Affiliate SEO Guide ($0 to $50,000 Per Month Generated in One Year)

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What’s up SEO Pros? Today I show you EXACTLY how I ranked a clients affiliate SEO website from 0 organic traffic a month to thousands of clicks a day and $50,000 per month in revenue generated!

1:17 How To Use Ahrefs to Find Keywords.
3:19 Using [All Keyword Ideas] in Ahrefs to Niche Down.
4:03 Silo Content Approach to Keyword Research.
5:50 Use the Replicate & Improve Strategy To Rank Your Affiliate Site.
8:55 Common Mistakes When Ranking your Website and How to Fix Them.
11:00 Using The SEO Audit Template to Target Keywords and Create Content Gameplans.
14:56 Top Page Analysis With Screaming Frog Software.
17:15 Conducting Site Audit For Your Clients. Win/Win.
18:16 Step By Step SEO Site Audit Template Tutorial.
21:35 Internal Link Building and Canonical Tags

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