How Does Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Work?

The clickfunnels affiliate program. What
it is? How it works. And I’m going to beshowing you how I’ve earned over $100,000 with theprogram and I’ll also be showing you a
bit in my account of how you can do ittoo. Let’s get into it. Okay, so here I am in my click funnels
account. And as you see, I’ve earned over$111,000
with this program and what’s even betteris I have a current MRR of $12,000. That means every monthI have twelve. . . At least $12,000
that I’m going to make. Butbefore we get too deep into the
affiliates Center, there’s a few termsthat you need to understand to really
make the most of things. The first termis trial. Now, to understand working with
the clickfunnels program, you need tounderstand what a trial is. Now, a trial
is a software term for saying you canuse the software for free for a certain
period of time before you’re thencharged for it. Now, click funnels works
off of a trial model. So when you getsomebody to sign up, nobody actually
makes any money because they’re on atrial. But 14 days later, they have a
chance to become a subscriber and thenyou start making money. So, that’s what a
trial is. Now, the second term you have tounderstand which is also a software term
is MRR. And that stands for monthlyrecurring revenue. And what that is is
because clickfunnels is a software sothat people need to use it and it’s
build on a monthly basis. So, every month,people are charged anywhere between
$97 or $297to use the software
for their business. Now, the way thecommission structure works is you earn
40% of that. Now, that 40%is of either 97 or 297 a month
which means you’ll earn anywhere between40 to 120 dollars per customer, per month.
Andbecause people are hosting their
websites on this which is one of themost important parts of having an
internet business, it means thatbasically as long as that person is
continuing to run a website-basedbusiness that you are going to continue
to get paid that amount. Now, churn is an important number and
it’s also another software term. And whatchurn means is how many people drop off
of the subscription each month. So now,let’s say I have a hundred people that
are paying for clickfunnelsfor 97 a month. Those people aren’t going to
pay forever, right? You know, it’s not. . . It’snot something like they’re just never
going to stop paying even insurancecompanies and cable companies and phone
companies have churn. You know, phonecompanies, their customers might last 10
years before they switch to anotherprovider, 20 years. But there’s going to
be some sort of drop-off every month oryear. Now, in clickfunnels case, this will
likely vary by whoever the affiliate is. In my case, the churn is 11%. So
clickfunnels has a very low churn. Andthis is basically across the board. So,
when you get a customer, they’re stayingfor basically you configure a year.
Almost a year. So, that’s a lot of timeand that’s a lot of money too. So average
customer is going to be worth. You know,somebody who signs up for a free trial
can be worth $400 which is really great. Now, another concept which is not
necessary for this but I’m going to explaina little bit is painkiller versus
vitamin. You want to be marketingprograms that are painkillers versus
vitamins. Vitamins are nice to have. Vitamins are about making your life
easier. But if they aren’t necessary, youdon’t need to take vitamins to live.
Whereas a painkiller is something youneed to get rid of your headache. It’s
not a nice-to-have. It’s about killingthe pain now. And click funnels and why
their program is so useful is becauseclick funnels is marketed
and is a painkiller for starting anonline business for those of us who
aren’t technical. So, that’s why it’s agreat program. Let’s get on to my
computer. So here we are in theclickfunnels dashboard and as you’ll see,
basically to get over to the affiliatecenter. If you want to be an affiliate
for clickfunnels you’d go over here. You’d put your mouse over here and you’d
click on this word “affiliates’ rightthere. So, let’s go over there. You’ll see
here’s the money. This is the money thatyou earn from the click funnels program.
And as you can see those numbers rightthere, it shows you how much you’ve been
paid out. How much is pending payment andyou know, how much I made today so far. So,
I made already $116,000today and I haven’t even been
marketing it. This is because of I have arecurring revenue with them. Now, what
you’ll see on the click funnelsaffiliate account is that they have a
ton of different funnels that you canmarket. So, they have the 10x secrets
masterclass and the. . . You know, they have30 day summit. And you know, the one
funnel away challenge. If you want to getsome of these links, all you have to do
is you have to click on affiliate toolsand get links. Now, I’ll be showing you
out of all the funnels, I’ll be showingyou what the best funnels are for
marketing the click funnels affiliateprogram. And I’ll be showing you how I
get all of my commission’s from theiraffiliate program in just a second. But I
want to give you a little explanation ofthis first. Here so I clicked on the
affiliate a bootcamp. And here we seethat we can choose our links. Now, this
gives us our link right here. You seewhere it says grab affiliate link. We
have our affiliate link right here wherewe can just copy and paste it. So, let’s
get that. Look at a copy. Then I’m going topaste it into a new tab. And here you go.
100 days to turn this hobby intoyour full-time career. And then you have
a whole sales video from Russell Brunsonwhich is teaching how to do their
affiliate marketing bootcamp and learnhow to be an affiliate for them, okay? So,
they have their own program of how to dothat and they have a bunch of successful
affiliate marketersfor clickfunnels of how they promoted
and how they were able to make a lot ofmoney as affiliates for clickfunnels. Now,
in my marketing, the way I actually goabout promoting my affiliate links for
click funnels is I use just the standardwhat’s called click funnels affiliate
center. And as you see, I am really justmarketing it as a website builder. You
know, that other link, the angle was thatyou can become an affiliate for click
funnels. Now, for the one-funnel waychallenge, you can make $100 for every
person who signs up, okay? For the bootcamp. So you see here, you know, this is a great
way and they give youbanner ads that you can put on your
website. They give you Instagram poststhat you can put on your Instagram. They
give you all sorts of differentmaterials that you can market emails to
send to your friends or family orsubscribers or what have you. So, you can
do any sort of way to promote thisprogram of being an affiliate for click
funnels and earn $100. I prefer to marketsimply the website builder itself. And
that’s why I go into the click funnelsaffiliate center right here. And I will
click this link right here. Now, it’sgreat about being an affiliate for the
standard click funnels subscription, thewebsite builder is that you can earn
monthly recurring commissions, passivecommissions. Very easily but even better
is that you can earn a dream car in thedream car challenge. Check it out. So, here
we are in the click funnels affiliatecenter, the main one. And you’ll see they
pay 40% monthly recurring commissions. We’ll check this out. They even have
support, okay? So, you have an affiliatemanager that will help answer whatever
questions you have. But here’s where itgets cool.
Boom! Dream car, baby! So, as you see, if yousurpass 100 active people who are paying
for click funnels every month, clickfunnels will literally pay for your
dream cars. They’ll pay up to $500 amonth for whatever car you want. Now, if
you’re like me,crossed the second finish line and you
got over 200 people on recurringsubscriptions to clickfunnels,
you get $1,000 towards any car that youwant. And click funnels pays for it all
for you. Pretty cool. So, I’m up to $293 active subscribers toClickbank each. . . Or clickfunnels each
month. Sorry, I work so much withClickbank and click funnels, it’s funny.
And they give you different pages thatyou can promote. So as you see, you can
promote the 14-day free trial. You canpromote the secret funnel strategy, you
can promote you know, the lady boss page. Now, let’s check out the lady boss page
if you have a female audience. So, here wego. We have the offer right here which is
the page you promote. And then we haveour affiliate link. So let’s copy this,
paste in our web browser. Now, this is thepage people see. And once again, you will
earn commissions if people sign up forclick funnels through this link and then
continue paying the monthly recurringsubscription. Now, this page is a well
built marketing page. It says how thisflat broke newbie entrepreneur launched
her online empire straight from herkitchen table with no product and zero
tech experience and changed the lives of1. 3 million followers in just 3
years. Kaylin has created two comma Club
funnels. Preview this web class. So now ifyou have a female oriented audience, this
would be a great funnel to serve them. Because it would kind of show them
another you know lady boss entrepreneur. That’s her brand lady boss actually. How
she was able to create a very largehealth supplement brand just by using
websites and online marketing. The reasonwhy I don’t personally promote this
funnel is because I don’t think it’sdirecting to-the-point enough. I don’t
want people buying into a businessopportunity because this looks sounds
kind of like a business opportunity,right? It sounds kind of like a starting
a business where I want people to buythe software itself which is a bit more
of a harder sell. But the difference is when you have people
just buy into clickfunnels for thesoftware itself, people stay for a lot
longer and then also you get thatmonthly recurring revenue as people
remain on and use the software for itscore purpose which is building a website.
Easy, right? So, here’s the funnel Ipromote for click funnels. And the funnel
I promote is not the what’s your dreamcar. It is the free 14-day trial page. And
this funnel is simply just kind ofdirecting to the point about the
software. I’m sure other marketing pagesmight work better or get more people
signing up. Bbut I just use this link. Because it’s direct, it’s to the point
it’s about the software. And I just wantpeople on recurring revenue. That’s
really what I want. And the morerecurring revenue I build up for myself,
the better. So, here’s some of my numbersfrom my click funnels affiliate center.
And as you can see, here is my churnnumber. That means the number of people
who drop off every month. And here isanother number which is more advanced.
But this is my trial stick rate. And asyou see, 92% of people who sign up
for the free trial, they put no moneydown end up stayin around and using
click funnels as their website softwareof choice. Now, these numbers are very
good. And it’s because the way I actuallypromote click funnels is for its core
use. Which is as a website builder. And Iuse it myself and it’s a very good
website builder. You get more metrics inhere. How many people are currently
trialing. How many new trials are comingon each day. So, you’ll see a lot of that
adds up to an additional $2,000of additional recurring revenue
that can be added on to the current12,000 that I already have. So,
based on these numbers, next month, Ishould have $15,000 a month of recurring
revenue with click funnels. And that’s areally important number because once you
are able to cover your monthly expenseswith consistent recurring revenue, you’ve
achieved financial freedom and that’swhat I’d like to for everyone here to
achieve. So, I highly recommend you getstarted with the click funnels affiliate
program. It’s a great place if you wantto build recurring revenue. I have a link
somewhere down below of how you can getstarted with click funnels and sign up
for their affiliate program. So, justclick the link down below and get
started with them. And if you’d like tosee more videos of me on this channel
talking about affiliate marketing whichis the future of sales and it’s the
future. If you want to make any moneyonline, you’re going to be an affiliate.
Everybody is. You can learn from me. Subscribe to this channel. Click that
like button and write some comments. I’dlove to hear from you what you’d like to
learn about next. If you didn’tunderstand anything. If anything was over
your head. And how else I can help youout in your business. Now looking forward
to teaching you in the future. Talk soon. See you.


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