Good Phone Scripts When Reaching Out To Passive Candidates

What are good phone scripts for passive candidates?
First, what is a passive candidate? So a passivecandidate is somebody that we don’t know is
looking for a job until we contact them. Andwe want to try to solicit them to get their
attention about the opportunity that I havefor them and recruit them. So, the best approach
in scripts when trying to target these passivecandidates, it goes like this, it’s kind of
structured and I coach my team to keep itin a real structured manner. The first reach
out needs to be kind of soft. You need totell them what you’re all about, what you
kind of do in a quick manner and relate whatyou do and how it can benefit them in a way.
For example, Hi this is Kathleen Steffey,and I’m a National Recruiter with Naviga.
We are a sales and marketing executive searchfirm. I have many Director of Sales opportunities
all across the United States. I thought itwould be good to connect for a future opportunity
and at the very least, good to network. Sothat’s soft, right? I’m not in their face,
telling them about a job, right? I’m talkingabout a relationship or potential future relationship
between me and them to network, let’s keepin touch. So once you hear a reply from that
soft approach and somebody says, I’d be interestedin connecting, I’d be interested in hearing
more for future opportunities, whether it’son LinkedIn, whether it’s over email, whether
it’s over the phone, that they’re tellingus this, then we go in for a more direct approach.
That says, Cool, so glad you responded tome, it just so happens that I have an opportunity
that fits your need or potentially, I’ve gota Director of Sales role on the West Coast
in San Francisco right now that’s lookingfor somebody like you and if you’d like to
explore it I’d love to, you know, talk andschedule an appointment. So then we’re going
and we’re getting a bit more formal, right,but it’s not in your face because people today,
just like sales, they don’t want to be oversold. Even when you’re trying to recruit them for
an opportunity. They want to feel like they’remaking the decision to call you and it’s not
too intense and in your face. And then that’swhen you explore it, you know, you sell the
opportunity a bit further, you make sure thatwe’re meeting the needs of their expectations
and what their interests are based on thecurrent opportunity that you have for them
and even when you’re exploring your corporationand talking about the future for the corporation
and the growth for that sales department,you make sure that you’re capturing their
needs and interests when you’re communicatingwith them. So those are the key steps on just
kind of lassoing these passive candidatesand getting their attention. It’s not hard,
it’s not a hard sell, it’s softer than itused to be because people have choices, so
you need to be real strategic in your approach. What do you think about this approach and
what is yours when you go and try to attackpassive candidates?


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