Email Marketing CASE STUDY – Effective Email Marketing Strategies in ACTION

I’ve got a real treat for you,a detailed in-depth case study about an
awesome sales email written by myselfthat managed to take an already successful
Kickstarter campaign and catapult itto a whole nother level.
So at the end of the day,this project received funding in excess
of $102,000 and managed to beat originalprojections by multiple
times. Hi, I’m Csaba,founder of Game of Conversions,the place where on entrepreneurs
learn how to convert casual leads intoprofitable and paying customers. And today you’re going to get an
insider’s look into crafting, writing,and strategizing a high converting
email that will help you sell anythingonline, regardless of your
industry, product or niche. This will help you get more opens,
clicks, and ultimately more sales. Watch this case study
because you’re gonna love it. Okay guys,here we are inside the email case study
and before I dissect the whole email,I just want to quick mentions
here. First of all, uh,before you write any email,you should have a strategic campaign
already laid out and you should know thepains, fears, hopes,and dreams of your audience
because otherwise you won’t
really know what to tellthem,
in a way that will be effective. The second thing is that you
should already have an email list. And in this particular case,I was working for a client and he
had an email list of 900 people,which isn’t much,but this also shows you the power of
email marketing that you are able togenerate serious money
off of smallest as well. And with that being said,the full CEO’s email is
actually a thousand words long. Check this out. If I scroll through
it, it’s, it seems pretty long. But I just want to quickly point out that
short copy isn’t always the answer inemails. Especially if you’re
selling something with a
little higher price point. If you’re selling something for $20,
maybe it can be okay,but this watch costs around $500. So in those cases or in online courses,it’s totally okay to have longer
emails and long copy works wonders. But there are a few caveats here.
First of all,you shouldn’t unnecessarily
inflate your copy. So if you have something to tell in so
many words, then you need those words. But otherwise, if you’re just inflating
things, if you’re just rumbling around,that won’t be too good.
So remember,long copy only works if you’re able
to hook the reader’s attention. If you’re able to connect with emotionally
and to describe that connection,to describe their problems,
their fears, their pains,and then you also have to appeal to
their desires and play up those desires. And finally, you have to properly ask for
the sale as well. If you can do these,then long copy is definitely the answer
for you. And with that being said,let’s get to the first part of the email,which is basically the attention
grabbing subject line. And in this case,I chose something like this. Remember
your grandfather and this worked because,first of all, nobody uses this. I mean,
who would send an email like that?Secondly,it will connect very nicely
with the hook of the email,because I integrated
a little bit of story. This email is about a Swiss Watch that
my client wanted to sell through aKickstarter campaign. And the whole image branding of the
watch was that it’s very masculine,it’s bold,
it’s based on timeless quality standards. Just like the grandfather of my client
who was always was basically a masterwatchmaker and he had all these nice
qualities that we admire even today. And using a subject line like this
one really connects with that. And remember the aim of the subject
line is always to just basically grabattention and get people to
open the email, nothing more. And as we move through it,you will notice that we have a powerful
hook at the beginning of the email. So check this out. Hi Name. And
obviously I want to personalize emails,but this is standard nowadays.
Everyone personalizes them. So just make sure to not forget it. My grandfather was the hardest working
person. I knew my head starts spinning. Just thinking about how relentless he
was in his passion because when he dreamtof something, he didn’t rest until he
found a way to turn it into reality. Quality, respect and craftsmanship.
He always kept saying,and rightfully so,because he was a proud descendant of
a family of master watchmakers alwaystrying to craft something
based on Swiss heritage. He went to painstaking lengths to ensure
that he gathered the highest qualityraw materials that he
could get his hands on. So if somebody is on my client’s
email list and they open the email,chances are they’re going
to want to read this. And this hook is going to connect with
them very powerfully from an emotionalstandpoint. And why? Because most
likely, since we know our audience,these traits are resonating with them,
with their own values in life,quality, respect, craftsmen ship.
Think about it for a second. If somebody wants to buy a Swiss watch,
then they’re going to be into quality,respect and craftsmanship. And by creating a story of
the grandfather of my client,uh,we basically make a metaphor between
the desires and the values of our idealcustomers. And the idealized values of a long lost
grandfather who was basically a masterwatchmen,but also remember I’m talking about them
even though this is a story about thegrandfather,everything that I talk about is based
on what’s important for my targetaudience. So what’s in it for them and try to always
keep this up whenever you’re writingan email, sales page, video, anything. So once we are done with the hook section,we’re going to have a smooth transition.
And this is very important,although most people neglect this because
obviously the goal of the email is toget people to buy the watch.
But in order to buy the watch,you have to give them a compelling offer. But in order for them to read or be
interested in your compelling offer,you want to hook,
that obviously grabs their attention. So the problem between the hook and the
offer is that oftentimes this transitionor lack of transition is very abrupt. And you don’t want to do this because
then it sounds cheap and it soundsaggressive. It sounds like, hey, you
have a problem, buy my stuff. That’s it. And you know, people want a little bit
more, especially at this price point. So that’s why we have the smooth
transition. So check this out. Not surprisingly,I was always fascinated by his work
ethic and the belief in the need forcharacter integrity and honesty.
Again,all traits that I know that it’s important
to my ideal customer base who arebasically rebel,people who like to buy
quality things that can last,but most importantly they also
want to stand out from the crowd. They want to be bold and they want to
stand out. They want to seem unique. So let’s continue. And I always tried to live
my life according to the
same principles and to alsorun my business. Like I live my
life with quality and respect. So this is basically a transition between
the grandfather study to the missionof my client.
In fact,you being an exclusive member of our club,know precisely that rebel was
born out of this vision as well. So observe again that I’m making a very
subtle connection between the story ofthem. I mean the target
customer being an insider,being an exclusive member and the
mission statement of the company. So stepping into the shoes of my
grandfather, never backing down,I created a band that combines timeless
heritage with a modern take on themasculine style with two objectives.
And again,these objectives are very
important to my target audience. Never forget this objective one,I wanted to create a
stunning exclusive timepiece. There are bold over boring and made to
Swiss standards without breaking bank. Objective two. I want it to feel a painful gap in what
was offered on the market compared towhat was needed for someone bold
living on the edge for the rebel man. So the brand name of the company is rebel
and it’s not surprising that they’retargeting people who
identify as being rebels. And this is very important because
ultimately whenever you want to sellsomething,you won’t sell those things based
on features or how cool they are. You will sell them based on what feelings
those material things generate in thegiven person.
You will sell them based on desires. He was southern based on status on
how it will take someone for the,from their current situation
to their ideal situation. And with this transition that I did here,I made the very deliberate,basically connection between the hook
between just getting their attention andgetting them primed for something that
will take them to their ideal situation. And once I did this transition,then I can transition to
the irresistible offer. So check this out and now here we are. If you ever felt the same way about life,
I have wonderful news for you. My childhood dream has been finally
turned into reality in no small part,thanks to our fiercely loyal,
Rebel fans and their ultimate watch,the rebel Aquafin got it’s very young,successful Kickstarter campaign
with over 187 backers and counting. So check this out. I’m not only am I a building
even more desire for the product,I also create a deliberate connection
between the company and the product andthe target audience by basically
inviting them into the whole process. When I say in no small part,
thanks to our fiercely loyal Rebel fans,then people will feel a little
fuzzy feeling inside. And the, and,and this is also something that
makes them buy something from you. And I also incorporate a little bit of
social proofing because I say we alreadyhave 187 buyers or backers and
this shows people that, oh,this is a serious project,this will have the potential
to be something big. So maybe they also want
to be a part of it. And then I basically,
uh,just describe the main features
and benefits of the watch itself. I highlight how it’s Swiss made,how it’s made of a 316L stainless steel,
which is a technical term,but it’s important to this niche.
What,what’s the movement was
the water resistance. But always be careful when describing
these features and benefits not to gooverboard with the features because
ultimately people are interested inbenefits, not in features.
And if you’re asking yourself,what’s the difference between the
two? I have a neat guide here. Uh,basically features are the blocks
of what your product can do. These can be physical elements,
characteristics,observable aspects,
technical descriptions, size
or shape of the product. Now,
on the other hand,benefits translate these features into
actual benefits that personally affectyour reader or make their lives better.
So for example,something that tastes good,
something that gives satisfaction,something that allows fast and
easy results, saves time or money,makes money, allows peace of
mind and so on. So in this case,basically, the thing
that it’s Swiss, it’s,it’s a benefit because it
automatically means quality. The fact that it’s made of a nice
stainless steel is it’s only a feature inorder to turn it into a benefit,
I have to highlight that it’s also robust. It’s a beast. It’s crafted
of marine grade. So these,these things all contribute to
the feeling of quality. Again,the fact that it has a Sellita sw
200 automatic movement is a feature. But I also transition this into a benefit
in the sense that I create a feelingof exclusivity because other
leading brands like diesel
or Hamilton or Tag Heueralso use this, uh, this movement. And I know that my target audience
knows about this, about these brands. So by highlighting this,I automatically elevate the quality
of this watch even higher. Again,the fact that it’s water resistant,
it’s a feature,but the fact that it’s a dive watch,
it’s not because dive watches,the most famous dive watch
is the Rolex submariner,which was worn by James Bond or another
one is the Omega seamaster professional300. These watches are iconic and a lot of
people actually know them and even if theyknow them,they can recognize the Rolex’s distinct
shape and they will automatically, again,associate coolness with it. The fact that it’s scratch resistant
is a benefit. The fact that it’s a,it has a set for Sapphire Crystal
Dome Front with Ar Coating. That’s a feature. Now I want to mention
something unique in this email. Since my target audience
are probably watch nerds and
they know all these things,it’s okay to use or to highlight more
features as well because for them featureskind of act like benefits as well.
However,for regular products or whenever
you’re selling anything,usually it’s best to highlight
more benefits than features
because those people,they just want the end result. It’s like people don’t buy
a hammer because they want
to hammer a nail into thewall.
They just want a hole in the wall. And the hammer is just a tool that
takes them from their current situation,which is not having a hole in the
wall to their ideal situation,which is basically having a hole in the
wall so they can put on their favoritepainting so that they can
feel good about themselves. Can you feel the difference?
Good. So getting back to the email
at the end of these bullets,I also do one more thing to, uh, build a
little bit more, more even more desire. And, uh, I say that, but above all else,the limited edition exclusive rebel
Aquafin symbolizes self confidence andbadass style speaking to the inner
rebel in each and every one of us. And you can’t put a price on that.
So this is very important. I think this is one of the most important
parts of the entire email because thisis the ultimate benefit that
people are, are, are looking for. They want to feel good about themselves,
they want to look unique,they want to look bold and
they want to look cool. And by highlighting the
features and benefits, that’s,that’s one thing that’s good,
but it’s just one watch out of a dozen. But if you highlight the dis,this particular watch is going to give
them self confidence and badass style andspeak to the inner rebel inside of them. You really can’t put a price on
that because for these people,these traits are the most important
things they want to associate themselves,with these things. So by highlighting
this, after building some desire,I kind of multiply the
effect of desire building. And only then do I introduce the price,
check it out. You won’t find such a bad ass watch
with killer features like these anywhereelse,especially for the mind
boggling price of only $489. So giving the price upfront is going
to create a huge shock in them. But giving the price after building all
this desire is going to be much easierto swallow.
So this was the offer part of the email. Once I’m done with the offer and I
described all the features that haven’tbenefits and everything,I’m going to reinforce it with even more
benefits. And you might be thinking,why do you need so many benefits?
I mean, isn’t this enough?And my answer is, eeh
maybe it’s enough, but, uh,you really want to overdeliver in this
part because people want to feel likethey’re already living
their ideal situation. They want to read something
that paints the dream,they want to read about something that
gives them solutions that already futurebasis their success.
So what better way to do this,than to give them even more benefits and
give them bonus because everybody lovesbonuses.
So I say it as an additional bonus. We also decided to toss in a free DLC
coating. And if you don’t know this,this is basically a more luxurious or
special type of coating that people canapply to watch so they’d
become stealthy black. It’s a really cool look and it
goes well with this bolt style. And since we’re offering this as a bonus,
uh,I think a lot of people will be
knocked over the fence because of this. Then I go on to, um,
describe even more benefits. I promise to you,you’ve never seen an exclusive
time piece so eye catching,so bold.
So irresistibly dominating. Watch that expresses your
masculine in the via individuality,sets you apart from the rest and becomes
your loyal companion in your quest tomake your unique style shine.
Again,for these people, the most important
thing is to stand out from the car crowd. I mean, that’s why they’re
rebels. That’s why they’re bold. They want this and by describing,
and by purposefully,you know,
playing up these elements,they’re going to salivate all over the
watch at this point if they’re readingthis. So I go on to describe
even more benefits here. And this is nice quote, by the
way, John Carlton, he’s one on the,the most legendary copywriters ever. He’s also called the most ripped
off copywriter of all time. He said,be the one thing your prospect reads today
that gets his blood pumping and makesthem crave what you are selling. His adrenaline levels won’t go
down until he’s sent you money. So this is the goal here. You want to, um,describe the ideal situation in such
a profound way that people will becomebasically hypnotized by it. And
just to check this out, for example,I know you’ll be astonished by how crazy
good this watch looks and feels on yourwrist. Don’t be surprised if your friends
and family comment on how gorgeous andpremium it looks.
So again,I’m basically speaking to the reader as
if they’ve purchased the watch already. And this is called future pacing. And this is very important
in the converting process
in getting someone from thenonbuyer state to the buyer state. So after I’m finally done
with all the desire building,my job is still not done unfortunately. And that’s because people,even though if they’re salivating on my
offer, they’re still not going to buy. And that’s because people
don’t like to make decisions,especially if they have to shell out $500.
Even if they like it,they want to postpone
it as long as possible. But the problem is that if they think
I’m going to check this later liketomorrow or something,
do you think they will check it later?Not really. it almost never
happens. They have to be very,very extremely committed to do that. And that’s the reason why we need the
fear of missing out and scar city. And you don’t have to overdo this.
You don’t have to lie. Especially you,you cannot lie in this because people
will discover it and they will take yourhead for it.
But check it out how I did it. However,
let me be very clear about one thing. The Aquafin is strictly limited
edition exclusive watch. In fact,we only plan a manufacturing 350 pieces
in total and in three days our campaignis over. And once it’s
over, it’s over for good. And let me tell you why we do this.
So first of all,I gave them a genuine scarcity. The campaign only has three more days
to go and we deliberately Sandis threedays before the campaign ends. So that we create a little bit of
extra squeeze here. And also, uh,you might want to explain the reason for
your scar city whenever you can becauseit, it seems more genuine and it is and
you shouldn’t really rip off people bygiving them a false scarcity.
This is real scarcity here. And I also explain it and let
me tell you why we do this. Because both people take action. And that’s why this watch is only for
the brave who take action and heed thecall marching forward. We will probably never produce
any more Aquafins after this. Only the limited numbers
for our selected backers. If at this point you are still hesitant,
then perhaps it’s okay to back down. People do it all the time.
However,if you want to word the companion to
the rebel inside you, here’s the chance. What are you going to do
with it? Now, this part,it’s very important and it has
so many things going on here. I’m just going to touch
on them very briefly,but you can read the entire
thing here if you want,because I go into much more detail
inside this post. So first of all,we create the urgency. Then I
explained the reason for the urgency. Then I expand on this reasoning
and connect this to uh,one of the core traits of being
a rebel and, and, and, uh,of being a bold person who I know that
my target audience wants to associatewith.
And this is taking action. Both people and rebels take action.
They don’t hesitate. And by highlighting this,hopefully I’m also making a change in
the brain of my reader in a sense thattheir inner boldness will come out and
they will say, okay, so if I’m bald,I have to act now because otherwise
I’m not bold, but I want to be bold. So I kind of have to act now. This is one of the most effective ways
to actually knock em off the fence. And uh, yeah, if, uh, if
they’re still not those people,then it’s, it doesn’t really
make sense to be aggressive. And that’s why I say if at this point
you are still hesitant then perhaps it’sokay to back down. People do it
all the time. So in this way,I mainly describe the majority of the
population that I know that my targetaudience doesn’t want to be a part of.
They want to feel special. They want to be kings, they want to be
bold people. They want to be heroes,but hero’s act, they do something
right now, not tomorrow. So that is why I say,
however,if you want to worthy companion to the
rebel inside you, here’s your chance. And I kind of give,
uh,basically a personality to the
watch at this point. So, uh, I’m,basically creating something like the
bond between a Samurai and his sword. The sword is the companion that
accompanies the Samurai on his journeys. And at the end I close with the question,
what are you going to do with it?Because questions work really well.
What are you going to do about it?Are you going to do something?
It makes people take action much more,uh, frequently. However,I’m still not done because I
still have to ask for the sale. Even if at this point people are hooked,
you’ve built a lot of desire in them,they’re afraid that
they’re going to miss out,still aren’t going to buy unless
you explicitly tell them to. So that’s why the final part
is about the call to action. So if you’re interested in reserving
your own personalized Aquafin, again,I’m creating more exclusivity
and unleashing its boldness. Underworld you should probably
do so now while still can. And then I have the call to action
link here and I have two PS-s. The first one just reinforces the benefits
because I know that these benefitsare very, very important
to my audience. Remember,you won’t find such a bad ass watch
with all these amazing features anywhereelse. Get it today for only four 89 and I
also add another ps which highlights thescarcity,
the urgency part of it,because I know that this is also
important to knock them over the fence,so be sure to move fast because there are
only three days left from the campaign. After that, I don’t think we’ll do
another batch ever wants this set is gone. It’s gone.
Reserve your personalized Aquafin now. And that’s it,
basically. Remember that this call to action
is very important to close,to actually close the sale. Don’t forget
about it, but in order to get here,you have to go through
the winning of the email. You have to go through all those
elements that I showed you,and in fact here they
are the structure first. You need to interrupt them
with an unexpected attention
grabbing subject line. Then you want to start with a
compelling hook that connects with thememotionally. Then wants to transition
between the hook and the offer,but be careful not to be forced here. Then you present the irresistible offer
listing the most desirable benefits. After that, you build
even more desire. Then ,add strategic and genuine. This is very
important and genuine scarcity, uh,and a fear of missing out and then
close with an explicit powerful call toaction. That’s it. So that’s
the structure. But uh,in order for this to work, it’s very
important that you really know the pains,fears, hopes, and dreams of your audience.
Because as you might have noticed,this text is extremely
targeted to one specific niche. It wouldn’t work on mothers, for
example. They wouldn’t care at all,but it works wonders on the people
who are interested in watches,in nice Swiss watches.
Secondly,you need to have this
bulletproof structure because
otherwise the whole email isgoing to crumble.
You want to grab attention,you want to elegantly guide them
through your call to action. And also integrating a lot of
psychological elements here. A lot of persuasion techniques and the
direct response copywriting techniqueswill make a huge difference. So, uh,you are able to actually write from
the perspective of your reader. So if you want to learn more about this
and how you can also apply this formulato write your own emails,
just like this one, then,I have a nice online course that
you might want to check out. It’s called rainmaker email mastery and
it will teach you how to craft elegantlypersuasive emails just like this
one that will get you higher clicks,opens and ultimately more sales
and do it all in an afternoon. This program isn’t drawn out.
It’s a very targeted,strategic and it’s practical. So if
you’re interested in something like this,check it out.
I’ll leave a link below this video. I also have a cool resource that you can
use to basically upgrade any email thatyou write from now on.
It’s called the ultimate email checklist. And basically,
uh,this is a short 4 page checklist with
everything that you need to do in order totransform your email.
For something that people ignore,to something that people will
be actually excited to receive. I’ll also leave a link for this below.
It’s free, so check it out if you want,and that’s it for this email case study.
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