How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business

hi there guys the manual here from
empowerment team. org and today I’m gonnabe talking about how to build an
affiliate marketing business yes I’mgonna go through you know what I would
do again if I was to start out now in2018 every marketing now as an affiliate
marketing now for over five years so Iunderstand this thing I understand what
you should be doing if you’re new tothis to get started again from the
beginning so I’m going to go through allof that but before that before I move on
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to the channel alright guys so let’smove on then so I am gonna talk about
affiliate marketing today and how youwould get started however you start to
build your affiliate marketing businesswhat I do want to say is if when you
start an affiliate marketing businesswhat you mustn’t do is run away for
competition you actually want to gotowards competition you want to find the
products out there that people areraving about that people are really
desperate to buy because that’s whereyou want to show up because you know
already that there’s that there’s peopleare buying this product now if you can
show up by doing some sort of a reviewthen you know you then get traffic you
know if you’re gonna do a video and youand you rank on Google or you do it up a
blog article and you rank on Google thenthat article or that video will get you
traffic or get you clicks and we’ll getyou cells you know you’ll get you’ll get
cells on your affiliate link for thoseof you that don’t know affiliate
marketing is very very quickly basicallyyou
just selling other people’s products yessomebody’s giving you permission to sell
their product and you get a commissionit works for them because they get
people market in it and it works for youbecause you’re gonna make some money
from doing it they give you what theycall an affiliate link you’ll have your
own personalized link so that when youget people to click on that link and
they buy the product via your link youthen get your commission so when you
make a video you do an article you’llhave your link that you put under your
video or in your article and when peopleclick on it
they then go over to whatever you’reselling and if they buy it you then get
a commission so that’s basicallyaffiliate marketing in the night show
you know so but you do want to go afterwhere the competition is and if you
don’t know what sort of needs to go intothe three biggest niches are the weight
loss yeah or there’s the wealth makemoney or there’s relationships and you
know me in the opposite sex those arethe three biggest niches so pick one of
those and then find out the products orfind out you know that the biggest
talking points in that niche and thenyou want to get your videos up there you
want to start reviewing the product soI’m gonna go through all of that I’m
gonna take you over to the computer nowand show you what I would do to get
started we’re gonna look at the weightloss niche so if you’re in the weight
loss news you can follow exactly what Ido but it waits for all niches you just
basically rather than putting weightloss in you change it for make money or
whatever all well okay so to do thatthen I’m gonna give you a couple of
examples of what I would do to getstarted how I would research things and
how what sort of videos I’ve put up soto do all of that I’m gonna shoe gonna
have to shoot over to the computer soguys let’s go now either goes again so
here we are over at the computer andwe’re actually on a site here now called
offer vault this is probably where I’dget started if I was looking here at the
weight loss niche so it’s offer voltcomand in here they have all different
types of products for all differenttypes of niches and weight then
including weight loss so in the searchhere I put in weight loss and I clicked
on the search and then when I scrolleddown I saw all the different types of
products so this is how this is thefirst thing I would do because I want to
find products that people are buyingI could say that I want competition I
want to find products that people arebuying because that’s the product I’m
gonna put a video up I’m gonna reducesome research on the products I may even
buy the product it depends how much thehell in-depth I want my review to be you
know but even if I don’t buy the productI’m gonna go to their site I’m gonna
look it up I’m gonna learn everythingI’m gonna find some testimonials I’m
gonna watch some other videos I’m gonnaknow learn as much as I can about the
product so that when I put my reviewvideo up it’s a very in-depth review
video what you don’t want to do is dothese kind of bait-and-switch things
where people they find out about aproduct you know an innocence they just
rubbish the product it’s crap there’s nogood is that you know no good rubbish
rubbish rubbish rubbish buy my productwhich is better you know no you don’t
want to do that if you want to do properresearch you want to be honest you want
to give value and if it’s good you gotto say yes this is a good product you
know this is a good product but if youwant to see my number one recommendation
then I’ll leave a link below for mineyeah so you know because of that honesty
people will still click on your linkthey won’t just think like some will
some would be like you know what he’sgiven this such a thumbs up I’m gonna go
and buy this you know but some becauseof your honesty but because of how
honest you are and the value you giventhat will still take the time to have a
look at whatever you’re selling so let’shave a look here so there we’ve got here
the new tree system where you can get acommission of one hundred and sixty-five
dollars so that’s not bad so whetherit’s a say you’re selling that that go
and have a look at it you’d click on ityou look at this site but I found one on
here and this one here Kuiti so when Iclicked on that that brought me over to
this and that just tells you about howmuch Commission you’re gonna make on
this one I think is $28 per cell thetype of countries the things you can’t
do you know all the thing things you cansell it weird here banners etc and you
can sell it with videos so you want tomake sure you can sell it with video and
with blog articles most of them you can how to build an
affiliate marketing businesssell blog articles make sure you have a
good lookit like I said for research soI clicked on the for landing page which
brought me to here this is their fullpage
so if I was going to promote this korteI would look all I would really read all
of this I’d read the whole site I’d readup about the benefits you know this is
all the things I’m going to be talkingabout in the video the diet plan
testimonials what other people aresaying about it yeah and then what I
would do because this is what people dohere they could say they want to buy
this called tea they’ll go over toGoogle and they’ll type in cool tea
review this is where you’re hoping foryour article or for your video to show
up so when you put a video out make avideo and you upload it you’re hoping
that you know the more you do it you’llstart to rank your your reviews will
rank like this that this lady herethey’ll rank so you they’ll click on
your your own video they’ll watch yourvideo and then afterwards you know you
say to them if you want to get cool teaclick on the link below or if you’re not
promoting Corti you’ll say you’ll talkabout cold tea you’ll give the full
review the the positives and thenegatives if it’s got any negatives then
you give your opinion at the end you’dbe honest then you’ll say you know I’m
not if you want to see what I promoteyou’ll click on this link and it will
take them to whatever you know you mighteven be promoting this and what was the
other onenutri Nutrisystem now you might give a
review on cool tea because people aresearching for it and you want to be
around what people are searching for anddoing reviews or people are searching
for another way to find out you knowwhat people will search for I went over
to here to Google I mean YouTube and insearch
I put lose weight products and I lookedthrough all of them I’m just trying to
find some products that people searchingfor and I found this video here top 5
weight loss pills 2017 when I clicked onthis just gonna fast forward it a little
bit here to the first one which she wastalking about was Gus India Cambodia
yeah it was it was actually in thedescription as well sometimes to save
yourself time you can just quicklyscroll through their description here
and I found it down here number one cosin Cambodia so again like I said the
first thing people will do they’ll copythat they’ll go over to Google and
they’ll stick it in the search whichwhat I done Garcinia cambogia review I
want to see how their videos ranking forthis because you know if there’s videos
ranking for it this is one idea that Iwill then start putting a video up about
this so I’ll scroll down and I saw thislady’s video so I clicked on this I just
wanna see how many people are watchingour video cuz he hit five hundred and
sixty four thousand nine hundred andthirty you know five hundred sixty-four
thousand views 980 no that’s a lot ofpeople so there must be some buzz around
this so I’m thinking yes I’m gonna putup a video about this year if I was in
the weight loss nation also I took theterm and stuck it in YouTube Garcinia
cambogia reviews just to see if there isother people look this one five days ago
she already got one point five thousandviews this one nine hundred and twenty
nine thousand views for a week and thisone’s four years ago just a little bit
older fifty one thousand views so peopleare searching for this product so I will
then do some research I would watchthese top three videos I’d learn about
it be taking notes then you know I mightgo on and do some more research online
and then I’ll make my video make myvideo and upload it you will probably be
ranking in these top even if you’reranking the top three to five you’ll get
some people find in your video clickingon it take you know and then you can
sell either carte Garcia Cambodia orlike I said selling anything else but
you’d give a good review you want togive value that’s your thing you want to
give value and say you wanted to sellthis you could go over to like Google
and put in by Agassi or Cambodia which Idid and I found it here on Amazon so you
know if you’d use Amazon Associates youcan sell anything on Amazon and I found
it on Amazon for $8. 99 so that’s it youcould sell that you know make a make I
think you’d make a couple of dollarsabout three or four dollars I don’t know
from it butit’s just so that those are some ideas
how you would get started in youraffiliate marketing business you want to
get videos out there or get blogarticles out there
oh we’re of the type of products thatpeople are searching for where there’s a
bit of buzz and these are these are kindof a couple of ways that you can use to
help you find out where the competitionis and then put your videos up there
the main thing like I said at thebeginning don’t be fighting a
competition competition is good it meanspeople are searching for it so so all
you have to do now is to kind of rank ina in a product that people are searching
foryou’ll get traffic you’ll get sales
right and guidance and I hope it allmade sense if you have any questions at
all please just leave a comment belowthis in the comments box and I’ll be
answering I’ll answer it personallymyself if you did get some value from
this video then please give it give it athumbs up you know take the time to give
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and till next time then guys take careand I’ll speak to you soon all the best
take how to build an
affiliate marketing business


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