How to add signup forms to your blog using Convertkit

How Do You Email Your List and How to Add Optin Forms in your Posts

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I’ve covered how I emailed my list when it was still tiny. But how do I do it now? Now that I have thousands of subscribers – how do I keep my relationship warm with all of my readers?

So if we do the rough math, how many emails do I send per month?

If I email my list weekly, that is four emails a month to 6,000+ people = 24,000 emails

Half of my list is also in a sequence (the funnel emails I showed above that are sent automatically to my readers). So this comes to about 3,000 readers in funnels each month and there are roughly 9 emails in each funnel, so 3,000 subscribers time 9 emails = 27,000 emails

So overall, I send 24,000 + 27,000 = 51,000 emails each month. That is insane! There is no way you can do that out of Gmail. So I use Convertkit to manage all of this for me. It is well worth the monthly fee I spend to generate auto sales and keep my relationship strong with my readers.

In the video below I cover how I create optins or printables in PowerPoint or Canva. I also go step by step how I upload the PDF to my blog, connect it to Convertkit and add the sign up form to my blog post.

These optin forms along with popups have helped me build my email list over the last year.

Checkout the post — I will cover everything I’ve learned about how to create a mailing list for your blog.

The Importance of building and email list, even if you’re just starting out.
What exactly and email list is.
Why you need a list for your blog.
What to send to your subscribers once they sign up.
When do you send emails? And how often?
How do to send emails and how to offer an optin (video included below!)
How to grow your email list.
Examples of amazing optin ideas that convert and a recap of all of my failures.
Where to place your sign up boxes.



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