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We are a MARKETING AGENCY for the cosmetic beauty industry. We MARKET for BARBERSHOPS, HAIR SALONS, NAIL PARLORS, BEAUTY SPAS and COSMETIC SURGEONS. We are the FIRST agency that handles MARKETING for the the cosmetic BEAUTY INDUSTRY and we are proudly based in the NEW YORK CITY however our services are available GLOBALLY. My name is Jose F Gutierrez and I am the CEO of Cosmetic Surgery Client List and I can tell you all about how I came from the HOMELESS SHELTER as a SINGLE DAD to putting my son in COLLEGE, working on TOP TIER MOVIE SETS and launching A SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY that makes 6 FIGURES a month but I want to talk about why WHAT WE DO AND why it WORKS. It all begins with a FREE BUSINESS EVALUATION that will identify your problems and why you can potentially be MISSING OUT on a huge portion of your business. I come from a long background in retail marketing as I managed million dollar retail stores such as Foot Locker, Athlete’s Foot, The Gap, Nine West and many more. I help build up start up companies such as JAD Inc, who distributed for Bluegreen Resort from 10-20 sales a week to 160-200 in sales during the coarse of a few months, increasing their sales exponentially allowing them to grow in volume, staff and different products offered. I worked and was trained by my first Millionaire Mentor in the number one marketing firm in the US, Credico as well as climbing as high as a Corporate Trainer in a short time. I have been mentored and trained by the most skilled in their industry. I’m also a certified and graduated in Social Media Marketing course taught by the top 3 riches in the world for social media marketing, Tai Lopez. Let us give you a FREE EVALUATION that will save you money just by knowing. Please click the link below and subscribe to our FREE newsletter for offer and contest to win FREE stuff.

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Sincerely Yours,
Jose F Gutierrez
CEO of Cosmetic Surgery Client List



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