Email Marketing: Copywriting Tips For Effective Email Marketing

– Despite the rise of social
media, email marketingremains one of the pillars of an effectivemarketing strategy online. No matter where you look
at it, a well-crafted emailcan go a long way in building and keepingyour audience on the ropes. Here is a step by step strategyto write compelling emails
that will make people reply. By the way, stick around
’til the end of the video,where I’m giving you an
email marketing planner. This is an amazing
spreadsheet that you can useto craft, organize, schedule,
and measure the performanceof your email campaigns,
newsletters, and subscribers. Number one: Nail the subject line. The first step in getting a reply is forpeople to actually click on
your email in the first place. And no one opens a great
email without havingan interesting subject line first. Think of your subject line as the obstaclethat email readers need to hurdle beforethey view your email. Your goal is to make it
so easy and appealingfor them to click. You can do this by having
a strong, actionablelanguage on your subject. Try incorporating verbs so that users willunderstand what the email is all about. Establish what information the userwill get from the email, and keep thatvalue top of mind. Clarity of objective plays a big partin whether an email is read or not. Make sure that there
is a clear propositionfor the user to email firstand then look at the
creative angles so thatthe user will respond. So instead of putting the subject line”I have something to tell you,” make itmore juicy, like, “The
big secret revealed. “Or play on humor. For example, I sent out an email aboutmy YouTube video on Instagram stories. My subject line was”Oh snap, Instagram
stories are killing it. “I played on the fact
that Instagram storiesare outplaying Snapchat in their own game. See what I did there?Next, make sure that what
you write in your subjectis directly represented in your email. and put a subject line
that’s enticing but thendoesn’t actually give the reader whatthey want in your email. By doing that, you’re misleading them,and they might not want to
open your emails in the future. Trust is an important part of anyemail marketing relationship. Your subject line gives a guarantee onwhat your email contains,
but your body delivers. This brings us to the next important step. Number two: Build your body. Not that body. After getting the
attention of your reader,the next step is to deliver the message. As much as possible, keep your emailStart by reinforcing
the purpose of the emailby aligning your subject line withthe first paragraph or
sentences of the email. Avoid using I, we. Talk about the reader by
using you, yours, et cetera. Then communicate value. The best emails with
high click-through ratesare those that communicate what the readerwill get after reading the email. Deliver this message as brief as possible. But don’t be robotic and flat. Be human. Readers want to talk to
authentic and real human beings. Make your tone personable
and humanize your language. Build the content of
your email by creatinga great story and then
having a clear end in mind. Now this brings us to the final step:Great emails end with a
strong call to action. Make sure that your actions
are easily identifiable. A great call to action is effectiveif this is highlighted and has
great placement on the email. Remember this. Most readers don’t read the entiretyof the emails you send. They scan the email to look
for the end action in mind. Establish your intent and what youexpect your readers to do next. And remind them how they’ll
benefit when they take action. Make sure that it has a strong beginning,middle, and end. And that’s why I’ve created
an email marketing plannerfor you that you can download for freein the description below. On tab one, I include all the stepsyou need to consider for your email. There are so many elements to your emails,and I can’t tell you how many timesI’ve received an email
and then a follow-up emailsaying, oops here’s the
link we forgot to includeor, oops we sent this to the wrong list. Please disregard. This will help you make sure
that you don’t miss a beator a hyperlink. The next tab is your performance tracker. Analyzing your results is somethingthat’s so overlooked. How can you learn to improve if you’re notlooking at your numbers?Include your email performance dataso that you can understand what went welland what needs tweaking for future emails. So click the link in the description belowto download that. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, hit the thumbs up,comment below, and of course, subscribefor more weekly videos.


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