Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | In-depth Tutorial 2020

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video
I will show you how you can start to makemoney with Affiliate Marketing in 2020. I want to convince you in this video that
you can do this and I will show you how youcan start today. So, if you stay until the end of this video,
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I upload a new video. I try to upload 2 videos per week. Having said that, let me show you what we
will cover in this tutorial. By the end of this tutorial you will knowBy the end of this webinar you will:
Know what Affiliate Marketing is and how youcan implement it. You will know how to find a product or service
that you can promote. You will know how you can promote it so you
can start to make money with it, even whileyou are sleeping. And I will show you how to expand your passive
income by creating multiple income streams. So, I will explain to you know what Affiliate
Marketing is. How I started with affiliate marketing and
how you cans start with affiliate marketing. Are you ready?I hope so. Let’s get started. What is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s
product or service in exchange for a commission. Let me say it again: Affiliate Marketing is
promoting someone else’s product or servicein exchange for a commission. You are affiliated (an other word is connected,
or attached) with someone else product andwhen people buy it through your unique affiliate
link, you get a part of the amount the buyerpaid . What??Let me illustrate it to you. imagine there is a course maker that makes
a beautiful beautiful WordPress course, wherepeople can learn from scratch how to make
a beautiful website with WordPress. The course costs $100. And when people buy the course they pay $100. At the same time they get the login details
to that course. So there is an exchange. The visitor gets access to the course for
$100. So the course maker is happy because he just
earned $100. And the visitor – or the buyer – is happy
because he got access to an amazing WordPresscourse. But since the WordPress course is digital
everything is profit. You don’t have to pack something or send
it to an address. No, it’s all digital. So you can duplicate it unlimited times. So if he earns $100 per client he gets profit,
but when he gets $60 per client, his profitis $60 profit. So what will he do. He will get affiliates to promote his course
for him in exchange for a commission. So let me show you: So when somebody buys
his WordPress course through an affiliatelink, the visitor still pays $100, but instead
of $100 going directly to the course owner,$40 goes to the affiliate, $60 goes to the
course owner and the course goes to the visitor. So the course owner makes less profit – $60
instead of 100 – and the great thing is: Nowhe has a whole sales team that will promote
the course for him. So more sales will come in, he will share
the commission and the visitors still getshis course. So what would you rather have: Selling your
own made course by yourself and getting onesale of $100 per day, or having a whole team
promote your course and getting 5 sales perday and getting $ 60. – per sale. If you promote your course by yourself and
you get one sale of $100, but if you get 5sales through affiliates per day, you earn
$60 per sales, which is $300 per day. So now the course maker gets $60. The affiliate gets $40 and the buyer gets
his course. So it’s a win, win, win situation. Everybody is happy. And the great thing is that when you promote
someone else product you are not a Helpdesk,you have no obligations, in a lot of cases
you don’t even know who the buyer is. So after you make your sale you get a commission
and your job is done. So this is an amazing way to earn money through
the internet. Everyday people on the internet to learn things
and to buy things. So your job is to become the mediator, the
affiliate between the buyer and the product,so you can get your commission. So, how does it work?You can go to any product or service online
and find out if they have an affiliate program. When they have one, you can apply to become
an affiliate. When your affiliate account is activated,
you get a unique link. Why?Because in that way the company knows where
the visitors come from. So if someone clicks on your unique affiliate
link, and then buy the product or serviceyou promote, the company of that product knows
that the sale comes from you and that thecommission should go to you. So it is all on autopilot. So, let’s make it practical. How do you start with Affiliate Marketing?You offer value around the product or service
that you promote. What do I mean?I will illustrate it through an example. If I search on the internet for the best WordPress
themes 2020. And I skip all the ads and I go over here. What do I see?The most popular theme is the Divi Theme. So I can click overhear. And what I can do know. I can take a look at this. I can try this out. The best theme. Play around with it. Learn how to work with it. And then I can scroll down. All the way. And let me see. If there is something about affiliates. So I click on affiliates. I can become and affiliate. And what it says: You get 50% off the sale. So I can click on pricing. And look at this. Lifetime access for $249 or yearly access
for $89. That means that when somebody would buy this
through my affiliate link I would get $44. 50. And the great thing with the Divi Theme that
every year it is recurring. So when they buy it for a second you again
will get $44. 50. And if people pay it for one time you get
$ 124. 50. So what you need to do know. You need to createvalue around this product. Howcanyou do that?Well
inmy case


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