Gundog training tips – steadiness

Steadiness is like obedience, but much, much
more. Here’s how top gundog trainer RickyMoloney keeps his gundogs steady on a shoot
day. For steadiness we are going back to what we
have been doing really from eight to ten monthsof age. So I have laid my foundations. Coming
out into the shooting field now I am expectingsuch likes as Den, Cuba to actually at this
stage know the job. Den did run in today,he did actually go. I have been sending him
quickly for wounded birds, as a side effecthe decided that he was going to go before
the command was issued. Not a problem withthat. As soon as I growled he knew he had
done wrong, he stopped and he looked at me. That is my side effects, I have created that,
I will overcome that. I want him to be sharpon marked game. The quicker I have the dog
off on a bird especially when it is running,the quicker I am going to put it into the
bag. The longer you delay the more chancethat bird has. So you let Gemma pick that bird. The dead bird on the side of the wall wasn’t
going anywhere. I said to Gemma is it dead. It was so really it was an opportunity for
me to show my dogs they can hang on and waitbecause there is another dog. Not every retrieve
is going to be theirs. Ricky Moloney runs Ribblesdale Labradors.
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