How to Choose Your Constant Contact Email Marketing Plan

Hey everyone,
this is Jake Burns with the Bigger Better Biz channel and today I have a
simple one for you. We get this question a lot.
How much does Constant Contact cost?How do I sign up?
Which plan is for me?So we’re going to go over that real
quick. Shouldn’t take too long.
When you’re logged into your account andyou’re on a trial,
first thing you’ll see is the number of days left,
and this nice buy now button. You can also click on the view pricing.
Click on buy now. That takes you to the page where it has
pricing. Now,
if you’ve already loaded your contacts on the lefthand side here,
it’ll show you kind of where you fall inthe spectrum.
Currently I only have a couple of contexts.
I’m that zero to 500 range,and so the basic email package is $20 a
month and the email plus is $45 a month. Now,
in both of those plans,you can send as many emails as you want
in a given month,but you can only load zero to 500
context for this rape. So real simple there,
you can customize your template. Everything in the email is pretty much
the same until you get down here to automation.
With automation,you’re always going to be able to have a
welcome email. So when somebody signs up for your list,
you can always send one email back to them automatically in either type of
account,in email plus the more expensive version
you can actually add additional emails and you know,
continue to send emails to people over weeks or months,
whatever it might be. You can do anniversary emails,
birthday emails,those kinds of things.
Um,which is a really nice value add,
um,to get people more engaged in your
lists. Now a couple of other things down here,
I’m ab testing. That’s where in one email you have one
subject line in the cmio email. Use a different subject line and see if
the subject line has any impact on the open rate or engagement rate.
And you’ll definitely find,you know,
based on what you’re doing,if you go with the email plus and doing
the ab testing,you will find that certain subject lines
do much better than others. And we have plenty of videos on that
too. So keep going down.
You can have multiple users on email plus,
so if you have an organization,have a couple of different people that’s
important. And then these are kind of the biggest
things I would say event marketing. If you have events and you want to have,
um,have those events where people can go
and they can sign up online,say Webinar or you know,
physical events,you can,
you can create them in email plus no additional charge standing was surveys
and polls if you want to do any kind of like many poles are longer surveys,
that’s all included as well as well as online donations doing coupons,
which are great. That new customer consultation is
awesome too. You can also contact us.
We’re happy to help you with that as well.
Uh,there’s no charge.
We just are happy to get you started in constant contact.
So if you have any questions on email oremail plus,
feel free to reach out to us or on the pricing,
you know,reach out to us.
We’re happy to help you. Our email address is below.
Thanks so much for watching. Hope you have lots of luck with constant
contact and I’ll see you in the next video. Hey,
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