Emailing Federal Contracting Officers Effectively

Federal Contracts are often won before bidding begins with good e-mails. If you can make your company known to a contracting officer before bidding, you are going to improve your chances of winning government contracts. Get more responses to emails with the tips in this video.

Check out this video where Senior Acquisition Specialist John Lynch explains the exact wording you could take to get a contracting officer to ask for your SAM Registration and CAGE Code information, the two crucial elements for any government contractor to get a federal award. In this video, we’ll focus on USFCR’s Verified Vendor Nonnah’s Marketing. Check out the Online Capability Statement for Nonnah’s Marketing here:

US Federal Contractor Registration is a full service third-party registration firm that helps businesses of all sizes build a lasting legacy as a federal contractor. Learn more about John Lynch here:

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