Fail Game [AXE + Lone Druid LV3] 6 Warrior+ 4 Beast l Tidesoftime Auto Chess 08

Fail Game [AXE + Lone Druid LV3] 6 Warrior+ 4 Beast l Tidesoftime Auto Chess 08
Hi Guys, This is my awesome Youtube channel of great plays.
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– 10 DotA Auto Chess Tips
1. Go to settings and turn on quick cast
2. Focus on getting to 50 gold without dying because every 10 gold up until 50 gold gives you +1 bonus gold per round
3. Use hotkeys (ones you may not know about are tab, space bar and alt. Try them out to see what they do 🙂 This is a good long-term habit to build up.
4. Sometimes synergy isn’t as important as picking up a strong unit for the board.
5. Get to level 6 or 7 as soon as possible.
6. 3* units are usually only worth it if you are rich or already have alot of that unit – don’t go out of your way to 3* – unless you know for a fact its important to get.
7. Usually you shouldn’t go all in when you have alot of health points – unless you’ve made the judgement you have to do as much damage as possible to the enemy NOW.
8. Sometimes you have a bad start and early losses are OK because loss streaks give you more gold.
9. Warlock, beast, naga and elemental are secondary synergies you do not want to go for until you already have a main synergy and strong units.
10. Don’t hold onto items early game – put them on a unit you will sell soon – increases your chances of winning early rounds.
Have fun 🙂



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