How I Made $4917 In My First 10 Days on Clickbank (Step by Step)

Want to know how I made $4917 in my first 10 days on Clickbank? In this video you will see the exact strategy used to achieve these incredible results. Step by step you will learn how to do the same!

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Clickbank affiliate marketing is all about having a good strategy. A strategy that converts traffic into sales so you can make money online.

In this Clickbank tutorial Colin Dijs shows you the exact strategy that earned him multi thousands in his first week and a half on Clickbank 2020.

As a beginner affiliate you want to take the path of least resistance, meaning you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You want to take something that is already working and make it better.

The Clickbank marketplace is where it all begins as soon as you have signed up for a Clickbank account and got it approved.

In the marketplace you can choose from a large variety of different categories. Choose a niche that works for you and which has interesting offers to promote. Remember, high converting offers will make you a lot of money online!

After you’ve selected an offer or even if you don’t have enough inspiration to select one you can head over to your spytool. In this video Adplexity Native.

The spytool will show you ads other affiliates are running so you can see what is working. Nobody would run an ad for months without making good money on it.

You can copy the lander and or ads but it’s recommended to make the adjustments required and use them as inspiration.

Take what works and make it better, that’s how you will achieve Clickbank success in 2020.

As soon as you have your lander, ad images and copy it’s time to build.

1. Set up your tracking in Voluum using your Clickbank Offer
2. Upload Landing Page
3. Open your traffic source (in this video: Revcontent through Voluum DSP)
4. Build the campaign
5. Profit

Oh…well. Hopefully.

Your campaign is now ready and will spend money, in return you get data and hopefully some sales.

Now you can start optimising. Turn off what doesn’t work and scale what works. Now you will make more money!

That’s how it’s done. Not that difficult eh? You’re now on your way to become a Clickbank Super Affiliate!

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