Email Marketing Software (Tools to get a 4500% ROI)

As I covered in the last video “What Is
Email Marketing and Why Is it Important”,email is an incredibly powerful tool that
offers an unprecedented chance at achievinga 3800% ROI. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you
that 3800% is a whole lotta return on yourmarketing investment. But here’s the secret…This insanely high ROI is only available to
those who commit to mastering the fundamentalsand applying them in their businesses, and
like most things, it’s a whole lot easierto achieve when you have the right tools for
the job, which is why on this episode we’retalking all about email marketing software
so you can set yourself up for success. Hello and welcome, my name is Adam Erhart
and you are watching the Modern MarketingShow. Where we take different marketing tactics,
tools, tips and strategies and break themdown into bite sized actionable clips that
you can use to immediately take your businessto the next level. While email marketing isn’t exactly rocket
science or brain surgery, it does take a littleknow how, and the right tools for the job. But here’s the good news. The fundamentals are actually pretty simple,
and when it comes to email marketing thereare really only 3 important stages you need
to understand in order to get the most bangfrom your email marketing buck. Collect, connect, and convert. And of course, for each stage there’s a
piece of software out there that was designedto help you maximise your results. So let’s dive into them. The first stage in email marketing is collect
your new subscribers emails. Now naturally there are a number of ways to
do this but the best one I’ve found to date is Leadpages. Leadpages allows you to not only create landing
pages specifically designed to capture moreemails, but also provides a number of other
ways to encourage your visitors to subscribeand stay in touch. It’s fast, simple, easy to setup, and worth
every penny. It’s what I use in my business and what
I recommend to all my clients. Stage 2 is to connect. Once you have your new subscribers emails
it’s time to start writing to them. Now just like before, there are a number of
different ways to do this ranging from thesimple tools like your personal Gmail or Hotmail
account, all the way up to the incrediblycomplicated Infusionsoft. After years of experimenting and trying most
of the most popular options available includingMailchimp, Aweber, and ConvertKit, I’ve
settled on one that I believe is the absolutebest of both worlds. And that tool is Drip. Drip provides all the functionality of more
complicated software in an easy to navigatevisual dashboard that makes writing, sending,
and tagging your subscribers a breeze. It also has a 100% free plan for up to 100
subscribers, so If you’re brand new to thewonderful world of email marketing this option
allows you to test the waters before fullycommitting. Alright so now that you have a way to collect
email address with Leadpages, and a way tofollow up with them with Drip, it’s time
to hone your skills and turn those subscribersinto lifelong and loyal customers. Which is why Stage 3 is to convert. I’d love to be able to tell you that this
part is easy. But sadly, it’s not. In fact, writing connecting, compelling, and
engaging emails is one of the most challengingthings you may ever do as a business owner
or marketer. Unless…You have a secret weapon. And my secret weapon is a training program
called AutoResponder Madness. AutoResponder Madness, A. R. M. or ARM, for
short, is quite simply the best email marketingtraining course I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken a LOT!ARM is powerful, fun, and effective, and doesn’t
rely on you being a phenomenally talentedwriter to still make a connection with your
readers, build your brand, and make sales. It’s that good and I highly suggest checking
it out. Any one of these tools on their own is a powerful
addition to your email marketing toolkit butwhen you combine all three, you’re given
the secret formula to successful email marketingthat will allow you to easily collect, connect,
and convert. So get out there, have fun, and grow your
business with email!So thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe
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