Content Writing Tips For Your Email Marketing

– Running out of
meaningful emails to send?Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to the Content
Marketing Institute,more than 60% of marketers have statedthat producing engaging contentis one of the challenges that they face. Luckily, you don’t need to look further. If you’ve been developing,
designing and writing 100sof content pieces, you may have overlookedthe treasure chest that’s
been in front of youthis entire time, your content archive. You should just evaluate your past contentand start from there. The key here is to repurpose
your past social media,blog, podcasts and other
content into actionable emails. If you want to easily create your emails,you can check out my
email marketing planner. This email template can help you organizeand plan your email campaigns,newsletters and subscriptions. Use this tool to craft, organize, scheduleand measure the performance
of each email you send. If you already have an email serviceyou can use this to comment
your email automation. You can check that out in
the description box below. Now, let’s get repurposing. Here are different ways of
effectively resurrectingand giving new life to your old content. Same context, different twist. Look for new angles and beatson certain topics and themes. To start off, scourer your archivesfor those that receive above
average engagement ratesacross the board. Once you’ve chosen an
article, podcast, blogor social media post,try to give that topic a new, fresh twist. You can do this by
looking for new researchor focusing on another
element of the topicthat you didn’t delve deeper into. Spin off. Another way is to look at
the general-themed contentthat you already have
and use that as a basisto spin off multiple
pieces of smaller content. Let’s say you have a general courseabout Facebook marketing. What you can do is break that downinto more specific parts. One email could be about Facebook ads,another could be about
growing your followers,the third could be about
page management and so on. The possibilities are endless. There are unlimited
opportunities to give more detailthrough your emails. Consolidate. You can also do the
opposite of a spin off. Let’s say that you have specific contentthat’s connected by a general theme. You can create an email that compilesand consolidates these together. Let’s say you have different articlesor vlogs on editing Instagram photos,raising more followers
or generating content. You can combine them and
house them into one email. You can consolidate them togetherto have a best of Instagram email. At the same time, if you
find that your past emailsare filled with great content,they can also be combined
to create another emailon your top content. New medium. Aside from repurposing the actual content,you can also play around
with the way you presented itto your audiences. With MailChimp and
media-supported content,you’re no longer limited by simple texts. Images, infographics
and videos can be usedas a way to give fresh lifeto seemingly similar topics. There you have, you have
all the tools you needto create new and fresh contentfrom what you already have. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, hit the thumbs up,comment below and of course,subscribe for more weekly videos.


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