How Sell Products On JVZoo [Updated 2018]

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Learn how to set up your JVZoo sales funnel.

JVZoo is one of the most popular platforms for selling digital products online. The beauty of the platform is that it allows you to pay affiliates instantly for promoting your products.

This is one of the best ways to reach new customers and increase your sales in a short amount of time. Also JVZoo recently added their own marketplace where you can add your products to reach new customers, and you can even sell physical products now also.

The first thing that to do if you want to sell your products on JVZoo is register for an account.

Please note that in order to accept payments through JVZoo you will need a PayPal business account.

Once your JVZoo account is active, you need to add and verify your PayPal or Stripe accounts before you can start accepting payments. Stripe is an alternative to PayPal which is becoming increasing popular these days.

Once all of your products are added you need to add them to a funnel:

• Go to Sellers – Sales Funnels.
• Click “Add New Sales Funnel”.
• Enter the name of your funnel and click “Save Sales Funnel Name”.
• Select the front end product to add to your funnel and click “Add”. • Scroll down and next to your product name where it says “They See”, select your first up-sell or OTO1 product. • If you have more up-sells, repeat the process, adding OTO2, OTO3 etc. Now, once that’s complete, you need to get your button code:
• Go to Sellers – Seller’s Dashboard. • Next to your product, click “Actions” – “Buy Buttons”. • Select the funnel. • Copy the code for your preferred button and save to a text file for later use. Then repeat the process for each product in your funnel. Now all that you need to do is paste the button code into your sales page where you want it to appear.

Read more: 10 done-for-you online business that anyone can start today:



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