Grow Your Audience With Signup Forms

The foundation of a great marketing plan is an audience of contacts who want to hear from you and engage with your brand. But how do you attract new contacts to join your audience? In this second webinar in our introductory Audience tutorials, we’ll show you how to use Mailchimp signup forms to drive new subscribers to your audience, while collecting the information that you need to build successful, targeted campaigns in the future.

In this #webinar, we will:
1) Introduce you to the types of forms that you can be used to bring new subscribers into Mailchimp
2) Walk through how to set up a basic signup form to collect information on new subscribers
3) Break down how to best utilize groups and audience fields on your signup forms
4) Show different types of signup forms for a scenario business to help conceptualize how subscribers can be added to your audience
Discuss audience management tools that will help you to best leverage your audience data going forward

This webinar is ideal for Mailchimp customers who:
— Recently created an account and have little to no experience using Mailchimp
— Are interested in contact management tools and how to bring new subscribers into their audience

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