Cisco Anyconnect – Overview of Client Profile or XML Profile

This video can help you understand what is the importance of XML profile or client profile. How can it make user experience better.

This can be a really useful video for people working at service desk/IT desk, in security domain, Cisco TAC or any TAC that deals with firewalls or VPNs as a part of their job.

There are some other VPN related videos that you might be interested in. I am putting them all here so that you dont have to look around.

Understand how an IPSEC VPN comes up, what information is shared in each packet. After watching these videos you should have sufficient information to answer any question on the topic.

1. 1st Packet:
2. 2nd packet:
3. 3rd packet:
4. 4th packet:
5. 5th & 6th packet:
Extra one: How cookies are generated :

Then you would like to understand how to troubleshoot the problems:


Command to troubleshoot a VPN problem and how to undertand their output?

What is Aggressive mode and how it is different than Main mode? How does it work?

How to cofigure Cisco Anyconnect? Understand the concepts.

What is client Profile in Cisco Anyconnect and what is its importance?

How to troubleshoot Cisco Anyconnect related Problems?



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