Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation

everyone Rachel s Lee here and in this
video I’m going to share with you what Ithink is one of the best email marketing
campaigns and what you learn from thisvideo you can copy exactly
or you can adapt it and adjust it towhatever your offer is you could take
bits and pieces of it and there’s somuch you could do so I’m going to screen
share right now and take you in the backend of one of my favorite email
marketing campaigns so I use clickfunnels to capture leads that’s to
collect the email and then I like to useconvertkit to do the email marketing so
and also with click funnels you can doemail marketing and click funnels and
with convertkit you can have landingpages and collect leads with convertkit
but I like to use them interchangeablyhere together and I’ll show you why so
here’s a funnel that I have I’m gonnamake this smaller here’s a funnel that I
have I just call it the done-for-youaffiliate funnel because it’s a funnel
that’s just done for you you just take aduplicated link I just send this exact
funnel template to other people so theycan use it I got it done for me and then
I adjusted some things over time so whenyou import this new funnel with the
share link and I’ll put that in adescription below
you’re going to get the opt-in page andthe thank-you page so we can edit the
opt-in page if we want well we do haveto configure something so click Edit for
the opt-in page it’s really easy youwould change up the text to match
whatever you’re giving away if it’s afree training or whatever it is but or
you could just keep it exactly how itsays and what we’re gonna do keep email
here keep submits the pageyou’ll want to just edit your and I’m
domain down here and just change acouple’s put your name in there
we’re gonna go to settings integrationsand we want to make sure it’s integrated
to the right autoresponder and thatautoresponder that email sequence that
is what is in convertkit so before wemove any further on this I’m going to
take you into convertkit and show youhow I have that set up so here’s one of
my convertkit accounts that I use forsome of this affiliate stuff and what
you’ll do is you’ll make a form go toforms
we’re on forms form is like a list andyou would create a formand they have the landing page option
but I like just to do the forum and Ialways just choose this one where we get
their name and emailand then I change the title of my form
to match the name of my funnel this wascalled the done-for-you
affiliate funnel but you can title itwhatever you want I also like to go in
the settingsandturn off the double option right here to
confirm new subscribers we just wantthem in save the formand the firm’s good to go like we would
have changed the name but I already haveform I’ll show you which one I’m using
for thislet’s just go to forms right herethis one ishere so you can match up the name of
this to the name of thatand that is what is connected in here so
I could remove the integration connectit let’s do my convertkit
subscribe to the forum add it to thelist and it isthis listand then I would save if you just made a
new farm you’re gonna click the Refreshlist from API that way every time
someone enters their name or their emailor name me an email at least their email
and click Submit it’s gonna capture itin click files but it’s also gonna put
it in this convertkit list and it’llbuild your subscribers here and then
you connectform to a sequence and I have a matching
sequence too so now they’re going to gothrough my sequence so that is here you
can build out your sequenceand mine is right here so let’s go out
of this page and I’m gonna show you guysthe Thank You page of this I think
building the funnel part is super easywhat you just change out the words
connect your form the hard part iswriting the email sequence for me at
least is like what should my emailsequence be that’s why I really like
this done for you funnel because this isalready here and the free training is
what’s included on the Thank You page soyou can just duplicate the whole thing
and I’ll click Edit page so you can seeeverything that they get in this in the
freebie is the whole training on how toduplicate the system
and you learn a lot along the way sowhat’s cool is this comes with the
emails you need for the sequenceokay so we don’t have to change anything
you don’t even have to change out thevideos you change out your affiliate
links this is an affiliate marketingfunnel so you can get affiliate
commissions of the traffic that you sendherebut what’s really cool is on step five
is the emails and you can download youcan view the PDF of all the email coffee
so that’s what I did I took the emailsand I went in convertkit just because I
like to use it it’s really easy and Ijust set all these up so I copied and
pasted the pre-written emails and Iadded my name and I made sure they
immediately get the first email set thedelay to zero hours immediately the next
email they’re gonna get one day afterthe next email one day after and these
are all pre-writtenthey were all pre-written up until the
eighth email I did make sure I replacedthe links back to my funnel my links in
my facebook group so you want toconfigure your links but then after day
after the eighth email I realize okay Idon’t I want to keep this going so then
I started writing my own emails andthat’s when you can still pull text from
other places you can pull copy from youroffer but you can write some more
creative emails or add extra value Ishare something about tracking and I
share another training video someoneelse did and as I’m making more training
videos I’ll put them in here I can putthis training video right here as
another email and I can have it sendlike two days later three days later
what’s really cool is the reports hereso these get pretty good opens this one
32 percent open rate for the initialemail that’s cool then that’s just
average you know click rate and thensometimes I’ll get less and less open so
it’s the days go by some aren’t evengetting any clicks some do get clicks
and what that tells me is maybe thisemail I need to spice it up a bit and
add more copy that makes it more uniqueand more related to my brand same with
this one these emails that I wrote allby myself
got some clicks the thing is I need moretraffic so to this funnel though that
I’m showing you teaches you how to sendhot traffic you can send hot traffic
with solo ads but we were talking aboutthe email marketing so it’s really
simple an opt-in page and a thank-youpage there are tons and tons of opt-in
templates in click funnels like it wouldstart with this box one
you can start with a blemish that theyhave in there I’m going to put a link
below to a free 14-day trial ofclickfunnels
so you can try it out and make somedifferent opt-in pages and see which
ones are working better you can create avariation a split test right here so if
I wanted to test different copy I couldis getting me higher opt-in rates and
what is actually gonna be resulting inmore purchases of affiliate offers um
and then the email marketing just makesure you connect the integration to the
proper form and then connect the propersequence to that form just keep on
adding to your sequence over time so ifyou need to watch this video again watch
it again if you have specific questionsplease leave it in the comments below
and I’m sure other people have the samequestions as you so we can all help each
other and you guys can subscribe to mychannel and then you’ll be notified of
when I learned something new becausewhen I learned something new I teach it
to others okay I’ll talk to you all soon


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