Email Marketing (What is it and Why is it Important?)

We’ve all heard the headlines…“Email is king!”“Email is dead!”“Email, the most addicting drug on the planet”
“How to handle inbox overwhelm” And on,and on they go. In the blue corner you have “Expert #1”
claiming social media is the way of the future. And email is obsolete and ineffective. And in the red corner you have “Guru #2”
stating that email is the ONLY channel youneed to use. And that it has been, and will continue to
be the most effective form of digital marketingavailable. So who’s right?Well…Neither (but the edge in this argument goes
to Guru #2). Which is why in this episode we’re talking
all about email marketing, and why it’smore important than ever. Hello and welcome, my name is Adam Erhart
and you are watching the Modern MarketingShow. Where we take different marketing tactics,
tools, tips and strategies and break themdown into bite sized actionable clips that
you can use to immediately take your businessto the next level. So is email marketing important?Does it work?And most importantly, Is email marketing something
you should invest your businesses precioustime, money, and resources into?To answer this, let’s look at a few simple
facts. Fact #1, Email marketing works. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring
customers than Facebook or Twitter. What makes this fact so impressive is that
Facebook and Twitter areactually pretty effective tools for acquiring
new customers. So imagine multiplying that by 40, and you
start to see the real power of email marketing. So what makes it just so darn effective?There are a number of reasons but they all
boil down to a couple simple things. One, We all use email for both personal, and
professional. This means an email from your Mom is likely
to appear right beside a new promotion toa store you subscribe to. This adds trust and credibility. And two, Email is a medium that allows the
development of a relationship by telling longerstories, including videos, and getting your
customers to take action with embedded links. This means you aren’t limited to 140 characters
or the choice between photos,video, or posting a long and detailed story
. Pro Tip: Use social media ads like Facebook
and Twitter to drive traffic to your emaillist, so you can follow-up and continue the
relationship there. When you combine social media marketing with
email marketing you get a powerhouse comboFact #2, email is everywhere. 92% of online adults use email. I’ve always wondered about the other 8%
that don’t use email. Who are these people?I mean, Even my grandparents who are 85 years
old have email. But Moving on. Most of us use email. Most of us need email. And we tend to trust (at least to a certain
extent) the quality of the information wereceive there above other places. Which is perhaps the biggest reason it works
so well. Email is an integral part of our everyday
personal and professional lives. And it is for your customers as well. It’s fast. Convenient. And customers actually prefer receiving promotional
material via email over social media. This means it is OK to sell with email. As long as you do it tastefully, respectfully,
and keep it relevant, you have your customerspermission to do so. Fact #3, A message is 5 times more likely
to be seen in an email than through Facebook. If you thought your email inbox was overwhelming,
just take a quick look at your social mediafeed. Chaos!It’s like a high school talent show with
everyone trying to get attention and be heardabove the noise. You also have a limited time to grab your
prospects attention, make your point, andget them to take action. Of course this can be done (and is something
we do everyday in our agency) but it’s alot more challenging to do it in a few short
words than with an email where you can includestory, imagery, video, links, and more. Email adds some “fudge factor” and ensures
that even if you’re not a copywriting pro– you can still get your message across. Fact #4, show me the money. Email marketing has an ROI of 3800% And I’m
sure I don’t need to tell you that an ROIof 3800% is HUGE!(Some statistics show the ROI is as high as
4300%) Regardless, That’s a whole lottareturn on your marketing investment. Especially when compared to average ROI’s
in real estate … Or the stock market …Or even that “super incredible deal” your
Uncle Lonny offered you a few years back toinvest in his Llama Farm with the potential
for an 80% ROI…. (that came bundled witha 100% chance of loss when positioned against
uncle Lonny’s previous business “opportunities”)No thanks!But I’ll take the 3800% ROI every day of
the week. And I suggest you do too. So here’s how to make it all work. First, you’re doing to need an email service
provider. This is what’s going to allow you to add
subscribers, send emails, and keep everythingon track. I’ve tried a bunch, and now use – and
recommend – only one. Drip – which I’ll link to in the show
notes below. Forget Mailchimp (which has pretty limited
features) and ignore Aweber (which is kindof a dinosaur in the marketing world that
I happily abandoned awhile back. Save yourself the headaches, and go with Drip. It’s simply the best one out there right
now, and even has a 100% free plan if you’rejust getting started. Next, you’re probably going to need just
a little bit of training on how to write amazing,revenue generating emails. I’ve taken more email marketing courses
than I can count. And 1 course stands head and shoulders above
all the others. It’s called AutoResponder Madness and it’s
amazing. I’ll make sure to link to it in the show
notes as well. It’s relatively fast (can do it in an hour
a day, or jam it all into a weekend) It’sfun And it works. (The advice in the course is what others use
when creating their own courses and advice. It’s absolute GOLD) Drip is great, and AutoResponder
Madness is great. And when you combine the two you get a killer
combo. And a secret cocktail of marketing goodness. One of the biggest obstacles to getting started
with email marketing is this: “What am Igoing to write about?”Fear not!You don’t need to be a modern day Hemmingway
to write effective emails to your customers. In fact, in today’s age, authenticity and
transparency are far more important than goodspelling and grammar. Add value where you can, be you, be real,
and just write. You also don’t need to come up with a 50,000
word email sequence. No, 3 simple emails to get you started will
do just fine. For email #1 Solve your customers biggest
problem or answer the #1 question you getin your business. For email #2 Introduce yourself, your business,
and your story. For email #3 Introduce another problem, explain
it in a little more detail, and the describehow your product or service solves that issue. Done!Congratulations, you’re now an email marketer
well on your way to more leads, a better relationshipwith current and potential customers, and
an 3800% ROI. So thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe
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