Create mailchimp account & signup form for lead generation Bangla Tutorial

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—–Grow your lead (Phone number/email or direct sell):

* Create a subscribe form (aweber / mailchimp)
– Be clear before you start:
what is the action you want your visitors take? don’t use much options
how many calls to action are there on your page?
setting realistic messages and goals for visitors and you

– optimize your headline and description:
attention-grabbing (Digital marketing success guideline)
use main words only, don’t make it big
emphasizes value
explains the “what” and the “why”

– call to action button:
use only one button
example: “sign up and join to our team”

– design:
clear, eye-catching and easy to readable design
keep fields to a minimum as much as you can

– types of signup form: you can use in header/footer/slider/content
embedded form with example
pop-ups with example, recommended to not use matter of annoying
slide-in forms with example
exit intent with example
remember, don’t pressure your visitors to subscribe
* gather traffics to your website
– choose the right peoples
select the right audiences
collect qualified (verified) leads
“lead collection is always a key of digital marketing.
Don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality”
select the right audience who could be converted and only let them encourage.”
– finding the right audiences:
where is your targeted audiences
which platforms are they staying
social media, the best way to conversions
(according web info once had 5x social traffics than search)
even now buzzfeed has 28%+ social traffics
– how you can drive social traffics
using attention grabbing visuals with example
its 40x more likely shareable than any other types of content (src:hubspot)
page optimization to share posts on social sites (title, description)
make a connection with optimized content and page’s content
use yoast to your wordpress site. easy to use and optimized
– promotion types of sharing contents on socal media
landing pages
blog posts
– building social publicity:
online communities – example
influencers – example
partnerships – example
– facebook ads
low-risk way to drive targeted trafics to your site
lookalike audiences
– guest blogging:
best way to build awareness and traffic
post on others and drive traffics
– content syndication:
best way to build awareness and traffic
republish content on medium, linkedin, slideshare
the target content marketing mix is 65% created, 25% curated and 10%
syndicated content
– hosting an event
twitter chat
in-person events

1. Creating multiple incentives and offers that get more people to subscribe
– educative, freebie
– some examples
– help your audiences consistently
– more you’ll give, more you’ll take. They’ll stay with you for a long time
2. Create sign up form that people want to fill out
3. Drive more traffics to your website and forms
4. The 10 days challenge to boost your list-growth
5. Some example of other brands using powerful tactics to grow their own business
6. Content upgrade: A content upgrade is simply bonus relevant content
that people can get access to in exchange for their email address.
– remember, most people buy content not products or service
– example:
– more ideas for content upgrades:
free download, pdf blog post, report, cheat sheet, email series, toolkit etc
7. How to implement?
– Identify the high traffic pages
find the page has most potential for generating subscribers
find the blog post that bring in the most traffics
Get help from google analytics
– adding the form to your website
– collect subscribers
creating multiple, relevant incentives for different high traffic pages
you can apply pop up form
the more you scale, the more you get leads

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