Create A Custom Member Profile Registration Page – Custom Client Registration – Wix Code Tutorial

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Are you asking: How do I create a member profile log in/register page in Wix?

A few months back, I made a video very similar to this, but showed you how to create a different style of page that utilized buttons and called the Wix Sign Up/Log In API.

Great news! You don’t have to use Wix’s Sign Up or Log In widget anymore. With a little bit of code, which is provided to you for FREE entirely in the video, you can be utilizing your own member profile log in page.

Now, I understand not all of you will be using this fantastic custom built log in page to re-direct to a member profile page, but I wanted to ensure you are aware that is can re-direct to any page on your website.

I hope you find this Wix Code tutorial helpful and useful.

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How To Build A Social Network in Wix – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Series Schedule: (x1 Video Per Week)

Sunday July 15 – Part 1 | The Introduction
Tuesday July 24 – Part 2 | Planning Databases + Homepage Design
Tuesday July 31 – Part 3 | Creating Profile Pages and Database Fields
Building A Social Network in Wix – The Non-Coding Founder’s Guide

Topics To Be Covered:

-Creating Profile Pages
-Creating Custom Login Pages
-Giving A User Ability To Post An Update And Edit Or Delete It
-Working With Repeaters And Dynamic Pages
-Building Feeds
-Peer-To-Peer Messaging (Direct Messaging)
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