation online your name will be
protected and I won’t show up so Irecommend having that on but it’s really
up to you you don’t need to if you don’twant to but definitely you don’t need
these two here so if we had our domainprivacy on for three years we would pay
a hundred and eighteen dollars to have awebsite live for three years that’s
incredible value so there’s really noexcuse to go and start a website online
because a hundred and eighteen dollarsfor three years is manageable for
anybody so now guys I’m gonna go up andfill out the details that’s what I
recommend you do to get your websitestarted then we’ll go and install
WordPress and go on to the next steps sowhen you sign up guys you’ll come to a
page like this and you’ll also get sentsome details in your email as well so
I’m gonna go to create account and it’sgoing to create the account for me and
then go to create account now on thispage guys you can really put in anything
because you can change this on thewebsite and it doesn’t actually matter
what you put there I’ll explain to youwhy when we actually create the website
so I’m just going to put reviews andreviews and then we’re gonna start a
blog and we’ll just just choose homepagefor now and then go to continue and then
just fill out whatever they ask you tofill out now at this point guys just
choose any theme because I’m actuallygoing to show you a bit of theme to use
so just choose anything I’m gonna showthe perfect theme to use for affiliate
marketing and pretty much any kind ofblogger website you want to create now
once all that’s done guys gonna go to apage like this you don’t really need to
worry about any of this stuff all youneed to do is go to launch my site okay
and launch my site anyways you don’tneed to worry about any of this other
stuff and let it do its thingand then go view my site and now you
have a website but we need to go and doa few things go down to my sites and go
to log into WordPress and we’re nowgoing to log in and start changing
things putting in plugins changing thetheme and putting in an article all
right guys before we get into the nextstep of actually installing a bit of
theme we need to do one thing and thatis the clean up we need to clean things
up before we start because what happensas Bluehost installs a lot of stuff that
we don’t need so first of all clickthese little X’s here we’ll get rid of
this and then go to plugins ok and we’regoing to delete a lot of plugins it’s
just easier to do this nowso we don’t have to do it later so
delete this one here this will beautomatically installed and then delete
this one here so you go to plugins andthen you’ll find all of this delete this
analytic stuff we don’t need that butactually so it’s easier just to tick
these buttons we don’t need that one wedon’t need jetpack we don’t need this
one and we don’t need this oneso deactivate all of these by going to
actually will delete them up here andthen apply now once these are deleted
guys you’re going to be left with a niceclean website so we can start from fresh
so the next thing we need to do is go toappearance and themes now there’s got to
be a lot of themes you can choose fromhere but I recommend do not do not
choose any of these themes ok withpremium themes WordPress themes the
reason is because a lot of themes thatWordPress has are not very fast and
they’re not very optimized for whatwe’re trying to do so what I recommend
guys is using a theme called schema orShima however it’s pronounced and this
is a free theme so if you go to thiswebsite here which is called my theme
shop com I’ll leave a link below and yougo to the Shema theme here and then go
down to here and it’ll it might be onthe licensed one just click that box and
go to free and you can download this forfree and then you want to go back to
your website guys go to themes and thengo to upload on the top here and then
you want to there’ll be a whole lot ofthemes here guys
don’t worry about that I mean you mightfind something you like but I would
recommend not messing with these themesbecause they’re very advanced and
a lot of them are very very slow butit’s up to you depending on what type of
site you want for an affiliate site thisis the one I recommend and then go to
upload theme and go to choose file andchoose the file of that theme and then
install now now because it’s a freetheme guys it’s probably gonna be a
little bit limited so you might want toget the paid version however the free
theme is fine for this and then go toactivate now it’s gonna ask you to
install a bunch of plugins here guys Iwould recommend you install wordpress
SEO plugin ranked meth because there isactually one of the plugins that i’m
going to be recommending in thistraining so rank meth SEO we will need
that the rest of them don’t worry aboutgetting so it’s going to ask you to
install install rank meth and then we’llalso move on now to installing other
recommended plug-ins for your website soif we quickly the scope to here guys and
have a view of the site you’ll see thatit’s now different ok it now looks
completely different so now let’s go anddo step number three which is we want to
go and install some plugins so I’m gonnarecommend these plugins guys we’re going
to go and install them but I wanted tospin this guys to have your website
really fast do not install a lot ofplugins what a lot of people do is
install way too many plugins and slowdown their website so we’re going to
install the classic editor image widgetpretty links rank math which we already
have thrive leads is optional it’s paidI will talk about that in this video
and then wordfence is a security pluginif you need it so the first one goes
we’re going to go to our plugins andwe’ve got these are the best plugins
guys we’re going to add new and we aregoing to go to the search bar up here
and we’re going to put in classic andthen install the classic editor the
reason you want this is becauseWordPress didn’t update recently and it
makes it very hard to edit things as abeginner so we want to install the
classic editor to get it back to the oldversion and click activate next we want
to install image widget and I’ll explainwhy later so go to add new and go to
image widget I’m just going to installall these guys and then come back right
guys I’m installed all these plugins nowdid forget to mention there sometimes
with Bluehost when you start you mighthave a subdomain for a while
because your proper domain that you gotwith them might not be started yet so
you can still edit your site and thennow change it over when it’s ready
now the next step guys is what I like todo before I do anything else is to
actually post some content so in stepnumber three we’re actually going to
jump into sitting everything up and allthat sort of stuff but before I do that
I like to put some content on so I knowwhat we’re working with now if you watch
one of my other previous videos wetalked about a method called launch
jacking so we’re actually going to goand pretend that we want to rank for a
particular product from this website andaffiliate marketing product and this is
a product so we’re going to just imaginethat we want to go and put our website
on the front page for rank one agencyreview I actually have an article here
it here that I got from another websitewe’re not going to make it live or use
it for this particular example and hereis the product here now this is the
affiliate marketing page and here is theactual product which is really good so
we can actually get a commission fromthis by having a article on Google what
happens is when this launches people goand search for it on Google by putting
in rank one agency review and we wantour website to show up on the top ten
now this one with this keyword isactually quite easy because there’s a
lot of YouTube videos on the top tenwhich is a good indicate that this
keyword will be quite easy to rank forso the first thing we want to do guys is
we want to go back to our website andI’m going to show you how to use all
these plugins and stuff in a second butwe want to go and put a post on our
website so I’m gonna go to post overhere and you’ll automatically have a
post that’s added you can either editthis yourself and use this post or you
can create a new one which I’m going todo right now so I’m gonna go to add new
now the reason I add a post guys isbecause if we go and look at our website
right now there’s nothing there so it’svery hard to go and edit something when
there’s nothing there and make it looknice so on this particular page guys I’m
just going to first put in a title and Ijust want to so rank one agency is what
I want to rank for so I would put thatin the title and then I would put
something like is this program the bestfor you
to mark if you want to learn more aboutsearch engine optimization I have lots
of videos on that but we’ll do somebasic search engine optimization in this
particular video so a post case as anarticle it’s a blog post the next thing
guys will notice is permalink here wewant to edit this permalink we want to
delete this because it’s Auto filled andwe want to put an rank one agency review
and click OK now I’m actually going togo to save draft it’s a good idea to
save draft after doing that just becausesometimes it changes back and then you
see this here this is why we installedthe classic editor because it’s nice and
clean usually if we don’t if you don’tinstall the classic editor this looks
different and it’s very hard to use so Ihave an article here guys that I’m going
to use this is a premade article I’mgoing to copy this into the sit into the
website here and paste it here okay nowif I actually go I’m save draft again
and I preview this you’ll see why Iactually went ahead and do an article
before I do anything else because nowit’s more filled out and we can start to
edit more and it just looks like alreadyguys this looks extremely good it just
looks nice and clean now when you’reranking websites not going to touch too
much on on search engine optimizationwhen you’re ranking you want to have
stuff like keywords in here and stufflike that so you’d want to put your
keyword in here so this is obviously apre-made website but I could put
something like let’s get started withthis rank one agency review and I’ve put
the keyword in the article now you wantto do that a couple of times depending
on how many words and the article but wehave rank one agency review rank one
agency review here and then rank oneagency review now what a lot of people
do guys as I say as they say allwebsites are hard to rank and stuff like
that but when you’re going out so thisis for the launch jacking method once
again there’ll be a video blog for knowmore about that what we’re doing is
we’re going out and we’re ranking theseaffiliate marketing websites for
keywords that have no competition theirnew keywords people have never searched
these before but when these productslaunch then people
to search them that’s why this looksreally different to what you’d usually
see because no one is trying to rank forthis so we can go and rank for this and
make money when there’s product launchesyou’ll see that there’s Facebook in
there and YouTube that’s a goodindication that we’ll probably be able
to go and rank for this particularkeyword in fact I might even try and get
something on here for this video butwe’ll see it depends sometimes it takes
a few days to show up but that’s whatwe’re trying to do go and rank for this
particular keyword that are easy thatare not hard keywords because they don’t
even exist in Google when you’re whenyou’re doing these articles they only
exist once the launch comes and peopleare actually searching these things so
you want to go and edit your articleguys for search engine optimization and
make it optimized for this particularkeyword or whatever article you’re for
whatever product you’re trying to getCommission’s for so it could be things
like and get response free viewclickfunnels review how to make a
website there’s another one becauseyou’re trying to get people to sign up
to hosting under you there’s all sortsof different affiliate marketing things
you can do so go and research what youwould like to do now the next step guys
is we’re now going to use let’s just getrid of that real quick the next step is
we’re going to actually edit this okayso rank one agency review is this
program right for you you can actuallyrhymes you can actually leave that if
you like I’m just going to edit it againand put in rank one agency review read
this article be for you by so I’ve putin rank one agency review and what this
plug-in does guys rank math SEO is we’reediting this text here so the title and
the description so we’re editing whatshows up in Google okay and then down
here is the description so you canactually leave this if you like and
Google will just randomly take sectionsout of the of the particular article but
I’m gonna actually edits it real quickhang on edit this alright guys so put it
a little bit of a description here youcan probably put a more than once again
I’ve got rankone agency review and they’re okay and
then I always like to after I do an editguys I like to just click save drops
it’s not live yet but we’ve saved thedraft so we can just keep editing
without losing any information if we goback down guys and click on rich snippet
I’m going to show you how to get theselittle stars here so on the rich snippet
guides you want to go to rich snippettype go to review and then you can put
in a star here so if four stars and thenwhat what will happen is once your
articles live you’ll have this littlerank these little stars so you can do
four stars five stars with five starsor whatever you like with that and then
once again go and click Save draft soeverything is saved now another great
thing about this particular theme guysis on the right you can disable the
header disable the title to savor themin a box disable the author box disable
the footer so if I go and preview thisright now you’ll see that we have a
author box and some related posts I candisable those by going disabled related
post disabled author box and save draftand then I can preview that again and
those should be gone now and they haveso that’s how you go and edit that get
rid of those and you can get rid of thetitle if you want and stuff like that
now another thing guys is that this isuncharacterized that is the category so
you can add categories by going tocategories on the left or you can
actually add one in the post here so I’mgoing to add go to add category I’m just
going to put reviews and we’re gonnacategorize this article under reviews
because that’s what it is so now it’sreviews is ticked if I go save draft and
I go to preview again you’ll see thatnow it says reviews all right super easy
guys to do this stuff we’ve literallyjust got a nice website going right here
really easy just done just like that itwould be up to you to go on you know
optimize your article and stuff I use Iwriter guys to get articles for stuff
like this now if you want to put imagesinside your article as well guys it’s
really easy just click where you want toput the actual image and click add media
and then you’ll be able to go selectimages and upload an image to your
article that’s really easy to do that’show you do that now once you have this
all done guys all you need to do is justdouble check everything cuz all working
when you do the search engineoptimization stuff you’re gonna have a
lot of this stuff that’s in the red andit’s going to say that things are
incorrect but don’t worry about that toomuch as long as you have your keywords
in there you have your titles done andyou have kind of like semi optimized
this stuff usually it really justdepends on the keyword that you’re
trying to rank for I try not to get thiscompletely correct if you wanted to
change this and get some stuff to showup all you would do is just go and get
your keyword that you want to rank whichis this one here go and put it into here
as a focus keyword and you’ll see thatas changed a little bit so your focus
keyword is in the title your focuskeyword is inside the mid a description
it’s in the URL your word count is 800which is good and these it just gives
you a general idea of how optimized yourpages now once this is all done guys
just go to publish and your page willnow be live so whenever someone goes to
this URL it’ll be live so if we go topreview here we just bring this down a
little bit and we get rid of the previewand we go out that your website will be
live that’s now a live link and you canshare this with anyone or whatever and
Google will go and rank it but how do wemake this tidier how do we change the
menu here how do we put some stuff onthe sidebar so now let’s go and explain
to you how to do the sidebar and how toactually add things to the sidebar like
images and all that sort of stuff andthen we’ll do the menu actually so guys
before we do that I did miss one thinghow do you actually put an affiliate
link inside this article so at the endof this video I’ll show you how to put
buttons and but right now I’ll show youjust how to put an affiliate link in and
so you can know how to do it and stufflike that so I’m gonna go to plugins
guys actually so I’m going to go topretty link and I’m going to open up
pretty links and this what this does isyou can take a link and you can shorten
it so if I get my affiliate link herethis is not an affiliate link to the
other program we were talking about butthis is a
affiliate link so right here if I takethis link and I go to pretty link and I
go add pretty link you’ll see that wecan actually add a link in here
so paste and then go to create whatpretty link does is it’s a link
shortener and it gives you a nice cleanlink here so I’m gonna copy that link
I’m gonna go back to posts guys and I’mgoing to go and edit this post and I’ll
show you how to do a link so let’s forexample say that we want people to check
out our link we can go do you want toknow more about rank agency click here
on the click here section you canhighlight it and you can go to this
little link up here and you can paste inthat pretty link okay so pretty link is
just a short enough but it makes thelink cleaner and Google doesn’t like
affiliate links on the page so it’salways a good idea to use some sort of
link shortener and then go to applypretty link is free to use so your
merger I’ll just use it and then I’mgoing to go update now if we preview
this page you’ll see that people canclick through via click through to the
affiliate link and I would get acommission if someone went and got get
response under me now I’m going to showyou how to do some more advanced stuff
like buttons and that later on in thistraining so stay tuned for that so now
we want to go to appearance and widgetsokay now in the widgets section I’m
going to show you how to edit thesidebar so on the right we’ll have we
should have some standard sidebar stuffwe don’t what you might want to do is
just drag in a random one so drag thatinto the sidebar and click Save
should be saved now I think and refreshyep so that’s taken away the standard
ones so now we can work with we can kindof work with things so let’s start from
scratch now because we’ve got rid ofthat so what this is guys is this
sidebar you can drag things in and youand you can pretty much just drag
whatever you wantin and they will showup on the sidebar so we can drag and
recent post so if we put recent posts inthere and that’s saved and we do a
refreshwe now have recent recent posts which I
actuallyleave that there because what that X at
X is a place where people can click andit’s good for Google it shows that
people interested in your website and itcreates what we call engagement so make
sure you definitely add recent recentpost I don’t know about categories
that’s really up to you but what I woulddo guys is add the one where I am said
image widget this theme actually alreadycomes with an image image one but this
one’s a little bit bitter so drag animage widget and you can actually add an
image now for now you might want to dothis with things like benna’s maybe your
face and stuff like that so let’s gonnaadd one real quick I don’t know if this
image is gonna look very good but I’mgonna add it anyway now I’m gonna go
insert two widget and you can put a linkif you like so I’ll link down here so
you could put your affiliate link andall that sort of stuff I’m going to
click Save I’m gonna refresh this pageand you’ll see that now I’ve added this
but how do we get rid of this ugly titlethat’s simple we just go here we take
that out go to save and so now we’veadded an image right so look out look at
the sites coming together really reallynicely we’ve got an image let me just
get rid of categories real quick cuz Idon’t really want that in there I don’t
like the look of the categories onewe’ll just drag that out recent let’s
just see what else we need here recentposts you can add a video you can add
search you can add a custom HTMLmalicious go and view now and look at
that we now have an image and if youwant you can have a link here so it
could be a banner of a link of yourimage of yourself if you like and we now
have recent posts so people can gothrough and click through to other posts
that we have and can go back to ouroriginal post and then here’s our
affiliate link right here so as you cansee the website is starting to come
together really nicely but what do we doabout this section up here let me show
you how to edit this before we do thatlet’s just go to widgets one more time
so widgets is right here guys and whatyou want to do with widgets as you can
it at the side you can drag things intothe sidebar and also the footer as well
so you can go down and you can put stuffin the footer section if you like so now
what we want to do guys is actually goto menus
menus down here on the left underwidgets and we can start to edit our
menu add things to our menu if we likebut well we want to do first guys is we
need to create a menu so I’m going to gocreate menu and I’m just going to name
this main menu and create menu and thenI’m going to call this the primary menu
and click Saveand I think this theme actually comes
standard with some sort of function uphere that you can’t delete but we’ll get
into that and inside this menu guys youcan add a post if you like you can add
custom links custom links is probablythe best one to do because let me kind
of show you what I meanso this rank review here let’s copy this
okay go back to menu and post it intohere then I can put whatever I want in
here so I’ll put rank 1 review or youcan put reviews and would it be like I’m
gonna add that to the menu then what I’malso going to do guys is go to
categories and add my reviews categoryadd to the menu and I’m going to click
Save menu and we’ll see what comes uphere Oh yep so there we go we just
changed the main menu so we have rank 1review and we have reviews so I’m going
to click on reviews and there we go andI’m going to click on rank 1 review so
the most important thing here guys isjust under I would use custom links
because then you can put in whatever youlink you want and whatever text you want
and then if you want to go add somecategories you can have some categories
listed here to add as well and you canchange it around if you like
up-and-down or whatever or whatever youwant to do so now this will be different
so there we go so that guys is how youactually create that so let’s say you
put the article in you put the sidebarbut how do we kind of just do an
overview of the site and change likelogos and stuff well if I think if we go
to customize down here so that’s how youcreate menus really simple to do if we
go to customize we should be able to addlogos and things like that
alright but every theme is different okso on this page guys we can do site
identity you can do a site title andGloam but don’t worry about that you
don’t need to do that you can alsoselect a logo which would replace this
review section here now I could changethe site title to Frank’s reviews and
that would change to Frank’s reviews orI could put a logo in here by uploading
a logo I don’t have a logo right now butyou can do that and then go back and
there’s a few other things you can editbut I wouldn’t really edit on this page
guys because we’ve already showed youhow to do it the stuff you don’t really
need to do or anything because we’vepretty much already done it on the other
stuff now one thing I do want to showyou guys is the home page so if we go to
Frank’s reviews calm the home page hasgot all of the Bloods it has got the
blogs right so that’s pretty cool whenpeople go to Frank’s reviews calm it
shows the blog articles but what if youwant a custom page well that’s simple
what you want to do is go to our firstof all creator page so you can create a
custom page like a landing page with thelanding page builder or you can create
your own custom home page I’m a goodlanding page builder guys is this one
here called thrive architect and you cancreate custom pages on WordPress now
this is not really for blogs right it’sto create stuff like this see this page
right here this is the home page of oneof my websites I created this with a
program called thrive architect now thisdoes cost money but this is good for
creating custom landing pages on yourwebsite so for like for example home
pages so I created this home page herewith thrive architect all you’ve got to
do I’m not going to share that duringthis video because it’s kind of another
tutorial but all you’ve got to do is goto pages add new page and then they’ll
be install something like thrivearchitect and I’ll give you instructions
on how to use itthen once you’ve created your page all
you’ve got to do is go to settings andthen reading and then once you’re on the
reading section for your home pagedisplay settings if you keep it on your
latest post then it’s going to look likethis and that’s fine pretty much in
90% of cases if you’re doing anaffiliate marketing website just keep it
simpleand have the blog I have the articles on
the front page and they’ll automaticallyget added when you add a new article but
if you want like a nice page like thiswe clicked emails and stuff use a
landing page builder and create a pageand then go to this section and click a
static page and go to a home page andyou’ll be and you’ll be able to choose
specific pages that you want to that youwant to have on the home page and for
example just for the testing of thisvideo we’ll go to a post page and
actually we don’t have a sample pagelet’s just change it to this and see
what happens okay Save Changes home pagebecause you don’t actually have a proper
page made but if we refresh that it’snow changed to the sample page so what
we did is if we go into pages real quickwhat we did is we made the sample page
the front page now okay so if you wantto make your home page your main page of
your website whatever you want just goand create a page so you could Scott to
add new and you just create a page andyou simply add it to the home page by
going to reading down here a static pageand select which page you want as a home
page now when you have thrive architectinstalled you have a little option here
that says in it with thrive architectand you’ll be able to edit this page
will thrive architect and then you’ll beable to add some of the templates that
they have and they’ve got templates likethis so guys now you should be able to
go out there and create a nice beautifullooking affiliate marketing or website
like this depending on what you want togo and rank and what your planners or
you do is rinse and repeat the processand put articles on your affiliate
marketing blog now you might be askingwhy haven’t we talked about these
particular plugins from the beginningthrive leads and wordfence
so we’re going to talk about thriveleads right now our wordfence
is a security plug-in so it’s up to youif you want to get wordfence they have a
free version if you just put word fenceinto the plugins section you’ll be able
to find that but what does thrive leadsand what does it do now this is optional
and it is paid but what thrive leadsdoes is that lets you create buttons
this but this is one of my affiliatemarketing websites you can see that my
affiliate marketing websites are veryplain there’s not much to them that’s
because we want everyone to be focusedon the links and the buttons so what
thrive leads does is it lets you createthese buttons and this is the page here
now not only that it actually lets youcollect emails as well from your website
so thrive leads is paid I think it’slike 60 bucks or something I’ll leave a
discount below but you can go and watchthe video and what it does is at least
you collect emails from your blog andalso create buttons that you can insert
into your articles now the reason you’llwant to collect emails from your blog
guys is so you can build an email listso you can have pop-ups so you can have
banners at the top you can have formsthat pop up on the bottom there you can
have email things on your widget sidebarand they will show you how to do that
you can have full screen overlays youcan have content lock things you have a
scroll map that comes down you can haveall sorts of email marketing forms so
you can collect emails this literally isthe best one out there and not only that
you can go and create these buttons soyou can so when people click here guys
it takes them to the page where they canpurchase and you’ll get an affiliate
Commission it’s just another way to getyour affiliate link so all you would do
would be to buy thrive leads installthrive leads and then go and edit your
article and insert the thrive leadsbutton into your article once you’ve
created it and they will show you how todo that it’s called a shortcode and all
you do is paste the shortcode into yourarticle and then you’ll have a button
there that you can use so that guys ishow you can go and create a beautiful
looking article like this to go and getaffiliate Commission’s on a line if you
want to learn more about affiliatemarketing and how to start your own
affiliate marketing business I have sometraining that you can check out right
now and we’ll show you step-by-step frompicking the right offers starting your
website and getting affiliatecommissions I’ll leave a link on this
page and I’ll also leave some freevideos up guys on the right that you can
watch click on the top one that’s avideo the bottom one will be a playlist
don’t forget to subscribetap the notification bar so you know my
next video comes out and I’ll see you onthe next


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