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– Hey, what’s up?My name is Pat Flynn, and in this videoI wanna show you exactly how easy it isto use ConvertKit for your
email marketing solutions,whether you’re just starting out,you’re a creator, entrepreneur,you wanna build your list,ConvertKit’s a great solution. And even if you’re coming from
potentially another platform,you already have a list
of potentially thousands,if not tens of thousands,ConvertKit can be a great
solution for you to removea lot of the headaches that you may beexperiencing on other platforms. Now before I show you exactly
how to get started with this,plus I have a free gift for youif you stick around to the end,we need to talk a little
bit about the landscapeof email marketing here in 2019. This is David Heinemeier Hansson,who is one of the founders of Basecamp,and a tweet that he
shared earlier this year. He says, “Email is the next big thing. “We’re finally realizing just how precious”these open standards were all along. “Your way around Facebook,”and all the other
walled-garden parasites,”go through email. “And the reason why he’s
saying this is becauseas you might be experiencing in Facebookand Twitter and Instagram right now,there’s a lot of things getting in the wayof us reaching the audience
that we’re building. You fully own your list,wherever it is, whether it’s
ConvertKit or somewhere else,you fully own that list,but Facebook can control how
often people see your post. YouTube can control how
often you see my videos,but email, you send and email,and your people if you’ve trained them,if you’ve provided value for them,they’re gonna open your emails. There’s this article in
The Wall Street Journal,The Hot New Channel for Reaching
People, email, who knew?Because a lot of people
have said, oh, email’s dead,everything, Facebook’s everything,Twitter’s everything, Instagram. No, email is back. It’s so important that if you haven’tbeen focusing on email,
so focus on this now. Because this is where you
will begin to take control,again, of your audience and
be able to serve them better. And really, it’s an insurance policy. Whatever happens in social mediaand other technologies doesn’t matter. You can always bring people with youif you have them on your list. Now going back to ConvertKit,I actually didn’t start on ConvertKit,I started on AWeber, then
I moved to Infusionsoft,and then in 2015, 2014
I moved to ConvertKit,and I haven’t looked back since. I actually love it so much
that I became an affiliate,and I’m actually an advisor
for the company now. I speak at their events every year,Craft and Commerce in Idaho,and it’s just such an amazing companythat’s here to support you. There’s three reasons
why I love ConvertKitand recommend it more than any
other email service provider. Number one, and this is how
it was always from the start,the user interface is unlikeany other email service provider. It is easy to use, it’s intuitive,it’s actually useful. You can understand
things that are going onin trends in your emails
and even reportingon certain emails so you can understandwhat’s working and what’s not. This has always been
the case with ConvertKitbecause its founder, Nathan Barry,who I once interviewed on my podcast,he used to be a designer,and his specialty was UX, user experience,user interfaces and so it
is definitely portrayed hereand continues to improve over time asmore and more advanced
features come into play,which is reason number two. You get advanced features like
you would in other softwarewithout the advanced prices. And it’s actually simple to
use once you understand it,and I have plenty of other videosthat go into a lot more
advanced strategiesfor using ConvertKit for your eCommerce,for segmentation and tagging,
and those sorts of things,all linked to those things below. And number three, and
most importantly to me,is they care about your success. They know that they get
better when you get better,and this is helping everybody win. This is unlike a lot of other
email service providers. Maybe you’ve seen or have
experience with Mailchimp. Well Mailchimp is great,but it’s growing at a crazy rate. I mean, it’s gonna make
over $700 million in 2019,and it’s gonna expand
out of just email only. It’s gonna evolve into a
full marketing platform,which will include building websitesand all this other stuff. I mean it’s great for Mailchimp,I mean, congratulations to them,but what does that mean
for the individual creatorwho wants to have the best
email marketing platform. It’s going to change even if
you look at the comments hereon the right-hand side of
this article on tech crunch,Paul here says I’ve been with Mailchimpthrough several organizations,but now he’s very frustrated
with how things have gone. There is no phone support,
no advanced warnings,no grandfathering, no plans
to refund for certain things. And then Donna here says,
she’s been very frustratedwith some things that used to be freeand aren’t free anymore. They have a lot more investors,a lot more people to take care of,so you might see some price changes there. Mailchimp has always
been sort of a competitorto ConvertKit because Mailchimp
is one that’s been knownfor perfect use for
beginning entrepreneurs,and as is ConvertKit,and Mailchimp has a free planfor your first 500 subscribers. But personally I would guessthat less than 3% of people who getthe free account actually go
above 500 email subscribers. Why?Because Mailchimp actually
isn’t educating you on that. And finally, if you pay for something,you are going to use it. If you get something for freeyou’re likely to just let it sit because,like what’s the incentive?The incentive is to stay under 500if you get this thing for free,the free trial from Mailchimp,versus a small amount every
single month to investinto a platform that will
help you grow your businessand will be skin of the game
so you actually take actionand you get support and
education along the way. There’s no better platform, in my opinion,than ConvertKit, so let’s dive right in. So here I am on the pricing page,and for most people watching this video,people just starting from the beginning,you’re gonna pay $29 a month,and if you click yearly here
and go to the annual planyou’ll pay only $24 a
month, which is great. But you get a 14-day free
trial to give it a shot. If you go through the link
that’s on the screen right nowor the link that’s in the
description for ConvertKit,that’s my affiliate link,that means I get a commission
if you go through thatat no extra cost to you. But you’ll get a 30-day free
trial as a result of that,and just go through that link thereand you’ll be able to get started. If you do have an email list of over 5,000and you’re migrating from somewhere else,they will, for free,
migrate you, for free. It’s a concierge service they
have for people over 5,000. So if that’s you, you
can reach out to themor you let them know when you sign up,and they’re gonna be
there to help you migrate,including automations that
you’ve created as well,which is pretty amazing. So I’m actually gonna create
an account from scratchso you can see what to look forward toand exactly how to get
started and what to do. So I’m gonna click on get started. I’m gonna say I’m brand new. Do I have a website?Yes, I have a website. I have a WordPress websiteand then after adding my credentials,which I’m not gonna show you,we go to this step hereand after you sign in you’re gonna seehow many days left you have
remaining in your trial. Again, this will be bumped up for youif you go through my affiliate link. And then here on the right-hand sidethere is sort of little tutorialand things you can do
kind of step-by-step. And if you accomplish all these goalsand learn all these things,you actually get a free ConvertKit shirtthat they’ll send to you,and I promise you it is very comfortable. So I’m gonna show you how
to do some of these thingsright at the start and
then I’m gonna take youinto my own personal account thathas over 200,000 email subscribersand some of the things we’re doing therethat are a little bit more advanced,things that can likely look
forward to in the future. So first thing’s first
is you wanna add a formto your website and then
embed it on your website,so you can, for anybody who
comes across those pages,begin to collect those emails. It’s a form on the webpage that you sharethat will then put people intothe records here in ConvertKit. And unlike some other
email service providers,you only have to pay for
one subscriber one time. With AWeber I remember,
like if you put themon different lists they
counted more than once. Like if I had you on three different listsI’d have to pay as if you
were three different people. That’s not the case here for ConvertKit. So to create a form I can click
here on the right-hand side,or if in the future I wanna createa form I can go here as well. So I’m actually gonna
start here on the top. And then I could either create
a form or a landing page. A landing page is a hosted
webpage by ConvertKitthat you don’t even need a websiteto begin starting to collect emails. You can share that page on
social media or elsewhereversus having a webpage set upand then putting a form on it. And you can do both and you can haveas many of these forms as you want,but I’m gonna show you both. I’m gonna show you a landing page first. I’m gonna click on New Form,and then I’m gonna click on Landing Page. And then let’s do this one right here,and I’m just gonna enter SwitchPod,which is a physical productthat I created with my buddy Caleb. Enter Your Email Below for the Latest Newsabout Product and Services,
Products and Services,if I could spell,for your video, for your
Vlogging, for your Vlog. More details here. And that’s where a person would,if they land on this page,
put their email address. I also like collecting people’s names. So I’m just gonna click on
this little plus icon here. And then I’m going to add custom fieldhere on the right-hand side. Actually, right here, first name. And there we go. And I can say Your First Nameor I can just have it be First Name. And that’s it. I can change the color if I’d like. And then usually I change the text hereon the button to say something likeGET ACCESS NOW. And if you have a lead
magnet or a giveaway,something that you want to givein exchange for a person’s email address,which could be great incentive
to have people subscribe,you can get access now or free access nowis another great call to
action on the button there. And so what I’m gonna do really quicklyis I’m just gonna name this
page Sample Landing Page 1. And I’m gonna hit Save. And then next I’m gonna hit share. and boom, I have a link, right here. So if I actually click this to copyand go to a separate page,I’m gonna go to this Twitter page hereand copy, paste, and there we go. There is everything. Enter You’re Email Below
for the Latest News,and all I have to do if I
land on here would be to gopat@smartpassiveincome. com,First Name, Pat. Now if I wanted to reorder
that it would be very simple. As you can see I can come back hereand just drag this above
that, save it again. And now if I go back to that form,that landing page and hit
refresh, it should change. See First Name on top,
email address below,and this is the link that I
would share on anywhere I am,on a podcast, on a YouTube
video, on somebody else’s blog,in a guest post, on social media,wherever, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I wanna start building my email listand this will be very simple. Now obviously I’d work
on the copy a little bit,but that’s essentially how it works. Now let’s talk about how to
put a form on your website. I’m back here I’m gonna
go to forms one more time. And as you can see now it’s
starting to collect data. I had one visitor, which was me,and this is where you’ll see
data for just this form alone. I can actually click into this formand reedit it if I need to,but I’m gonna actually go back there,and now I wanna create another form,New Form, but this time
instead of a Landing Page,which is again a page hosted
by ConvertKit that you can useoutside of your website
to build your list. I want a form on my website. So to do that I’m gonna click on Form. And you can select from an Inline one,which is like within
a blog post or a page,a Modal one which is like a light box. The background gets blurry, grays out,and then this pops up. It’s a lot more sort of in your face,which can be useful, or
slide in from the bottom,which is a little more subtle. I’m gonna use an Inline one and I getto choose from a few simple templates. I’m just gonna use this
simple one right here. And it’s just your first
name, your email address. I can add some other
things if I wanted to. But that’s it. I’m gonna make this Sample Webpage Form 1. And let’s do change the
text to Get Instant Access. And I’m gonna hit Save,and then boom that’s it. So now I can click on EMBED. It’s not a webpage,it’s a code that you put on your website,in your blog, in the HTML area. So I’ll show you how to
do that really quick. So I’m gonna click on EMBED,and then very simply
all I have to do is COPYthis data right here. And that is literally it. If you have a WordPress site,you can install a WordPress
plugin for ConvertKiton your WordPress site so you canuse this short code instead
and just simply place thatwhere you want that form to existas many times as you
want wherever you want. But I’m just gonna use the JavaScriptand go into a website that I haveand just show you how simple this isto use in WordPress really quick. All right, so here we are on my blog,the Smart Passive Income Blog,and this is actually an income reportfrom how much money we made
from our Kickstarter campaignfor SwitchPod which is an inventionthat just came out recently
here in early 2019. But I wanna take this embed codeand plop it into that websiteand show you exactly how easy it is to do. So I wanna sort of figure out firstwhere I wanna place it
and it’s very popular,especially for longer posts like this,to have a form as simply as
the one that we just chosein multiple spots on a single page. It’s not gonna be too
sort of in your face,especially if it’s one
of those minimal designs. So I’m gonna try and place one right hereunder where it says The
SwitchPod Kickstarter Campaign:Digging into the Numbers. So I’m gonna edit this post. As you can see, here’s
our editor right here. So what I’m gonna do is actually,you might think that I can just go enterand plop that right into there like that. But that’s not going to work,and the reason is because
if I were to hit updateyou would actually see this as yousee it right now on the webpage. It won’t convert into a form. Why?Because this is the WYSIWYG editor,what you see is what you get. That’s not what we want. I’m going to just do
a little triple a hereso I can find my place
and go into the HTML code,which in WordPress you
can go to text here. Now here’s that triple a. I’m just going to hit command
v and paste that script,and then I’m gonna hit update,and I’m gonna make sure
I delete that later’cause this form that I’m creatinghas nothing to do with smart
passive income right now. And then I’m going to preview the changesand see if that form shows up. So I’m gonna scroll down and boom,there’s that form, exactly how we get it. So now let’s say I wanna
change the button text. I wanna say instead of Get Instant Accessjust Download Your Free Guide. And of course, it just kind
of moves it if it needs to,if it becomes too large
and still looks nice. So I’m gonna hit Save. Now what’s gonna happen when I go backto this income report
page and hit refresh?Download Your Free Guide!And it seems to work on thisbecause it’s a little bit wider. So it is mobile friendly as well,which is really cool. Now what happens when a
person subscribes here?So I’m just gonna put my name hereand my email addressand hit this. Success!Now check your email to
confirm your subscription. So I will get an email. So this is what your
subscriber will see by default. You can change this, and I
would recommend doing it,and I’ll show you how. But what happens is when I clickon Confirm your subscription,this is called a double opt
in to confirm that it isa human being, not a robot that
actually subscribes to you,which is what you want. Because hey, subscription confirmed,boom, you’re officially on the list. Now when I go here and I hit refreshit should show one total subscriber. Who’s that subscriber?Right here, me, Pat, and
if I click into that recordit’ll show you the incentive
email that I receivedand any other emails that get sent to me,whether I click on them,
whether I just see them,or whether I don’t open them,all the data’s here for each record,which is really amazing. You can even, over time, begin
to track how many purchaseseach individual makes
which is really handy. And that’s essentially it. So then from here I can actually createa broadcast email and hit New Broadcastand type in an email that
would be sent to all,at this point one, of my subscribers. But if you get 1,000 subscribers,when you send a broadcast
it gets sent to everybodyall at the same time. You hit send, it gets sent out. You can schedule it for later,but that’s like a one-time email that getssent out to everybody
or anybody you choose,’cause you can choose people based oncertain interests they
have or tags all at once. Now if you wanna automate a lot of thisand not always have to create broadcasts,but still keep in constant
contact with your audience,then you can use sequences. Sequences are prewritten
emails that you create onceand they get sent to new subscribersin whichever sort of
time period you’d like. So you can have a person
get an email a dayafter they subscribe and
three days after thatand seven days after that. And then a new person subscribesand they get email number
one after that one dayand then email number two after three daysand email number three after seven days. And it just, every new person who comes ingoes through that same sequence,and you can have multiple sequences. You can have one sequence move to another. The easiest way to
organize all this, however,is right here. And this is the Automations button. This is what is like the new
secret sauce of ConvertKitthat wasn’t around with
some of my older videos,and this is what I love the most,because with automations you can kind ofsee everything that’s
going on all at once. As soon as you see this workingyou can see how powerful this is. I’m gonna click on New Automationand I’m gonna hit Create Automation. And it always starts with
where does a person enterthis sort of sequence of
stuff that’s happening, right?They could either purchase
something and you can tie this inand integrate it with somethinglike Teachable or Shopify or whatever,but right now I’m gonna choose a form. So this is like step one,when a person subscribes on
the webpage, form number one,the sample one we just did,
I’m gonna hit Add Event. And then right now people subscribeand then boom that’s the end. Then nothing happens. But let’s have more things happen. I’m gonna hit plus here,and then I’m gonna add a Actionsuch as I wanna tag them. I want a person, when they
subscribe to this form,to be tagged. So I’m gonna add a tag here,and I can actually create a tag as I go. And let’s just say it is a SwitchPod,or interested in SwitchPod. And that’s the tag, right?And I’m gonna hit Add Action. So okay, person subscribes
to form number one,and then they are tagged with
being interested in SwitchPod. And then maybe in the futurewhen I wanna send a
broadcast email I can go,hey, for everybody who’s interestedin the SwitchPod just only
let them see this email. Or I can send an email and reverse itand go hey, send this to
everybody except the peoplewho said they were
interested in the SwitchPod. This is an amazing tool in
some of the advanced stuffthat we were talking
about with ConvertKit. Bt I don’t want it to end there. I wanna send them a series
of emails over time. And to do that I’m just
gonna hit plus again. So after they’re tagged I’m gonnasend them an email sequence. Email Sequence Sample 1. And I’m gonna hit Add Action. All right, so now they’re gonna
go into an email sequence. And what’s cool about
this is I don’t have toeven go into sequences
here to make this all work. I can just click right here,and what happens is
now we see the sequenceof stuff happening on the left,and on the right this
is the series of emails. So I can add, this is one
email sent after one day. If I don’t want it to
be sent after one dayit would be after zero dayswhich would mean it
would go out immediatelyas you can see there. I can go back to one day andnot have it send on the weekends as well. Just have send only on the
weekdays if I wanted to do that. I can even use this opportunity
to filter out peoplewith other tags that maybe
don’t need to see this. If I’m selling something, for example,I wanna remove the people who
are gonna receive that emailwho already have that product. That’s another powerful
thing that you can do. So let’s say this is like Email 1,which is like a welcome. I wouldn’t actually put
Email 1 in the subject line,but I’m just doing this as an example. And then this is the copy thereand they let people know
what they can look forward toand why they need to
open the future emails. Maybe there’s a little incentive
or a gift in there, too. And I’m gonna hit Add
Email for email number two. And I want this to go out a week after. So I’m gonna do seven days after,and then I’m gonna add another emailand then another email so this is all,this is a day after this one,and this is seven days after this one. So this one I might do
seven days after that. And then maybe this one is
like a funnel related emailthat promotes to something. So that one is a day after. Quick ask, whatever the email’s wanna do. Just by the way, stick around to the end’cause the free gift I’m gonna
give away to you relates to,okay, now that you’re
building an email listwhat do you send to people?How do you use this email list of yours?So make sure you stick around to the end. I’m gonna offer you that for free. So after this I can hit Save All,and I’m done, and I’m good to go. I can always go back
in here and edit them. And what’s really cool is you’regonna see how many people are hereand how many people have
completed the sequence. And then you can go from here and go,okay, well I wanna go into a,actually, let me close
this and expand this. I wanna go into another sequence,or move them into something
else, or whatever. There’s other things that you could dothat conditioned based on like, hey,maybe if they only have
this tag they go hereand if they have this tag they go there. Another event, maybe another
tag is created for themand they’re removed from a tagafter they complete this email sequence. There’s so many things you can do here,which is incredible. And this is just one form and
the way people go through. And what’s cool about this is youcan duplicate these if
you would like, like that,and then put them elsewhere
and change a few of the rulesand bada bing bada boom you’re good to go. Now before you finish up, a couple things. Going back to the forms, I wanna show youhow you can provide a quick lead magnetso that you can provide
additional incentivefor people to subscribe to your list. This is a big easy tip for youif you wanna provide incentive
for people to subscribe. Just saying, hey,
subscribe to my newsletter,that’s not gonna work. Give them something in
return, a reason to subscribe,like a free PDF file
of your favorite toolsor some of your hot tips or a videoor a webinar that you once produced. All the things work as longas they help serve your audience. And so we’ll just keep that in mind. But let’s say, for example,
we’re going to offer a PDF file. So I’m gonna click on this form,and I want it so that a person,when they subscribe to this list,it matches this, right?It’s Download Your Free
Guide and they get that. So where do I go?You go over here on the right-hand side. It’s kinda hidden but it’s becauseit’s giving you room to work. Hit here on Settings,and this is gonna give
you some informationthat you could change. So remember when we
subscribed here before,where was it?Here, and it said like success,
you subscribed to the list,check your email, right?You can have that change. Here’s what the message was,
success, now check your email. You can change the messageor you can redirect to another page. This is a redirect page. So this would be a new page
that you create on your websitethat would essentially say, like,check your email, thanks so much,and by the way, that’s
also a great opportunityfor you to go and while you’re here,here’s some other things you can look at,and here’s a podcast. You subscribe to my YouTube,
subscribe to my Instagram,subscribe to my Twitter account. You can do that on your own pageversus just a simple sort of just messagethat says, hey, you’ve
gotten an email, check it,you can do some cool things from there. So that’s number one. Number two, click on this email here,this little email icon. And this is what allows you
to either redirect peopleto a download or the URL. So remember that email?Remember this email here?You can change this email,and you can have it such that a personwhen they click on this buttonit actually is not
redirecting them to a website,that’s actually the download link. This is really cool. That is very unique to ConvertKit. This acts as a double opt-in
slash download button,which is really cool. So if I go back into ConvertKit here,and I can go okay, I want
this to be a download,I would choose the file, upload it,and ConvertKit would sort ofdeliver that automatically in that email,but what I could do is also
edit the email content. And this is exactly what
we saw there, right?So thanks for signing up. Click the email, or click the link below. First of all, I would change this to,if you do offer a lead magnet,Your Download is Here, or
something of that nature. Thanks for signing up. Click on the, let me
expand this a little bit. Thanks for signing up. Click on the button below
to confirm your subscriptionand get your free guide for business,whatever the lead magnet name would be. And then I would change this tonot confirm your subscriptionfor click here to download your guide now. It’s good to have you,I would say something like cheers, thanks,and I look forward to
helping you even more. And then I would sign off with my name. Then I’m done. And now really quick I
wanna show you the back endof my personal account
for Smart Passive Incomethat has about 215,000 subscribers,an average open rate of about 20%,but that’s across the whole board,and mind you we’ve sent
over 41 million emails. But if I were to go into sequences here,and this is just the power
of segmentation and tagging. I have, for example, a
number of people on my listwho have signified or shared with methat they don’t have a business yet. And look at the numbers here,30,000 people who have marked that,50% open rate on average. If I click through here in this sequence,I can actually click
on reports and show youthat some of the first emails
we’re getting 74% open rate,54% open rate, 60% open rate. This is what happens when
you understand exactlywho your audience is,and likely there are many
different kinds of peoplein your audience who have different needs,different sort of trigger points. And those are the things
that you should knowso that you can just
begin to start segmentingfor those different groups. And a lot of information
about that sort of stuffin other videos that I’ll link
to in the description below,but I just wanted to kind of
tease you some of the thingsthat will happen to you
as you begin to grow. Now going back to this here,you can see that there’s a lot of emails. This is an 83-day sequence over 17 emailswith five to sometimes
seven days between each. Don’t get too intimidated by that. You do not have to have all
of this stuff at the start. Just a few emails in a sequenceand a few forms on your website to start. You can send broadcast emails,and most importantly just care
about serving your audience. Use your email for good. Which is exactly where this lead magnetthat I wanna bring you to is. And that is the free gift for you. If you go to emailthesmartway. com,that’ll take you to a free download,emailthesmartway. com,
link in the description,this is your free gift. If you go here and put in your emailthis is a version of a
lead magnet, for example,but one that will be
highly valuable to you. This is a number of templates and thingsyou can use your email list for. So yes, there are tips and a
lot of strategies out thereon my YouTube channel, a
lot of other YouTube videoson how to grow your list,but there’s hardly anything aboutwhat to do after you
get people on that list. What can you put in your broadcast emails?What can you put in your sequence emails?This will teach you how to do that. So just click here,
get your free copy now. You put your first name and emailand it’ll be sent to you
just like I just taught youand then we’re good to go. So finally, make sure you head on over to,if you wanna get involved
with ConvertKit and do that. Make sure you get the 30-day free trial. And you can do that by going tosmartpassiveincome. com/convertkit. Smartpassiveincome. com/convertkit. That is an affiliate link,so I do get a kickback at no
extra charge to you for that. And it also gives you some extra timeto get in software for
a full month for freeversus just 14 days. But it also shows you some more storiesabout how I’ve used it and certain thingsthat I’ve done with it. And it’s just, again,one of the best tools that I’ve ever used. If you have over 5,000 subscribersthey will migrate your
entire system for free. If you’re just getting
started, get involved now. I promise you will not be disappointed. Smartpassiveincome. com/convertkit. And thank you again for
watching this video. I hope it helps you and I look forwardto hearing more about your success. Leave a comment below,let me know if this was helpful to you,please subscribe if you haven’t already,and look out for more updatesand software and other good
videos coming your way. Cheers, take care, and
Team Flynn for the win. Hey, thanks for watching this video. My name is Pat Flynn. If you wanna learn how
to build your business,how to podcast, how to do email marketing,and make more money, make
sure you hit subscribe now. Thank you so much. You can check out the
videos somewhere over herefor other related videos and other thingsthat I think are helpful for you. So thanks so much, take care,and I’ll see you in the next one.


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