Email marketing for photographers – why you need a list

– Is email marketing still
an effective way to growyour photography business?Hell yes!And if you’re still questioning why,then this video is for you. Since GDPR, more photographers
than ever are asking mewhether there’s any point
in them trying to buildan email list. But the new data protection
laws have actuallymade email lists even more
engaged than ever before. Because now you’re
subscribers have to genuinelywant to be on your email list. You cannot contact them otherwise. And this is what you want. You want a list of people
who want to hear from you. This means that you’re
more likely to have themopen and click on your emails. A list of 100 engaged email
subscribers is way morepowerful than list of
10,000 who don’t even knowhow they ended up hearing from you. But why?Why is an engaged list of
email subscribers so powerful?What gives an email list more juicethan an amazing social
media following for example. Well, let me outline nine reasons why. Number one, most of your
audience are not ready to book. They take their sweet time,
lots of them are goingto need seven to 11 touch
points with your businessbefore they even get in touch. Without an email list, that’s
going to be a long process. How will you even make
sure that they get thosetouch points, and you certainly
won’t have any controlover what they see and when. Enticing them onto your
list and sending themgreat content allows
you to stay top of mind,and then nurture that relationship. And with each email, you take them closerand closer to booking you. There is no better way to build up trustand likability with your
audience than to land intheir inbox with content
that helps, entertains,or educates them. Number two, you get a notification
when you get an email. It pops up on your phone, or
you’ll see it in your inbox. You don’t get notified when
a business that you followposts to Facebook, or
Instagram, or LinkedIn. And the likelihood of
you seeing it is slim,unless they’ve paid to promote it to you. Number three, emails remain in your inbox,they land there and they
can be opened and readlater when you have time. A social media post is
there and then it’s gonein a flash, and if you
don’t have time to giveit your attention at that
moment, you will forgetabout it in seconds. Number four, there’s no
distractions, even if youdo give some time to a social media post. Think of all the distractions
when you’re reading it. Think about what’s going
on above and below it,and maybe even to the side of it. How likely are you to take action on it?With all that other stuff going on. When you click on an
email and you read it,there’s only that email. No one else is competing on that screen. Number five is the cheap
reach, reaching all of youremail subscribers is
way cheaper than tryingto reach all of your
social media followers. And depending on the system that you use,it might even be free. Now free contact with all
your potential clients,that’s spectacular. Then there’s the fact that
you own your email list. You’re in full control of it. Unlike being at the mercy
of Facebook that candrastically cut your reach, or even deleteyour profile if they want to. Meaning that you lose
your entire audience. Next, in the increased
website traffic and contentdistribution, no more putting
effort into publishingcontent to your websites that no one sees. You can increase the
traffic to your website bysending a link out to
your email subscribers. Every time they go to
your website to consumea piece of content, they are
another step to booking you. And your email subscribers
are 100 times more likelyto click on that link than anyone else,because they know you. Number eight is the metrics are amazing. Right inside your email
marketing system isgolden information. You can see who’s opening
your emails, who’sclicking on them, these
are your hottest leads. And these are the people
you need to connect withon an even deeper level. So send them an offer, just for them. And then tip them gently over the edge. Last, but not least, you can
sell out to your list alone. If you put the work into
building an engaged list,who enjoy hearing from you,
you will have the abilityto create a real buzz and
a buildup to your marketingcampaigns, just via your email list. Business owners who do
this can often sell outto their email subscribers alone. No kidding, I used to run
monthly beginner photographyworkshops which brought me
a monthly profit of $1000pounds every month I sold
90% of those workshop placesto my email list. These people are primed to buy from you,and they will buy over and over again. Now, I know what you might be thinking,why would anyone actively
sign up to your email list?How do you even get them on
there in the first place?Well, I will be covering
that one next week. But before you go, if
I peaked your interestabout email marketing, I cover
this in a lot more detailin my 60 minute marketing
strategy workshop. It is absolutely free
to attend, and it’s puretraining for an entire hour. It has been getting amazing
feedback from attendees,I would absolutely love to
see you at the next one. You can sign up at
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