How to Asana: Asana and email

What’s the secret to having a more organized email inbox? Relying on email less—it wasn’t designed for project management. But Asana is!
Follow these tips to move away from email:

Instead of making work requests via email…
—Create tasks, project, and start conversations in Asana.

Instead of checking your email and getting off track…
—Use Asana Inbox to see updates about work that matters to you.

Instead of getting lost in a long email thread…
—Use task comments, project conversations, and team conversations to communicate.

Instead of trying to do project management with contractors or external stakeholders through email…
—Invite guests into Asana so they can work on projects with you. They’ll only have access to work you share with them.

Instead of hoarding information in email…
—Send emails to Asana to create tasks and conversations. Send emails to and they’ll appear in your My Tasks list.

Instead of doing everything manually…
—Use our email integrations. Just connect your Asana account and set up the integration.



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