Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.
Is it possible to lose a lot of money becauseyou pick the wrong affiliate Network. Well,
the answer isby the end of this video. You’re going to
learn a lot of things you’re going to no morethan 98% of the people out there. You got
to learn why a lot of affiliates lost a lotof money. Just by picking the wrong affiliate
network. If you’re not aware yet Amazon associateor Amazon affiliate network has slashed their
commission almostless than half. And this is taking effect.
Of course on the 21st of this month. Now thatdoesn’t come as a surprise to me at all because
if you take a look at the video that I havedone about three months ago. I did talk about
Amazon as Associate I did not recommend it. I never used it and I never coached anybody
to use affiliate marketing by Amazon and thereis a reason for that and what I’m going to
do is I’m going to show you why I never didpromote Amazon Associates while almost 98%
of all the Affiliates out there they do evenrecommended or they even promoted themselves.
Well a lot of them lost. A lot of money andI’m going to show you how to avoid that. A
lot of people lost almost their livelihoodbecause they’ve been doing this for years
and years and all the sudden they just gotcut off completely. So in this video, I’m
going to go ahead and show you the five rulesthat I use before. I choose any affiliate
marketing Network. And if you do the sameyou’ll be ahead of 98% of the affiliate and
addition to That what I’m going to do is I’mgoing to also show you on my screen the blueprint
that you should follow before you even tryto promote any affiliate product period an
addition to that I’m going to go ahead andgive you the blueprint so you can also download
it rule number one is pay out what you lookat the payout you can determine exactly what’s
going on. If there is a red flag or thereis no red flag. The payout in Amazon affiliate.
Anywhere between three percent up to 10% onselective items. This is to me is number one
flag. The reason for that low payout commissionlower than the national average. So this is
a flag. rule number two is the price of theproduct. Well, if you are getting paid 3%
4% in so well, you want to take a look andsee what is it that they really that is worthwhile
rule number three, which is products. Whatare the are they selling
something worthwhile? Are they selling somethingthat is pricey expensive because remember
you are getting a portion of the sail thatyou are making or whatever is in a cart most
of their prices not that high. They’re onlyhigh on particular items that I have mentioned
in my video, which is electronics includingcameras lenses TVs. So here’s the problem
in order for you to actually make good moneybecause some of the stuff is kind of expensive.
It goes between a thousand sometimes it’s alittle bit more than a thousand two thousand,
but you have to have the expertise in that. In other words. You have to have an expertise
in electronics or cameras or whatever youare selling but these are the highest paying
items. I understand that there is jewelryout there and it’s a little bit expensive.
But what are you going to talk about jewelry?It looks nice. I don’t think so rule number
four, which is a cookie. I’m not talking aboutNot that type of cookie. I’m talking about
the HTTP cookie, which is a set of data thatis downloaded on anybody that actually click
on your link your affiliate link. So it goesin and it does have a timer another word.
If a person does buy the product in a certaintime period you will get that commission you
get that credit. The national average is abouta month is a minimum and I’ve seen it of course
for three months or 90 days or a little bit. It depends on the company that you are promoting.
But when you look at Amazon, they have itas only 24 hours that tells me a lot. This
is another flag. So if you have if you dida lot of work and you have many put in videos
blogs and so forth and what happens is thatyou go back and somebody click on your link
and after 24 hours and 2 minutes and maybethey bought something for $2,000. How much
do did You get? big zero. rule number fivethat I actually always take a look at the
company. You can also Google them and seewhat is their culture. Like what is their
loyalty? Maybe they have something negative. Maybe it’s not a good idea for you to do that.
Not when I did that. I found that the Loyaltyas far as Amazon and I’m not just talking
about Amazon affiliate Network. I’m talkingabout any company, but what do you see something
that Value of the company really lean towardsonly them not you because remember as an affiliate
you have put in the work the effort you’remaking blogs. Maybe you also making videos
and you spend a lot of time and effort andat the end, you’re not getting paid unless
you sell something now. I want to give youa really good advice. You really have to re-evaluate
who you are actually following online andI’m talking about affiliate marketing. Leaders
who are probably on YouTube and they are offeringor they’re going Amazon is a good platform
to promote and it’s Amazon Associates andI made money with it and they are recommending
that obviously they’re not really very Savvywhen it comes to business because they’re
not re-evaluating or evaluate and the actualbusiness. So you probably want to re-evaluate
the people that you are following on YouTube. And the reason for that is very simple when
someone messes with your livelihood, theydon’t get another chance in my book. Look
at them. What did they stand for? Do theystand for nothing and fall for anything again?
This is your livelihood. You’re trying tostart a business. Maybe you are a beginner
or maybe you’re not a beginner, but you’retrying to get the right information. But when
somebody has given you the wrong information tome, it’s a real big problem. Mark Daniels
here. And as I promised I’m going to go aheadand just show you the blueprint of best affiliate
marketing programs for beginners. So we’re going to go ahead and get started
by what is a Marketplace because I’m goingto go ahead and take you into to Journey.
So the more information you have the betteryou’ll be off of that making any mistakes
that is going to cost you time money and effort. Marketplace is very much what it means says
Marketplace. There’s a lot of companies. Outthere that they like to have some Affiliates
promote their product. So they go to a Marketplace. Basically, they want the marketplace to find
advertisers for their products. This is itso Marketplace. I’m going to go ahead and
give you a broad idea. There’s three maintypes of marketplace one are public which is
I’m going to go ahead and give you some examples. One of them is called the Amazon as you know,
and I have talked about it. It is something I never recommended before
it should not be a surprise that it is inred other one is ShareASale. It is a good
Marketplace. However, they need approval andthere are multiple approvals. Let’s go ahead
and just go to their website. So you’ll knowwhat I’m talking about. This is on the inside
as I promised. I’m going to show you in theinside how it looks like so there’s a whole
lot of stuff in here. It’s a good market place. However, if you are a new or a Skinner top
of affiliate is kind of be kind of challengingto get started with it. I’m going to go ahead
later on and tell you what is the best oneto get started with but right now you have
to get approval from share a sale itself thenetwork and then when you want to promote
a product, for example this product you haveto get approval as well. So it’s not just
okay doing shareasale and I joined their Network. So I’m approved for all these. Products this
is not true. And that’s why I don’t recommendit for somebody who is starting out maybe
a little bit later on. That would be the bestthing for you or you can add it to your portfolio
of products that you are promoting, whichis good by the way. It’s a good platform.
Another one I want to talk about is CJ usedto be called Commission Junction also needs
approval. It’s also multiple approvals. I just want to give you a heads up. I’m not
going to put a whole lot of those in here. I’m talking about the marketplaces. I just
want to give you an idea of how they look likeon the inside. What are the pluses and minuses
about them? So you’ll have more knowledgeabout what you are doing when I’m going to
go ahead and show you on the inside aboutCJ. It’s very much the same as shareasale. com.
So if you want to for example provide or ifyou want to promote this product if you want
to promote this product, you have to clickon join apply for it. And then they will
give you a response within maybe a day orso to let you know if you are approved or
not. So there are some filtering process thatyou have to go through in order for you to
do that. I’m not saying this is bad what I’msaying? This is not the ultimate thing for
someone who is getting started as brand-newaffiliate as a beginner because you’re going
to run into a lot of frustration and it’sreally not worth to do that. Okay. The third
one I want to talk about is ClickBank andyou really don’t need approval. There’s
something that is called a white place andit’s optional on a person who is or the
entity or whoever selling the product insidea collect Bank. They probably ask you to
be whitelisted, but it’s nothing big deal. There’s not a whole lot of questions at all.
So this is ClickBank right here. I’m not goinginto the inside at this point. I’m just want
to give you an idea about them. It’s a verygood platform. The reason I like it is because
it’s not hard because when you get in startedyou are want to stay away from being disappointed.
If you go for example for shareasale. com andyou get rejected or you get frustrated by
that more than likely you gonna give up andyou’re not going to do it and ClickBank you
can just get started very quickly. And atthe same time you can become an affiliate
or later on, you can sell your own producton the I don’t recommend you as a beginner
to do that at this point is the best way todo it is become an affiliate sell. Someone
else’s product. You don’t have to worry aboutcreating the product. All you have to do is
promote the product and that’s it. Okay. Theother one is direct what a direct means, for
example, let’s say there’s a company calledaweber which is an email autoresponder. And
as far as approval, it’s a very easy for youto get approved. So direct is Going directly
to the company that sells the product andmany of them. They do have their own affiliate
marketing in-house. So that’s going directwithout going to a network. The third one
is private. The private is very difficultto get approved. It’s very hard. It’s usually
only By Invitation right now. It’s not thetime for private Networks. Obviously if you
are getting started this is not the time fora but the reason Mention that is because it
is available By Invitation. There is somethingcalled private Networks. You don’t see him
that much because they just don’t advertise. So what I’ll make a note here that this is
not a comprehensive list of all public networks. I’m talking about Marketplace affiliate public
networks. I just put these as examples onlybecause there is a quite a few of them, but
I wanted to give you more information so you’llbe able to see See it from the inside for
example articulate inside ShareASale and CJ. So you’ll know how things work. So you don’t
sit there and try to promote something andyou end up being disappointed because I did
see a whole lot of people on YouTube. I don’tknow why they do that, but they encourage
everybody in they got the best top five affiliateNetwork to join or the top two and three whatever
but if you’re brand-new, this is somethingdifferent if you’re brand new, it’s very difficult.
Or it’s not difficult. It’s not impossible. It’s difficult because you might get disappointed
and if you get disappointed in my just putan end to whatever you’re trying to accomplish.
So the best way to do it is dude with somethinglike ClickBank and then move from that point.
So if you want to download this, I’m goingto go ahead and make this blueprint available
for you. So you’ll be able to download itin case you have any questions. Let me know.
I really hope that you enjoyed this videoand it was a lot of information and I know
that but at the same time it was very importantand vital for your success. So if you like
it, please subscribe drop alike and makesure to hit that notification Bell. So you’ll
be the first to know and make sure to followthe right people. I’m not talking about myself
just follow the right people who are givingyou the right advice and I’ll see you at the


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