Author Marketing Tip: Email Newsletters Sell Books

Your author newsletter list is the single most important piece of marketing you will develop for your book sales (and your business). Social media isn’t a highly effective way to sell your books, but your email newsletter is a powerful selling tool. Listen as Author and Book Launchers founder Julie Broad explains why having a newsletter is the most important author marketing tool you can create.

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Video transcript:
– I know you’ve been looking for the magic bullet, that one thing you need to do to sell more books and even build a business around your book.
This is it!
This is the tip!
It’s not social media, it’s not Facebook Messenger bots, or some AI robot selling your book in malls, although that’s a pretty cool idea, isn’t it?

Today, I wanna share the single most powerful marketing tool for your book and beyond.
That single most important piece of marketing for your book, for your business, I’m talking about an email list.

Regular email contact with your readers keeps you top of mind.
When someone who runs an association needs a speaker, a book club needs a new book to read, media needs someone to interview, or someone asks for a referral to someone who does what you do, you’ll be much more likely to be the first name they say if you’ve had regular contact with them via email.

Emails may be ignored, but they won’t be missed like a 24-hour story that disappears, or a post that drops down in a feed, never to be seen again.

Or worse, something that Facebook or some other social media site decides nobody needs to see, so they just don’t show it to anybody.

When I launched my books, it was my email readers who were the first people to buy my books, write reviews, and tell others. Both times, my email readers got my book into the Top 100 overall on Amazon. That’s pretty powerful.

So start building your email newsletter list today if you aren’t already connecting with readers in an email newsletter.

First, of course, I recommend you go to and grab our bi-weekly launch letter.

Every other Monday I send out some tips to help you as an author.

And you will also get some valuable insights into what makes for a fairly successful email newsletter.

And if you wanna see what I do as an author, and see a newsletter that regularly gets 30 to 40 percent open rates, extremely high in the industry, go to and get my monthly
Broad Thoughts newsletter.

Both are examples of content driven newsletters that are designed to create a connection
and build a relationship with the readers, which is what you wanna do as an author looking to sell your books.

So how do you start?
Number one, decide how often you’ll send a newsletter.
Pick a frequency you can maintain.
Be warned though, if you choose a low frequency, bi-monthly, or quarterly, you run the risk of people forgetting they signed up, which then leads to unsubscribes or worse, span flagging.
Who is that email from?

I don’t remember that person.
If you’re going to send infrequently, I recommend you set up something that’s called, an auto responder that will send three to five emails over the next few weeks so they can get to know you, so they’ll remember signing up for your newsletter and know who you are.

Number two, choose a newsletter service.
Focus on a company that has great deliverability, integrates easily with your website, and most importantly, is one that you’ll use.

In other words, you like the interface and feel comfortable there.
Don’t worry about making this newsletter look super pretty.
Plain emails actually perform really well.
A lot of people like MailChimp.
I used to use AWeber and loved them,they had high deliverability,which means more people actually got the emails versus them going into spam or just floating somewhere in cyberspace.
Services like ConvertKit are getting a lot of love these days because they’re a company that’s designed their email system for creatives.

I’m not an affiliate but I hear amazing things about their service.
So it you’re committed to your author business, they could be perfect for you.



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