How To Build A Large Email List And Audience From Scratch

One of the most important things when it
comes to running an online business isbuilding a list and building an audience.
Without a list and without an audience,you have no one to sell to. Now when
you’re starting out, you might bewondering how to build a large email
list and the audience from scratch. Andso I’m going to walk you through seven
things that you can do to go from zerolist and zero audience to thousands
and beyond. So stay tuned till the end as I walkyou through how to build a large email
list and an audience from scratch. Heyguys welcome back to my channel, the best
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also go check out all my other pastvideos. So when you’re starting out with
a brand new business or maybe you’restarting out with building a list and an
audience, you might be wondering, okayawesome let’s get started. Now where do I
start?And so let’s break down those seven steps. Step number one, before youeven start thinking about building a
list and building an audience, the firstthing you want to know is you got to
know who you are trying to get on yourlist and who you want as part of your
audience. One of the biggest mistakesthat I see online entrepreneurs make
when you’re thinking about list buildingand audience building is they don’t
consider who they want to have on theirlist, who they want to have as part of
their audience. And that is a huge mistake. When it comes to list building, when it
comes to creating an audience, size doesn’tmatter, alright? The quality of who’s on your list andthe quality of who’s in your audience is
way, way more important than how big yourlist is or how many people are following
you on Instagram or Facebook or you knowyoutube for example. So you want to start
off by first knowing who is your idealpaying customer. So your ideal paying
customer is basically someone who isvery likely to be interested in buying
your services or your products. And youwant to have as many ideal paying
customers on your list and in youraudience, because at the end of the day,
the content you’re creating, the socialmedia that you’re doing, it’s not just for
vanity sake right? You’re not just goingin for vanity metrics. What you really
want to achieve by the end of the day isto get customers out of your content
their customers, out of your social media,get customers out of your YouTube videos
and your podcast. And that is why youdon’t just want anyone on your list. So
in my case when I think aboutwho do I want to have on my list, who do
I want to have as part of my audience,I’m always thinking about that online
entrepreneur who is looking to eitherstart, grow or scale their online
businesses. I know exactly who they are, Iknow exactly what troubles they face,
the problems that they face in theirbusinesses, the solutions they’re looking
for. So I have a very clear idea ofwho they are. Now this brings me to step
number two. Know exactly where yourtarget customers are hanging out. And so
once you know who your ideal payingcustomers are and who you want to have
on your email list and as part of youraudience, now you need to know where to
find them. How do you actually findthese people. And so you want to think
about where do they hang out online? Whatwebsites do they visit? What FaceBook
groups are they part of? Who dothey follow online? What celebrities do they follow? What type of content do theyconsume? What social media platforms do
they use? If there are on Instagram, whattype of Instagram hashtags are they
searching for? So those are thingsyou kind of want to factor in as you’re
thinking about where do I find my idealpaying customers. And this is important
because a lot of times people go intomarketing thinking that as long as they
market everywhere – newspaper, radio,banner ads, paid ads, Facebook Ads,
Instagram ads, YouTube ads, creatingcontent, creating blog articles, creating
YouTube videos, creating podcasts. Aslong as they are everywhere, somehow the ideal paying customer is gonna findthem. And that is not the way that you
want to do it, especially when you’restarting out. When you’re starting out,
when you’re trying to build a large email listand an audience from scratch, you really
want to focus down on one or twochannels where you know exactly that is
where your ideal paying customers arespending a lot of time there. So for
instance, if you identify a Facebookgroup that you know that’s where a lot
of ideal paying customers can be found,then you want to commit most of your
time in that Facebook group. And then ifyou know as well that they love spending
time on Instagram and they are searchingfor a particular hashtag, you also want
to create some kind of content onInstagram that uses that hashtag, because
then that way you get found when yourideal paying customers are searching for that
hashtag. If you know that they’re onFacebook very often, then maybe even
consider paid ads. So paidFacebook ads, now that’s a route that a
lot of people go down the first timewhen they start an online business and I
don’t recommend it at all. The paidroute – running paid ads, is the fastest
way to growing your email list andhaving an audience when you start from
scratch. However it isthe most expensive way. So if you’re
starting out, I highly recommend all theother ways that you can do to grow your
email list to build your audiencewithout going down the paid route first.
You can always go down paidadvertising much later on once you have
made sure that your product and servicesare indeed wanted by your ideal paying
customers, that is something that theywant and need before you jump into
paying more money and jumpinginto paying money for paid advertising,
that at the end day might not bringyou the results that you’re looking for.
Now if you want to learn more about howto find your target audience, I’ve
actually already created a video where Ibreak down the three main ways to find
your target audience. Go check out thisvideo once you’re done watching this
video. Now the third step is to know whatwould get their attention. Now you know
who they are, you know where they arehanging out, now the third step is to get
that attention. So how do youactually attract them? As you know the
online world is a very, very noisy world,so if you want to actually attract their
attention and get them to pay attentionto your brand, to your services and your
products, then you need to find out moreabout them so you want to know what are
some of the problems that they face. Whatare they searching for, what are they
commonly searching for, what are someof the keywords that they’re searching for. What
are some of the key phrases that they’researching for. What kind of questions are
they commonly posting in facebook groups?What type of content are they typically
consuming online, or what type of content arethey posting online, on Instagram, on Facebook? The more you knowabout them, the more you can understand
what exactly makes your ideal payingcustomer tick. Now step number four is to
create a freebie that would then attracttheir attention. So like I mentioned
earlier, now that you already know theproblems that they face, the emotions that
they have, the things that make them tick,now you can create something that
addresses that attention. So for instance,if you know that they have an issue with
productivity, could you create a freebiethat addresses that problem with
productivity? Because they’re facing apersonal problem about becoming more
productive, when they see that there’s asolution out there that’s free, they get
attracted to it. Now there are different typesof freebies that you can create,
everything that ranges from PDFs to freeebooks to free guides to free video
series to free videos to free challenges. There is a range of freebies that you
can create to meet that attention. Nowwhen you’re starting out, I recommend
that you start off with a simple freebie. So don’t go right for the video series. Don’t go right in forthe challenges. What I recommend is to
create something simple, something simpleto consume for them and something simple
for you to create. So something simplewould be like a PDF, like a checklist.
Those are easy to create, it would takeyou maybe a day at most depending on how
skilled you are with designing and allthat, but it’s easy to create, it’s also
easy for them to consume. At the end of theday, people don’t really want to download
freebies that would take up a lot oftheir time especially if they don’t know
who you are yet. So for example, if I amnot well known and I start to create
these really complicated andcomprehensive freebies that requires a
lot of time to consume that freebie, thenthey’re not gonna do it, they’re not going
to complete it. So what you want to doespecially when you’re new to this is to
create something so simple that is easyfor them to consume. And then as you get
more experienced creating freebies and asyour audience and your list starts to
grow, then it will be a better time tostart to move into things like five-day
challenges and three-part videoseries. Now step number five is to create
a landing page or a squeeze page tocollect those email addresses in
exchange for that freebie. Once you’vecreated your freebie, now you’ve got to
create a place where you can actuallycapture those emails in exchange to
download that freebie. So for examplehere I have a freebie on the top ten
sales generating activities that you cango download on my website. Squeeze pages
are usually kept simple in terms ofdesign. All you really wanted to have is
an image of the item that you’re givingaway for free and a brief description,
and then asking for their name and theiremail addresses. You don’t want to get
too complicated when it comes to squeezepages, you want to keep it as simple as
possible. Here’s a little tip. Try toremove your masthead if possible, and
that is the top of your website. Youdon’t really want to have a lot of links
at the top because then you get themdistracted. In a squeeze page, I’m really
trying to keep them on the page, I’mtrying to get them to do one thing and
it is to give me your name and youremail addresses. I don’t really want them
to go ahead and start clicking on things. I just want them to give me their
information and in exchange for afreebie. Now the tool that I used to
create my squeeze pages is a combinationof WordPress and the Thrive Architect
plug-in. So my entire site is built onWordPress and the reason why I use
Thrive Architect is because I love thedrag-and-drop function that it has. It
allows me to quicklycreate a squeeze page with no coding
knowledge at all. And if you want tolearn more about Thrive Architect, you can
go ahead and click the link in thedescription below to know more about it.
Now if you don’t use WordPress or youdon’t want to use Thrive Architect plug in,
some of the tools out there allows youto create landing pages are Unbounce or
even Clickfunnels. Now once you’vecreated your landing page or squeeze
page, it’s time to move on to step 6. Andthat is to promote your freebie. So
without regularly promoting yourfreebies, it’s really hard to grow an
email list or an audience. People need toknow that your freebie exists out there
so that they can actually download it. And so if you want to start growing your
email lists or your audience fromscratch, you have to regularly promote
your freebie. So for example, you mightnotice that I regularly plug my free
lead magnets in my videos and also on mypodcast. Now the tip here is to plug the
lead magnet that is relevant to thevideo you’re creating or to the
conversation that you’re having. So forexample if I’m creating a video on sales,
I don’t want to be plugging a leadmagnet on productivity. There is no
correlation at all. Instead if I’mcreating a video on sales, I want to be
plugging a free lead magnet that’s allabout sales. It could be a simple sales
checklist that helps people to get moresales. So the way I plug my free lead
magnets in my videos is just simply say”hey guys if you want to learn more about
how to generate more sales, I have a freechecklist on the 10 sales generating
activities that you can go download byclicking on the link below. ” So do you see
how easy it was to plug my free leadmagnet? Now what about all the other
places that you can promote your freebie?You can also promote your free lead
magnets on social media. So forexample, in Facebook groups. Many Facebook
groups have weekly threads where you canpromote your service or your product or
your freebies, and that’s where you canpromote it. You can also promote it on Instagram. Create a post about it or change
your link in your bio to reflect thelink of your landing page or your
squeeze page. Now step number seven isthe part where you want to connect the
dots. Now that you have a freebie, youknow who you’re targeting, you have a
squeeze page where people can downloadthe freebie, you want to make sure
that you have an email marketingsoftware that you’re using to capture
those email leads, because you need tohave a way to house your audience. Now
there are many email marketing softwaretools out there that ranges from free
all the way to very expensive. It really depends at the other day what
you’re looking for and what you’retrying to achieve. Now when you’re
starting out, it’s a temptation to gowith the free software first, for example
MailChimp, and that’s ok when you’re firststarting out, but my recommendation is to
always have a plan on how you plan toscale your email marketing and your
audience building. So that’s knowing ifthe email marketing software tool that
you decide to go with has the featuresand the capacity to scale as your
business scales, to scalealongside with you. So some of the email
marketing tools that I recommend thatyou try out is Convertkit. Convertkit is
great for course creators, contentcreators. Another is MailerLite. I use
MailerLite for my email marketing. It issimple, it is effective, there’re no
frills at all but it does the job. Nowif you want something a little bit more
advanced, an email marketing softwarethat I recommend is Active campaign.
Active campaign has been around for along time, they are highly trustworthy,
they have a lot of features that are verybeneficial when it comes to building a
large email list and your audience fromscratch. So those are the seven steps on
how to build a large email list and anaudience from scratch. If you’ve been
feeling confused about how you can buildan email list and how to build an
audience when you’re starting out fromzero, I hope that was useful for you.
In the meantime I’ve created a freechecklist on list building you can go
download by clicking on the link in thedescription below. Now this checklist consists of all the things that you needto pay attention to as you’re trying to
build your list, the things that you cando and should not do during list building.
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