Cleaning company sales call script to seal the deal the first time.

– Very warm welcome to tonight’s Live,and tonight, I’ll be going
through the sales process. How you canbasically figure outif a customer is actually
just after a cheap joband you know they’re probably just gonnacause loads of troubles in any case. The sales script, and what
questions you can ask themto find out what they’re
after, truly after,and what kind of customer
they are, and what to askto find out what kind of
charges they are used to. So, if you don’t know me by now,I’m Ilze Whiteman, The Cleaning Coach,and I’m the creator of the
Cleaning Coach Training Academy. So, what I’m gonna do tonight isliterally take you inside
the cleaning magnet systembecause this is like one of
the lessons I teach in there. Just to give you a rough idea,obviously, how to find out
what your customers are afterso, you know, you don’t
get those customersthat are literally just after priceand then they end up
being problems afterwards,and they don’t appreciate
you or your cleaning. So, firstly, remember
even if you afterwardswatch the replay, please remember
to just say hi down below. Please remember just to let me knowwhere you’re from and say hi. So, I like lots of hearts, so
send love, and some thumbs up. So, I’m gonna take you now
inside my training academy. So, basically, this is
just the magnet course,and what I’ll be actually doing is,you can see all the lessons in there,is taking you through,basically, how to choose the sales processand how to sell yourself
without being salesy,and into this lesson one. So, I’m just gonna run you through,obviously, if you go into it,then you’ll see the details. Obviously, the video and
then you get your worksheet,your download for every lesson. First thing, when they ask you and says,”How much do you charge?”You should, like I say,
you should be aware alreadythat they might be one of thosethat’s literally just price orientated. They’re gonna expect
you to do loads of workand work your bum off,and they’re gonna probably
constantly complain’cause they’re never gonna be happy. What you can say to them is,the first sort of sentence is,”For us, it’s not about
getting as many clients”as we can to a certain standard,”to charge them less of a
price or to charge a lot less,”and we do charge a lot more”than other cleaning
companies normally charge”because our standards are so much higher. “So, our clients tend to be more”quality-focused than quantity focused. “And whatever their response to that isis gonna be your answer,because if they are
literally just after price,they’re gonna go, “Okay, thank
you, nope, no thank you. “Because you’re already saying like,”We’re gonna be more expensive. “And there is nothing wrong
with being more expensivebecause you know what you
deliver cleaning-wise,and you charge accordingly. There’s no point working for peanutsif you clean really, really well. So, then if it’s obviously a customerthat is after price only, you will getthe okay, thank you very much, and bye. If it’s somebody, obviously,that is seriously after a
really good cleaning service,and they will appreciate
you, they will say,well, you can then say to them,”Okay, fair enough, yeah,
yeah, I appreciate that. “I would still like a quote. “Then, it’s a different story. So then you can say to them,”Okay, we don’t give quotes
over the phone, ever. “And we never sort of give a price without”seeing the property first
and meeting you first,”So we can see if we’re a
good fit for each other. “And then, basically, just
ask her if you can meet. “When is a convenient time
for me to come have a look?”Let’s meet each other, have a chat. “And by doing that, you’re
making them feel comfortable,at ease, and that you care about them. Because you’re gonna
take that extra effort. Just do, like I say, you already knowthat customers are a little
bit warmer in that sense. And then what you can then ask her is,why are you looking for a
different cleaning provider?Why have you called me today?Just to find out more about
you before I come and see you. And then it will be,
obviously, they’ll always say,”Well, my cleaners let me down,”or, “I’ve never had a cleaner. “Alarm bells. Because you should know thenif they’ve never had a cleaner,it’s gonna be harder for you,especially if you charge a bit more. If they say, “Well, we’ve
had a cleaning service. “Then you know you can charge
your normal going rates. If they just say cleaner,they’re probably not gonna
be used to your pricesif you charge higher prices
as a cleaning service. But what you could do in
that sort of situation is,I always sort of say you have
to column yoke your customers. So, column A, column B, column C. So, column A will be your,
sort of, very first clients,the ones who you are very
reluctant to put the price up’cause you’re the closest to them. But you should put your prices up. But they’ll be on the lower category,but you can bring your
customers in as a funnel. So, if the customer
says, “Oh, my cleaner,”you know that that’s somebody
that didn’t have insurance,they’re literally just
sort of off the street. So, then you know, you
can still get that jobbut you just have to go
in a little bit lower’cause they’re not used
to high cleaning charges. If they say a cleaning service,then you know, okay, you’re
good to go with your price. You know how to then level your price out. And if they said, “I’ve never
had a cleaner,” good luck. Because you then have a lot of workeducating them how cleaning
works, how pricing works,what to do, what not to
do, and certain things. They are gonna have no idea. Take them on, fair enough. But just remember they won’t be used toyour actual, your high prices,and they probably will go, “What?”Cleaners charge four
pounds an hour, don’t they?”I’ve had that one actually
quite a lot in my business. So, and then, obviously, once
you’re sort of at that stage,you can ask them, okay,so how many hours did that
cleaner or cleaning companyspend at your house?Obviously, they’ll give you an answer,but you’re already, by that answer,they’re gonna give you
sort of a rough idea. If you want, you can ask
them, how much did you pay,if you want. Even if they give you an answer,the likelihood of them
actually telling you the truthis probably zero. Because, they gotta want to,well actually, if they’ve
got any sales experience,they’re gonna say low,because they want the
lowest price possible,because obviously you want to,as much as possible,
be within their budget,and although you’re gonna tell them that,you’re still gonna charge what you charge. But there’s ways around
obviously getting into that,or getting around that. If they’ve had a cleaner
or a cleaning serviceor they’ve just had no
cleaner ever before,so, then you know how to
handle that situation. Then you’ll know the amount of hoursthey’re after already, so
you know if it’s two hours. Say for instance, they say two hours. Then you know for a fact,obviously, they’re
calling you for a reason. They’re not happy, they’ve been let down,and most cases, it will bewell, we’re not happy with the standards. So, what I would suggest,
if they say two hours,you go in at two and a half hours. However, your first two cleans, remember,always have to be a lot longer because,it doesn’t matter how many
companies call you and say,”Look, I’ve had a professional company in. “Can you now come and clean?”Don’t ever believe them. Don’t ever think, I’m gonna charge lessbecause a professional
company’s already been in,so it’s gonna be clean. Because, believe me, there’s
so many companies out therethat say they’re professionaland then deliver very bad standards. So, it’s just getting around that. But you’re gonna have quite
a lot of information alreadyon how to quote for that joband how to be able to do
it in the correct way so,for them to know as well,you’re sharing, you’re finding out,you’re emotionally, sort
of, connecting with them. Try to sort of get that
question in twice aboutwhat are you not happy with,or what did they do that
you’re not happy with?And listen, and then you
have to ask a question. Like, if she says, “Well,
they weren’t very good. “And then, you’ll sort of
say, “That’s really horrible. “That’s not very nice. “So, what was it exactly that they did?”Blah, blah, blah. Asking that question’s over,and then once they give you an answer,answer with a question to
really get to the point. And then she’ll, I mean, one
of our customers once said,”Well, I found out she
nicked a bag of sugar,”after about four questions. And you’re like, “What
an odd thing to take. “But any case, some people do. So, but it’s just literally
trying to find out,because you need that,
whatever she wasn’t happy with,to then include into your emailthat you’re gonna send afterwards. I actually give you examples of the emailsin my magnet system,
but it’s very importantthat when you email her
after this appointmentand after you’ve gone to see her,to actually email her and say, right so,focus on the bits why
she really wasn’t happy,and once you make that
emotional connectionwith her there, you’re near enough there. Well, not near enough,
you probably are therebecause customers are looking
for an emotional connection. It’s like Coke. I mean, Coke is such a massive big companyand they advertise all the time,but, you know, Coke doesn’t,
they don’t advertise Coke. They don’t say, “Here’s Coke, buy it. “They advertise Coke becauseit’s the feeling of
family and fun that Cokes,that Coke gives you. So, that’s what they
advertise, the feeling. And that’s what you need to get overwith your cleaning service. It’s not, we clean, here we go. It’s the feeling that your
cleaning service provides,and if you connect with a lot more peopleon that emotional level,you will find getting
customers a lot easier. And also, you’re gonna make
that connection with them,which means you’re basically
gonna blow their mindsbecause you’re so much differentthan anybody else out there,and they will tell a lot more people. Trust me, this works. So, once you’ve done that,obviously, you’ll comment
on how horrible it isthat she’s gone through thatand that no customer ever
have to go through that again,and that you apologize that
there are cleaning servicesout there that basically,
they do this to people. When are you available today
for me to come and see you?Now, I know what you’re
really thinking probably,but hang on a minute,but, I don’t have time to do it todayand I don’t have time, this and this. You have to make a certain
amount of time availablein the evenings for this. I’m not saying necessarily during the day,because if you can’t during the day,you can’t, you really can’t. ‘Cause you can’t let your
current customers downto go and see new customers. But it’s a case of trying to getat her house as soon as
possible after that phone call. Because her head is there, she’s buying. She’s deciding she wants,you’re making that connection,the quicker you can get her to the”Yes, I’ll pay you this
much, come and clean for me,”the quicker you can make that transition,the better your chances. It’s probably about 90%, or
100% better than if you say,”Okay, I can’t see you
for two or three days. “So, by then, she’s had
other cleaning companies in,and by then, it’s not
an emergency anymore. That point where she’s
making that phone call,that’s the important stage. So, even if you can schedule something outor do something different
to go and see heras soon as possible, do it. And obviously, it depends
on her availability. Guys, remember, if
you’ve got any questionsin the meantime, ask them,and I’ll answer some questions afterwards. After I’ve gone through the sales script. And then, you basically just say to her,right so, when is the best time for youfor me to come and see you?Because you want to make it as, sort of,about them as much as possible,
rather than about you. You never say, oh, I’m busy, or whatever. It’s not about you, it’s about them. So, then when they say, “Okay,
well, I get home tonight,”say, for instance, five,”You know, so I can do after five. “And then you’ll sort of say,”Okay, well actually, I’m
seeing another customer”at, sort of, seven, so I’m
sure it’ll be perfectly fine”if I could maybe come at half six,”is that convenient for you?”Then if she says yes, then fine. You organize it for half six. But if she says no, then you say,”Oh, okay, so what other
evening can you do?”And she says, “Well,
maybe tomorrow night. “And then, you never say okay. You say, “Let me check my diary. “Because remember, you’re busy. You’re very, very busy. If you just have all this time to spare,then at the end of the day,they’re gonna think, okay, so, hmm, yeah. You need to, sort of,
obviously say to them,”Look, I’m very busy,
I’ll check my diary. “And then, obviously, arrange
for a time to go and see her. And then you need to make very, very surethat you get her email address. Now, one thingI did wrong, and a lot
of my managers did wrong,for running my cleaning
business was actually the factthat of getting that
first email address wrong. Writing it down wrong. It’s a very easy mistake to make. So, he best thing you can
do is actually ask them,can you email me, or can you text me?Because obviously, they, probably
in most cases these days,they’re texting or phoning
you on your mobile,so you’ll have their number already. So, you can just say I’ll
text you and you text me,but can you please text
me your email addressbecause I need to send you a
confirmation about our meeting. And just to make sure it’s
still alright with you,and that you agree that
I can come and see you,and just for you to agree, obviously,for me to email you just
a confirmation email. Obviously, I’ve never had a no. So, they’ll obviously
send you an email address,but at least you won’t get it wrongand then you have to, embarrassingly,have to phone them back and say,oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t
get your email address. Because, in this email,
is a very important email,because obviously you’re
gonna state there:Thank you very much for calling us. We look forward to seeing
you this day and this date. In the meantime, here’s a checklist. And this checklist is basically for themnot so much to check,not for them to see what you’re gonna do,it’s more to show authority,
to show you’re different. Completely different,
because you’re gonna wow her. Because I bet you, well,
nobody else is gonna,sort of do this apart from peoplein this sort of cleaning coach group. So, nobody else knows about this,and I’ve never heard or seenany other cleaning company do this. But you’re sending that checklistover to them to say look at me. So, you’re making that impression,and you’re already saying,
before you’ve even seen them,look how good I am. Isn’t that awesome?So, you’re giving that impression,and then just ask them fill it out. If they don’t fill it out,hey, just take one with you in any case,on the walkthrough. But, if they do, brilliant. So it’s just for them to see
and for you to build authority. And if they do fill it in,you can then liaise through obviously. Sort of tailor that checklist to them. Obviously, that checklist
is very thorough. Remember, inside my private groupis the Domestic and End
of Tenancy Checklistthat you can use,include and make it your own. And then, obviously, you need to finishthe call, or the sales call,before you go and see her with
two very important questions. Because you need to make surethat she understands you
don’t just jump for customers,and you don’t just go and do any customer. You choose your customers,which in the ideal world,
that’s what you need to do,because you need to choose your customers,’cause otherwise you’re
gonna get the customersthat’s gonna make your life helland you’re gonna feel like
quitting every five minutes. Because, I remember I
used to in the beginning,literally, it’s so frustrating. They don’t appreciate you,they really don’t even care about you. It’s not personal, but I
used to take it personal. I don’t know if you do do,but please, don’t take it personal. But that’s what happens. So then, you just gotta ask them,obviously make sure
you’re gonna obviously sayabout the emailing, “I’m gonna email you. Do you give me permission?”Yes, blah, blah, blah. Then you say to them,”So, if you don’t mind me
asking you one last question. “Although there’s two,
you’re gonna say that. Obviously, one last question,and she’d obviously say
sure, she’s not gonna say no. Then you just say to her,”If I turn up, say, for
instance, you don’t like my car”or you don’t like my hair,”or you don’t like the shirt I’m wearing,”or you don’t me, or you
don’t like the way I talk,”do you promise me that you’ll
be open and honest with me”and tell me that you don’t like me,”or you don’t like what
you’re sort of seeing?”Because what you want to
create is that honestyand you want to say to her,
“Look, I’m transparent. “You’re in safe hands. I will look after youbecause I want you to
tell me if I’m not good. And I want you to tell me
if I need to change my carif you don’t like it. “Well, actually, you’ll probably say toughif they don’t like your car. But, obviously, remember always
to turn up in a clean car. But, it’s just to reinstatethe trust us, you’re in safe hands. I’m gonna take care of you. I’m not gonna do what your
other cleaning company did,or what your other cleaner did. So, just reallyemphasize on the You’re Safe, right?So then, obviously they’re
gonna say yeah, sure. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a no. And then, you ask them,”So, do you mind then,obviously, when I do some and see you,do you mind then if I maybe can tell youif I think we’re not gonna be
a good fit for each other?”And obviously, she’s gonna say yes. And once again, what that’s saying iswe’re important, we’re
good, we’re authority. We choose our customersand therefore, you might not be chosen. It’s as simple as that. And so, you’re just sort
of reinstating the factthat you’re special, you’re differentand your price is gonna be higherbecause you’re more professional,and the way you do things
is more professional. Then, you just say, again,so, okay, say, for instance,”Vickie, thank you very
much for your time. “Thank you for calling
your cleaning service. “I really look forward
to seeing you tomorrow,”this day, this time. “And obviously, remember they
need to text you their address,just so you know where to go. And then just say bye. And it’s literally your first callwhen a customer gets into your businessthat will make all the differenceon how you deal with customers,and how you make them feel,and how you connect with
them on that emotional level. Good luck on your sales bit. You can go through it again
and, if you’re interested,like I said, that’s one of the lessonsinside my Customer Magnet System. Really get that emotional
connection with your customers. So, that’s it from me tonight, guys. I’ll see you later, bye.


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