Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

– What’s more profitable:
email or social media?Now this is a big question,especially heading into
2019, 2020, and beyondbecause social media has been reallyjust on a big rise recently. Everybody and their brother wantsto be a social media superstar. There’s been Youtube millionaires
made literally overnight. Netflix has recently a new documentarycalled “The American Meme”and pretty much everyone
and their brother,at least in the mainstream,talks about social media
changing the world,changing business, and
changing the way money flows. Now does that mean
email marketing is dead?Well, my name is Igor Kheifetsand for the last seven years,I am have been making not
only a full-time income,but a seven and even
eight-figure income using emailand I am here to tell you
that email is not dead. In fact, rather than just
telling you about it,I’m going to prove it to youby a study done by a third party. Okay? I am not associated
with this company in any way. This company is called MailMunchand MailMunch conducted a studywhere they wanted to find
out what converts, right. Where do the sales come from?Because most marketers,and most business owners,
and most influencers,they talk about, supposedly,
where they make their money,but they never track. Well this company actually tracked itand they wanted to find outwhich traffic source
converts most and then best,basically which traffic source
gets the most conversionsand which traffic source, not
only gets most conversions,but the most profitable
conversions as well. So as you can see,number seven on this
list is social networkwhich stands for Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter,and anything else that is
considered social networkand as you can see social
networks in this studydelivered about 101,and that is a collective
number by the way,101 conversions worth about
$737 as you can see right here. Which means out of the 101 customersthat came through the
social media channels,they’ve made on average
about $737. 26 per customer. Now look at email. Email is number four on that listin terms of the amount of conversionsand it actually converted
at nearly 9 times higherthan social networks meaning
that email brought in9 times more customers
than social networks did. What’s most fascinatingis that out of all these traffic sources,other than the direct trafficwhich means when the user
had an existing relationshipwith the companyand had known about the
company from before,email actually delivered customersthat spent the most moneywhich mean that for every conversionthat the email delivered,as opposed to the social
network conversion,the email conversion, the email customerthe customer who found this
business through email,ended up spending 20 times
more money with that business. So while social media
referrals spend about $737,an email referral spend nearly $15,000. And what does that tell you?If nothing else, even if social
media and email convertedat the exactly same
rate, which they do not,even if that was the case,
you still want to use emailjust because email
subscribers spend more money. They buy more stuff. They’re basically patronizing
you and your businessand your purpose and your missionthrough purchasing from youand not just by liking your stuff,and your posts and your content. Now where does that leave you?So, if right now, you’re trying
to build your own businessor generate leads online,the conclusion you need to
come to is very, very simple. Email is what is going to
get you the best customers,the ones that spend most money,the ones that are the most
receptive to your message,and the ones that are easiest to convert,especially, if you’re now
getting lots of trafficor trying to get lots of
traffic through social mediathat is not really getting
you a great result. And this is where it gets
really interesting for youbecause I’m conducting a
free training this weekwhere I am going to show
you how I’ve used emailin my business to build a list of4 million email subscribers at break-even. In fact, I’ve used that big list,well 4 million is big,I’ve used that list in order to becomeone of the world’s top super affiliatesof internet marketers andended up basically landing
on every possible leaderboardthat I’ve ever attempted to get ontoin the last couple of years. So, if you’d like to find outhow I am generating leads using email,and how I am converting
these leads using email,as well as, if you’d like
to know the actual offersthat are converting right
now with the traffic sourceI am about to show you,If you’d like to know howto stop chasing people on social mediaand instead have people come to youand spend money with you,I want to show you how to do thatduring this free workshop this week. So, the link for that
workshop is either hereor here depending on the deviceyou are watching this video fromor you can just use the URL
that you are seeing above. Okay, you go to igor. cx to
attend this free trainingand make sure you attend the trainingbecause just by attending,I’m also going to give
you a $3,000 valued gift. It’s a 31-day email sequence you can usein order to convert more
customers and get more business. Alright, so again email
is where the money is atbased on the study I just showed you. Again, I am not associated with MailMunchin any way whatsoever. You can look it up yourself. You can just get on Googleand type in social media
vs. email MailMunch,you can find this information. But what is really important here,if you’d like to start
getting lots and lotsand lots of leads that are
responsive to your messagethen you need to use email
in your business asapboth as a way to get customersas well as a way to convert
the customers you’re getting. And I am about to show you how to do bothon this free workshop. So what you want to do is go to igor. cx. Again the URL is just above
me or somewhere to the sideor to the bottom again depending onwhere you are watching this video from. But if you just go to igor. cx,you will be able to
attend this free training,get a free gift just for attending,and remember, in addition, to
showing you the traffic sourceand how to convert leads,how I am converting those leads,I’m also going to show you the offersthat are currently
converting the best for meand my clients because we are drivingquite literally millions
upon millions upon millionsof clicks each and every single yearinto a bunch of offers
and we have the datato show you what
converted and what didn’t. So if you’d like to find out
all these goodies and secrets,go to igor. cx right now
and I will see you there.


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