Amazon and Shopify KEY SECRETS for BUILDING An EFFECTIVE Client List

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Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things in your ecommerce business, and I cannot stress this enough, this is probably one of the biggest assets that you have in your business, and that is your list.

Yes, your own list of emails of your customers.

And here’s what you’ll learn today:

Why email list trumps social media and is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE
The Pitfalls of sole dependence on Facebook or Social media; It’s not going to be pretty if you fall in one of these pits!
The IMPORTANCE of having a list; Guys, the advantages are NUMEROUS!
Like to be in CHARGE? Then give yourself complete CONTROL and use your website to build a list for yourself.
If your prefer the easy way. Learn about AUTOMATED services ready to do the work for you.
How you can use Facebook to build your list.
Learn about other platforms your can use to build your list
A SECRET Facebook HACK that’ll make it difficult for your visitors to forget you.

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