How To Add Mailchimp Signup Form To Facebook Page

In this video, I show you how to add Mailchimp signup form to a Facebook page. Adding your Mailchimp email signup form to your Facebook page enables visitors to your page to signup to your email list. After the connection you will have a tab (navigation) on your page for visitors to click on, and for you to share with your Facebook community. As you go through the process of adding Mailchimp to Facebook remember to review the privacy policy and terms of service on both Mailchimp and Facebook.

Also, with the new Facebook layout, there is an error message when you try to adjust where the link to your signup form appears on your Facebook page. (i.e. – Oops there’s a problem) I show you a couple of easy workarounds until Facebook gets around to fixing the problem.

Steps to Follow
1. Go to the Integrations tab on Mailchimp, click the Facebook icon.
2. Read the Before you Start section – make sure you have an Instagram business account.
3. Read the Privacy and Terms
4. Click the Connect button
5. On Facebook, follow the prompts to connect Mailchimp with Facebook.
6. On Mailchimp, select which page (if you have more than one) to add the Sign-Up form
7. Select add the form and add a label name.
8 On Facebook, go to Page Settings, click Templates and Tabs, try to drag the tab into a place where you’d like it to appear on the page.

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