Email Marketing: 5 Expert Tips to Improve Your ROI (2021)

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Email marketing can have one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel, if executed properly. Today we share 5 expert tips to help you improve your return on investment with email marketing!

1. Personalize Your Emails
Personalization in your emails can be a great tool to get better open rates. It will yield results differently based on your industry and customer base, and it’s totally worth testing to see if it makes a difference for your business. Putting a person’s name in the subject line of the email can be really effective for gaining their attention. Personalization can also extend to “what to buy next based on your past purchases” emails which can help turn opens into conversions.

2. Segment Your List
Segmenting an email subscriber list means taking the entire list and grouping the emails into common groups. Base the groups on previous purchases and the way each user interacts with the emails and navigates the website. Customers who touch certain categories should be grouped together for more target emails, and those who avoid certain categories should also be grouped together.

3. Optimize for Mobile First, (but Don’t Forget About Desktop)
These days, the majority of emails are opened on a mobile platform. With the current shift to many people working from home, though, we are seeing more desktop users than before. Optimizing emails should always focus on mobile devices first, but you shouldn’t neglect desktop optimization. The bottom line is, Emails should be able to look and function perfectly when they’re opened on any device.

4. There is No One Size Fits All for CTAs
Every email sent out to your subscriber list should contain a call to action, but the call to action should look different in different email types. Product promotion emails should have a call to action that is easy to identify, and housed at the top of the email. But with a newsletter the focus is on the content first, so the CTA should be less obvious and put near the bottom of the email. There are also automated emails to consider, such as “you left this in your cart, check out now!” emails which are entirely comprised of calls to action.

5. Invest in Your Graphics
Most companies aren’t putting an emphasis on quality graphics, which is an opportunity for you to shine. Make sure you spend the time and energy to make sure graphics are amazing because visuals are what draw people in and get them to spend time on your emails.


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